100% Correct despite getting Questions Wrong

I just made an account today. I’ve done several grammar lessons hitting the Study button at the top. Even if I don’t get a question right, it quizzes me until i eventually get them all right and says 100% Correct at the end screen. Is this behavior correct or am i doing something wrong. I don’t want to be throwing off the SRS.

Are you pressing backspace? If you undo a wrong answer it will be counted as if you did it right the first time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been just hitting enter to get to the next question. It doesn’t ask me the same question again until a few questions later so I’m not sure that i’m undoing it otherwise i would think it wouldn’t ask me again. i’ll keep an eye out for it as i do more.

You should pop a message here and someone will have a look at it.

It’s the normal behavior in study mode. The quizzes will never create ghost reviews or lower your SRS. So after finishing the quizzes you’ll always be at SRS 1 and then the “real” reviews start after 4 hours.


Oops I missed this :joy: