よつばと discussion (Beginner) April 2024

Hi Everyone!

This is the official thread for the book we will be reading as of the 1st of April 2024.

よつばと, volume 1 (Manga)

Pace :racing_car:

See details at the bottom of this post.

General Rules :spiral_notepad:

For a full list of rules, please refer to the book club rules post. However, we would like to reiterate a few things regarding individual books. Please keep the following in mind in this discussion thread.

Keep discussion related to the target series.

You may of course make comparisons between grammar or vocabulary usages between series, but for the most part try to keep discussion related to the unique challenges that each book or series of books presents.

Search the threads for users that have perhaps previously asked the same question as you.

Each book will have its own thread, so if you follow the same pacing as the group, it is likely that a simple search will result in finding someone having asked the same question as you are about to ask. In addition to this, if you jump into a book late, it is expected that you would search the thread history before asking questions about content most participants have already past.

When asking questions, give as much detail as possible.

For example, if you include the page number, who is speaking, which speech balloon (in the case of manga), and explain what you want to know more about, that will be far easier for other users to answer rather than just asking ‘What does てっきり mean?’
Taking a screenshot and highlighting the portion you’re asking about would also be suitable.

Be polite! Not everyone is the same level.

Just because something is easy for you does not mean that it is easy for someone else. Let’s be thankful to those that answer our questions, and thankful also for the opportunity to help others that aren’t quite at the same level as us yet.

Keep questions in line with the pacing.

We know that some of you may want to surge ahead of the group if you are really enjoying a book. However, this can result in confusion if you are asking questions about things that people haven’t read yet. If this applies to you. Make a note of the question you want to ask, wait until the group has caught up, then ask the question

Be mindful of spoilers.

If you are asking a question about something that includes spoilers to the story, please be aware of this and let users know with a ‘SPOILER’ tag at the beginning of your question. Hiding the question by utilizing the Hide Details function of the forums would also be appreciated. Let’s allow everyone to enjoy the experience of reading spoiler free.

Let’s all have fun and create a positive learning environment together! :grin:

Ongoing よつばと :books: :books: :books: :books:

Once we have finished reading the first volume, this thread will act as a legacy thread for the よつばと series as a whole. We will be taking this approach with all other series as well. One thread, one series.

After the main group has finished the first volume, feel free to continue discussing and reading through any further volumes together! Also, feel free to revive dormant threads at any time if you’re reading a book that the book clubs have already read, but that you want to read as well and ask people questions about.

Vocab Deck :writing_hand:

Click here for our - よつばと vocab deck!

Deck now available, please keep in mind that there may be a few missing words, as we are still currently adding them in. We will have all missing words in by Sunday at the latest, ready for our Monday start.

Please read here for info about our vocab decks and their future development.

Okay, hope you’re all set to go! Looking forward to seeing the interesting things that everybody finds as they go through the book! :partying_face:

UPDATE - Here is a rough pace guide, assuming that we read one chapter each week. It may be better to aim for chapters rather than pages with manga, as it’s something easier to keep track of for everyone.

Note that this is just the physical page count, and does not take into consideration empty pages, or pages with little to no dialogue.

Week Start and End Dates Chapter(s) Page Count
Week 1 4/1/2024 - 4/7/2024 Chapter 1 47
Week 2 4/8/2024 - 4/14/2024 Chapter 2 36
Week 3 4/15/2024 - 4/21/2024 Chapter 3 26
Week 4 4/22/2024 - 4/28/2024 Chapter 4 26
Week 5 4/29/2024 - 5/5/2024 Chapter 5 27
Week 6 5/6/2024 - 5/12/2024 Chapter 6 32
Week 7 5/13/2024 - 5/19/2024 Chapter 7 20

Yay! I’m in. Already bought yotsuba a while ago, but only a few pages in. Can’t wait for the vocabulary deck! Hope we’ll all have fun together.



I’ve gone through the first pages and see that there are already some grammar points in action.

(Won’t spoil anything but the butler did it.)

@Asher I don’t know if it would be interesting to link certain frames to BP grammar points in order to show these ‘in the wild’? E.g. (not a real instance) page 3, first upper frame (counting from the right), link to such-and-such grammar point.

I’ve also looked up あずまきよひこ, 興味がある人のために.


Excited to join this in the end, I’ll be following along with the first few chapters available for free!
I have a question though: the very first couple pages have no dialogue and there is a double spread, do we count those for the “5 pages a day”? Or do we only count pages with actual dialogue?

