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Current Mobile Apps for Bunpro

iOS Beta

The iOS app is currently being beta tested via TestFlight. If you would like to try it, you can access it here.
App Developer - @Rion

Android App

The Bunpro Android app is back on the Google Play Store! The app is still being developed, but it now has its own customized webview.
App Developer - @zessirb

BunPyro - New Android App (WIP) - Is another amazing Android App being developed by @matthieuesnault


Is this the new version of the beta? Should I switch to this version?

This is the current version of the beta (Version 1.0 (41)). If you have been updating the app from TestFlight when updates become available then you should be up to date. We just wanted to create a dedicated app topic on the forums for those that have any feedback or bugs to report. Cheers!

Okay, I was just checking because I thought @Rion had mentioned a different TestFlight distribution becoming available at some point.

By the way, the app doesn’t actually show the version anywhere, as far as I can tell.

It’s actually it’s build 44, releases right now with Siri-Shortcuts :slight_

TestFlight displays the Version and Build.

I must say, the current iOS version is pretty amazing. The last one kept freezing for me.

So, I was wondering if it would be possible to have reviews loaded offline? A third-party app for WK, Tsurukame, has this option. I’m not a programmer or a techie in any way so IDK how difficult this would be. I’m mainly just thinking aloud.

@gojarappe Do you mean the current one keeps freezing?

It would be once a native review flow is available.
Right now it’s the website that is used for actually doing the reviews since it changed a lot in short time.

I’m still getting a ton of freezes on the ios app. It’s actually faster and more reliable for me to run it through a Chrome page. The app has got a beautiful layout that I would prefer to use it if possible.

The app works fine for me. FYI, you can redownload an older version of the app in Test Flight if you want.

Good to know, thanks!

If you happen to be able to reproduce the freezes you have, please tell me.
I haven’t noticed any and the crashes TestFlight reports back to me are just a few and decreased with the current build. So maybe that’s some unusual setup and I’d like to fix that so you can enjoy the app! :slight_smile:

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Is there a plan to have a reminder when lessons are due? I just got the Android app and so far it looks pretty good. But it would be nice if the app reminds me that there is a new review.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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I still get long waiting for reviews to load or selecting an N level (haven’t had a crash lately). For N level, it would be nice to have an offline mode just for independent reviews or searches (particularly for airplane travel).

Another thing that just popped up is that the app now tells me there are 14 Reviews while there are actually only 6.
It seems that the “Reviews” does not really show me how many reviews are right now available but rather how many grammar points I have learned so far. This is very confusing, as one would expect to at least see there if there are new reviews available right now or not.

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An offline mode is on the todo list and will be available once the native review input is finished.


Thats odd, do you happen to have custom reviews or ghost reviews?

Nup, on the first Screenshot I actually only had 6 Reviews to do and no Ghost Reviews. On the second screenshot, which I just took now, I don’t have any open Reviews. However it can’t be the number of Grammar Points I’ve learned, as it is right now 16 points learned and here it is showing 19. However, I do have 3 ghost reviews, so that would add up again…

Oh that’s Android, Ill forward it to the Android developer :smiley:

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Ah sorry, must have forgotten to mention it :slight_smile:

Also did you see my question about the reminder feature request :wink:

I forwarded that request :wink:

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