Bunpro memes

Hey, guys. New here, and I didn’t really know where else to put it to avoid creating new threads. I got an XP badge for 16K XP, and it seems to be a reference to Gintama, but I don’t get why at 16K… If you look at 万事屋銀ちゃん, wouldn’t a 10K mark be more fitting?


Ooooo wow thanks for the heads up!!! I haven’t really tinkered around in Bunpro besides from the main page, so again, thank you :>


i mean, it depends on if you connected your wanikani or not. if you did, then a bunch of xp is normal :yum:



I’m not very creative, sorry :sweat_smile: And I’m just doing minimum forum activity to stay regular because my time for Japanese was cut down to two hours per day, forums included. So, as you can expect, I don’t really have a lot of time to make memes.

However, I agree, I want more memes, that’s why I made this thread in the first place lol




Thank you for the reply. My question was more about the symbolism. Like, why “Odd Jobs” and the Gintama reference is on the 16K then? Does it have any connection with the number?

And as for the memes, there is another badge, the reference for which I did get 100%, the “over 9000” one, for 9000 XP

P.S. I remember using WaniKani years ago, then I switched to other things. I’m now using BP as an extra tool to quickly review grammar. I’ve passed N3 a few years ago and now I feel that I’ve forgotten lots of the grammar. Vocab is kinda good, I feel quite confident with my range, but the grammar… So, a flight from N5 through N3 for now. And then, someday, if 仕事様 is easy on me, I’ll get back to preparing fro N2

P.P.S. Wha~, an edit counter? That’s a meme in itself. Bunpro relates to my obsession with editing stuff again and again


so real, best part of learning japenese is all the memes you unlock LMAO :laughing:


what anime is that meme of that girl being hit by a bus LOL? i really want to watch that anime :yum:


oh maybe i didnt read what you said then, i answered you late a night anyway. actually have no idea what an ¨odd job¨ and ¨gintama¨ is?? (ohh i just reread your message, yeah if that’s that kanji/vocab then yea i couldn’t read that LMAO)

yeah that 9000 xp is because you got over 9000 xp?? if you connected your wanikani you get xp for everything that you learned already, thats why you get like millions of xp depending on how far you got on wanikani. ( i haven’t gotten far at all, I’ve literally had wanikani for 2-3 months AND IM ONLY HALF WAY OF level 2, but to be far, im also trying to decided if i even WANT to spend money for the rest of wanikani, for after level 3 since its actually really expensive, since i would pay for it permanently :sweat:)

ps: i mean, i actually love wanikani tbh. maybe its because im a really low level of japenese LMAO (I CANT EVEN PASS THE N5, like i can understand the main idea of like n5 convo but theres always some vocab/kanji that i didnt learn yet :yum:) but yeah, you said that you passed n3 which is actually like really really good, wow, so congrats :blush: for grammar, like n5-n3 i would actually just go on youtube and use videos from japenesepod101, its great for what you are trying to do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: if you don’t really like youtube videos then you can use genki 3rd edition 1 and 2. since that gets you to about late ~n4-n3, if i remember correctly, that’s for you actually enjoy learning from textbooks and then if you hate both of those honestly, just use wanikani. its just actually a great source for kanji/grammer. though, you’d need to pay for it, levels past 3, and it can get really expensive, so id go with the lowest option and then just speedrun it in a month and cancel your payment LMAO ( work smarter not harder :yum: )

pps: no idea which one your referring to but yea? edit counters really pretty cool :sunglasses: and i agree bunpro is amazing :yum: great mods and great website :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I guess you’re talking about this, it’s a pretty good one


i do like 150-200 a day cause i forgot to do it everyday and then BAM more then a hundred.

…do i do all of them in a sitting that takes me like 30-1h

no… why would anyone do that… :sweat: that’s sooo weird… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :yum:


ありがとうございます!! that is the exact anime i was talking about !! :yum:

… now I have a new anime to watch heh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, so, the questions remains. Maybe someone else will answer it. Maybe the Asher himself (can I tag him?)

