What is your preferred review method for Vocabulary?

I am currently on the HelloTalk grind (笑)but I have now started to make friends who I talk to separately away from the App. They’re some lovely people, and they’re highly encouraging with my japanese speaking.

Aside from getting a Japanese tutor, for which I already have one, I’d like to know what review methods folks use for the vocabulary specifically?

I’m finding that my ability to read has skyrocketed but my ability to recall has sharply declined since switching from Cloze to Read and Grade.

Again, there’s no correct answer - I’m just interested to know your personal thoughts, and why you choose one method specifically. If there’s any advice you can provide about conversation and recall, I’m all ears.

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It’s old fashioned, but I actually make hand written cards! I know shocking. I go through vocab books like 初めての日本語能力試験 or read books like キキの宅急便 to pull out vocab I don’t know. I then write out the Japanese word with an English sentence (but a black on the meaning) and do the opposite on the reverse (English meaning and Japanese sentence) it’s a lot of work but the process of writing it out gets me half way there.

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