Announcement: N1 is finally here! - April 18, 2019



Surprise! The first lesson of N1 is now available! N1, Lesson 1 consists of 25 of the most common grammar points found on the JLPT N1 exam.

It is possible that some of these items may even appear on the N2 exam, so we wanted to make them available to you as quickly as possible. Happy studying!

Announcement: New Grammar! - May 12, 2019
Bunpro Changelog
Bunpro Changelog
Announcement: New Grammar! - May 12, 2019

Nearly took my eyeballs out when I saw it for the first time


I JUST made a thread that mentioned having no lessons to add!
This is the 2nd time you’ve done this now…

I’m onto you :eyes:


Seriously though, this is exciting!
I’ll actually probably leave Ghost Reviews fully on as I go through N1 grammar just to make sure I get reeeal comfortable with it all, even if I might not see it much in the wild. I’ve read there’s a lot of grammar in N1 that isn’t even found in “day-to-day” life; I get the impression that it’s mostly literary grammar that’s only ever used in… “dense” literature (maybe not so much in manga or light novels).

I guess I’ll find out soon enough!


And just when I thought I’d take be taking a quick breather between my N2 test and N1 prep this summer…

In all seriousness, you guys are seriously killing it with this resource. The constant updates, feedback response, and general improvement is phenomenal and my mood is always instantly improved when I hear and understand a point I recently learned, or I use a new point correctly in conversation and jaws drop. Even had a students dad tell me my Japanese was better than his (thanks to Bunpro!).

I can’t wait to finish N2 and blaze on ahead to N1, and to see where Bunpro inevitably ends up in the future if y’all keep up this level of support. You guys are always the first app I recommend when friends ask how I study. Mad props and a huge thank you to the BunPro team!


Whoa, I did a big double-take when I logged in this morning. I’m on pace to finish my N2 lessons in less than a month so and I’m glad I’ll be able to move on to N1 right away!