Just to make sure that everyone is reading the same thing each day, maybe we should keep track of the actual page count in the “Pace” section.

I would say for the first day in April 1 the objective should be to read from page 6 (where actual dialogue starts) to page 10, included.

What do you think?


I think Yotsuba was the first thing I read in Japanese, all 14 or 15 volumes that I had access to at the time, so I’m kind of looking forward to going back and seeing if there’s still anything I don’t understand. At the time I understood very very little, realistically speaking, although probably deluded myself into thinking I understood a lot 笑


I read the first chapter, it is cute! Sticking to the first few pages she says, 「手ぇふった」which for whatever reason tripped me up cause of the little ぇ. I had to actually read it out loud before it clicked.


I ordered the full series from Japan within a few hours of the poll ending, but despite this they are not due to arrive until at least the 3rd. I don’t think I’m really at a high enough level for this series yet either, so expect to have to read through quite slowly, and as such really don’t want to end up falling behind right from the start.

Initially, I figured it shouldn’t be a problem as I could just start with the free online preview for the first couple of days, but at a glance the page numbers don’t line up with what you’ve described here. I’m guessing your count includes some contents or title pages not included in the online version? Could somebody confirm that of the pages which are included in the preview, they are at least identical to those of the printed version?


My mistake in writing the pages lol, yes I meant from page 4 to 8 included in the preview on comic walker


Yep, we will start from page 4, so where actual dialogue starts. Pages with zero dialogue will generally not be counted toward the daily count.

For this book, and all others going forward, Page 1 will be the first page where there is actual (story) dialogue. We won’t include any pages that have the typical ‘don’t pirate this work’ warnings, or the chapter guides.

Keep in mind guys that the official start date is April 1st, so please try holding off questions related to the story until then.


Very cool! This has been on my shelf for a long time. And I’m probably at a sufficient level to actually tackle it now!


Personally speaking, and this is just my own opinion. I don’t quite 100% like the idea of 5 pages a day. I personally would prefer it to be something that is mainly discussed 2 days a week. Like Monday and Thursday, and just set a page requirement based on those intervals. Doing it everyday like that could make it hard for people that have obligations in life that don’t let them constantly participate and could alienate them. But if it was done as more like “okay we’ll aim for pages 27-40 to be discussed this Friday, everyone feel free to continue discussing the previous block though” I think that could be more forgiving to peoples schedules.

Just my opinion


I’m in! I also bought this manga last year but only got around to reading the first few chapters. I’m happy to have the group to keep me motivated.



Yeah, I was gonna reserve comment until things get underway but I think a weekly or biweekly (not fortnightly but twice weekly) schedule would be easier to follow for a lot of people and also probably alleviate some weird story breaks. The pace could still be around 5 pages a day in practice even if the discussion itself isn’t. It may also be easier for Bunpro staff to manage the threads with a weekly format.


I too was thinking the same thing, but didn’t say anything for fear of being a party pooper for others who might’ve been ok with that pace. Worst case scenario, I was gonna do just the advanced book club, rather than all 3. However, if the pace becomes more forgiving, then I might be able to do them all. We’ll see.


@CursedKitsune @Superpnut @Jose7822 The 5 pages a day pace is just the pace that users can discuss new content whenever they happen to jump in to the conversation. If some people only wanna chat once a week about 25 or so pages, that is completely fine.


This is great to hear. I’m moving nearly 1000 miles away in a few weeks and am likely to have gaps of availability as a result. I wasn’t sure if it would be okay if I ducked out from time to time, but now I know.

This will be my first book club. I’ve been trying to get through a volume of ドラえもん solo and it has been… a challenge. :sweat_smile: Being level 20 on WaniKani doesn’t help you wade through a sea of nearly-kana-only, 関西弁-tinged, super casual kid talk, heh.


Totally agree with Superpnut. Having not much free time every day, I usualy cannot dedicate all of this time to learning Japanese, and even if I could, book club is not the only thing to do for learning: I will not stop doing reviews and so on.
But I will try my best to keep the pace !
I also can understand that some others that might have more free time, would want to move faster through the book.


For people with an advanced level that come here, please use a Japanese as simple as possible, so the rest of us that are just in the beginner book club can understand your opinions :slight_smile:


I have the physical manga and would love to join in.


Oo this seems like fun. Will get my hands on a digital copy and see if it’s something I can possibly understand a little bit at my level.