As for the sources, if you have time, I would use whatever. Really. Don’t limit yourself to only one source. Like, over the years (it took me around 4 or 5 years to pass N3 since I’ve been constantly busy with study and work), I’ve used everything from Duolingo and Wanikani to Heisig and JFZ to Minna no Nihongo. I’ve dropped Wanikani almost immediately (didin’t want to get hooked on the mnemonics too much since I see them as a nuisance that you will need to eventually get rid off to stop your brain from wasting time going “English - mnemonics - Japanese”: you’ll need to get it straight to “Japanese” as soon as you can)

The main thing is to use what you like and what works for you. I learned LOTS of vocab and kanji just from reading manga, like Yotsubato. For kanji, I now don’t use anything specifically but just mentally write every new kanji I meet and deem important a couple of times. The more you meet them, the more you need them, the more you repeat, so it works by itself reinforcing your memory of it. For grammar, I currently use Bunpro as I said, but I also have a set of long-time favorites like Tae Kim or Japanese Ammo. For words, nothing specific, everything works, just reading or watching anime. Same for the listening, but I also use different podcasts. Finally, for speaking, there are different voice apps

(I know this thread is about memes, but in my experience, taking a conversation elsewhere almost never works, so I’ll just post it here since it might be useful for anyone. And if you think about it, this whole “WhAt’s a GoOd sOuRCe to STarT LeaRNIng?!.” thing is a meme in itself)

P.S. I sincerely feel that the worst thing one can do to their study and mental health in general is to rush things. You’ll burn out and your brain will start hating what you liked just because you did too much of it in a given time. That’s why I made my Duolingo profile private, for example. To avoid this “This guy just passed you in the league” BS. And my life instantly became a bit better


no i understand and i know that lol, people learn different things in different ways lol. different brains for different people, different things for different people. i was just giving recommendations based off of what works for me, and what I personally use to learn different vocab, kanji, the difference between on/kun readings, and grammar stuff. all I was doing was trying to be somewhat helpful to someone and if I gave them a new resource that they ended up using/liking then its a win, in m books.

I understand that too though, which is why I have been learning japenese for around 3 and a half years now. i have stopped and started many times due to being 1, burnt out 2, it was just a fixation and didn’t want to commit to learning a hard language when I was younger. 3, though, while I did get burnt out a bunch and quit japenese for around 1-2 years, because of my efforts I did remember hiragana and while I never learn katakana I just like make a mental note and move on. kanji is so much easier for me to remember then katakana since I learned hiragana in like a 4-5 days or a week? during school hours LMAO

about the duolingo thing, to be fair, I hate duolingo a bunch, it used to teach the most random shit and like I was learning vocab before I even knew hiragana ?? like why I did learn the vocab “to drink” before I knew how to say し and what おちゃ meant? I think that duo is cool for the alabpaet and kanji from time to time but to use it everyday, its a very bad resource but, for people, they enjoy the feeling like “omg that guy just passed me! now I have to pass him too” while I personally did enjoy that before, I don’t anymore.

yeah its a funny meme because everyone asks, and you get the same answers,

  • try duolingo
  • get genki
  • get minna no nihongo
  • study hiragana and katakana first, don’t use romaji
  • learn kanji :sweat:
  • learn vocab
  • learn pitch accent
  • try to be american but not too american when you speak japenese
  • pass jlpt tests
  • with the goal to: go to/move to japan and talk to real people
  • get a job in japan and find a waifu :yum:

personally, im glad I waited to learn japenese since there is a lot more resources, espiaclly on youtube, that are entertaining then there were a few years ago.


Completely agree. I still use Duolingo but just as an extra, and yeah, the recently added kana/kanji learning feature is one of the things they did relatively well. I feel that for most Europeans, Americans etc. Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn ever (maybe Chinese and Arabic are close), so I doubt just sticking to one resource will work

And to get back on the Bunpro memes, I just thought of a perfect song to encapsulate the Bunpro Review experience (yes, I’m that old)…


This is how it feels sometimes…


Why does it have so many meanings?!?!
Idea shamelessly taken from this thread.


I feel this and am personally attacked by this one lmfao :rofl:


I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.