Yearly Recap 2023

While it feels like just yesterday we made the previous thread, the second annual Bunpro Year End Recap is here!

Your 2023 Recap

It can be easy to get caught up in all your reviews and miss the forest for the trees. Whether you study numerous hours every day, or a few hours a week, the fact that you’ve stuck with learning Japanese is a feat in and of itself. We hope that with this recap you’re able to truly see the great progress you made this year in Bunpro! :tada:

Some food for thought:
Think about any aspect of your learning that you struggled with at the beginning of the year. Whether it was a tough grammar point or struggling to follow an episode of your favorite show in Japanese, it may be worthwhile to revisit those before the end of the year to show yourself just how far you’ve come in such a short time!

Note: Unfortunately as Vocab is still in beta, those stats will not be able to be shown in the recap. We’re very happy to say that since it will be taken out of beta in 2024, vocab will show up in the next yearly recap!

It was a ton of fun seeing all of the charts that were posted in the yearly recap thread last year, as well as reading what your thoughts on the year were + your future goals, so please continue to do that again this year!

From all of us here at Bunpro, thanks for making 2023 such an exciting year for us. All throughout the year we saw people writing about how Bunpro has helped transform their studies and it brought us big smiles every single time. With a million apps and websites vying for your attention, thank you for continueing to use and support us with such passion and enthusiasm year after year.

See you all next year!
The Bunpro Team :bunprogold:


After asking for a nice new bunny ears cap for Christmas, already there is a re-cap! :rabbit:
(That isn’t the part where you take it back to the shop with the receipt lol).

Unfortunately, mine is stuck on loading, loading … so haven’t seen it yet, but I remember it being nice last year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Not sure if it helps, but just noticed in the tab at the top of the page, it seems to say 2022, so maybe good to update to avoid confusion :slight_smile:



There is only one right choice…



Just checked with your data and it seems to be showing okay. Looks like you had a lot of reviews so it might have taken a bit to generate. Could you try reloading the page please?

Also good catch on the tab title. Will get that updated :sweat:


Can’t go wrong with a purchase like that :joy:


Thanks, it works! And I would spend that money on extra rabbit ears for all Bunpro members! :rabbit:

(I say “would” … but … ding-dong :bell: … quick, better clear some space for the delivery driver :hushed:)


What a plesant suprise to check this! I love seeing these years in review across the many platforms I use.


Well for one, seeing the amount of reviews against the amount of ghosts really surprised me since I experienced it as much worse :see_no_evil: so it’s quite heartening to see!

Also 13525 yen with the inflation is a bit sad, but I’d probably use it to buy… Somnium Files Nirvana in Japanese for switch? And some other game I’ve yet to think of lol

Thank you for your hard work Bunproers, throughout the year, of course, but also for this lovely feature :relieved:


It seems to be missing some days, mine says I only studied 358 days in the year, but as we all know a year would be 365 days and my streak is currently 642. I assume this is because it’s counting to the end of this year, but shouldn’t it be counting since the end of the last wrap up?


For the next year’s recap I would love to see additional statistics, such as: studied days streak and average accuracy of all reviews. Maybe earned achievements too?

Anyway, nice roundup!


Recap time :eyes: :sparkles:

  • Only ~26 hours? Maybe not so weird considering I added all the lessons last year, so I didn’t spend as much time scrutinizing the detail section this year. It has become a routine for me to just quickly do reviews while eating breakfast before going to school. (And usually I’m in a rush, ngl :joy: )
  • 11% ghosts after switching settings from ‘minimal’ to ‘on’. Honestly thought it was going to be a higher percentage for some reason.
  • I’d buy pocky with that grammar money :eyes: :chopsticks:

  • Excited to have mastered so many grammar points! :bunprogold:
  • Still got a few grammar points in the carousel going Expert → Seasoned → Expert → Seasoned. At least they’re not bouncing all the way to Adept anymore.

Very satisfying to see how much progress I’ve made this year displayed like this! Shows that consistence is key and no matter how gradual it can feel like, it’s still progress over time.

My recap from 2022. I’m looking forward to next year’s recap! :fireworks:


Look at those reviews! :flushed: And all of those hours on Bunpro alone!

Well, I’m obviously going to hit up a bookstore and buy a ton of manga that I still can’t read yet. Surely I could buy all 100+ volumes of One Piece!


Today I Learned: アヒル means ‘domestic duck’!

Plus some bonus rarely-used kanji conjured up by my “10ten Japanese Reader” plugin in Firefox:

家鴨, 鶩 [あひる, アヒル] (n) (uk) domestic duck

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I don’t know how to feel about the amount of ghosts :skull:


Normally I shy away from posting this kind of thing. But I guess I’m feeling less shy today, so here goes!

Lots of vocab studying for lots of reviews!

Slow and steady wins the race makes the progress!

Screenshot 2023-12-23 112710 - BP progress

I did notice a bit of a layout scaling issue, though. Normally I have BP in a half-screen-width window so I can have two browser windows open on my screen at the same time. But the third Recap page doesn’t quite fit. See below…

Layout scaling issue


This is my recap:



I am very happy with my steady progress. This year I successfully established a routine of studying Japanese every day and am close to my 365 day-streak. Currently I am doing Grammar on Bunpro and Vocab on Anki. Already looking forward to what next year brings.

37k reviews! That must be up there with the most


Even though I used BunPro for most of the year, I didn’t accomplish much. Should’ve been done with everything by now, but been slacking instead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Anyway, here it is:


よろしくね :duck:


I reset N4 and N3 multiple times this year, just recently in fact haha. I don’t think my yearly recap is accurate thanks to that. :sweat_smile: For example, I studied 218 days according to the dashboard but the yearly review says 103 days. In any event, it’s been a good year here.