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No worries! I don’t mind if it takes a while, I just wanted to make sure stuff was still being sent, that’s all I care about :slight_smile: Thanks to ya’lls hard work ^^


The grammar point と言っても is repeated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2 things here:

  • I answered with こと, which didn’t appear as one of the two answers I could cycle between.
  • One of these answers (the one in the screenshot) connected directly to a verb with で, which is… ちょっと変だよね?
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It should be fixed now :grin:

Sorry for the inconvenience :bowing_man:


When you visit a grammar point page from any of the paths, you get the options to “add to reviews” despite already knowing that point. another example;

I’m guessing the site recognize path’s grammar points as new points or something. and uh no i did not want to click it.


They already know lol. I’ve told them before too haha.

There’s also more than one too.
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Hi there, just downloaded the Android app update, and so far save from the interface visual changes, none of the bugs are resolved. My number of reviews still won’t update and is now up to 60 even though once I click on that I only have 24 reviews to go through. The app is still slow and still shuts down randomly. Not sure if that’s planned for a later update, just thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’ve been stuck at 5090/5100 exp points for a while now. No matter how many questions I answer correctly, I never get any experience. Could this be looked into please?

EDIT: Ignore me, I have just earned experience.


I have noticed that some of my ghost reviews are of reviews where I was marked wrong, erased my answer, tried again, got it right, and then continued. Ghost reviews should only appear for sentences that officially gets marked wrong right?

Example: Instead of ので、 I answered から、which was wrong for this review. I erased my wrong answer and tried ので which was right. Even though marked correct, it still now appears as a ghost review. This seems to happen from time to time and I’m wondering if it’s a bug or if I’m just imagining things :joy:


Hey :grin:

I have forwarded the issue to the programming team :+1:


Happened for me as well.



when i go from the mainmenu to the stat page i will get the usual statpage.
If I then click on the mainpage button in the top left corner everything is as supposed to be.
But if I then click back (last browserpage, via the arrow or a keybind) i will get back to the statspage. The problem here is, that the calender will keep piling up on that page, see picture below.

( I’m using Firefox Quantum, 65.0.2, 64-Bit.)


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On Android/Chrome the review screen is cut on both sides


The audio for this seems completely different to the text…

The audio appears to say ここにまでない部屋

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@Leilaure We apologize for the inconvenience! We hope to get some updates from the Android developer very soon. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@blossom We apologize for the late reply! We will be pushing a fix for the “add to reviews” button in Paths in our next update. Thank you for drawing this to our attention. Cheers!

@heisamaniac and @Anthropos888 Thank you for letting us know about the Ghost Review issue. We have a fix ready for the next update. Cheers!

@Anthropos888 and @seanblue We have a fix ready for the review screen cropping issue ready for the next update we push. Thank you for drawing this to our attention. Cheers!

@John Thank you for letting us know! We will look into the issue and see what we can do. Cheers!

@Jul3 Very different, indeed! Thank you for drawing this to our attention. We will get that audio fixed. Cheers!


Mentioned many times before but still not fixed: Opening links from the grammar info screen during reviews (forum discussion link etc.) will load the linked site in the same tab. On Android that will cause a whole mess when you go back to the reviews with the phone back button: wrong SRS numbers, wrong review counts (negative) and previously correctly answered reviews show up again which might even cause their SRS to increase by 2 points (?).

Please let links open a new tab!


Looking at ~にする -

One of the sentences uses “should” in the translation, but is asking for にする in the answer:

Should this sentence actually accept ~にしよう? Alternately, should “should we decide on” simply be “will we decide on”?

(My confusion is due to a later question that translates with “shall” and uses volitional: :


Hey :grin:

Your interpretation is absolutely correct :+1:

I have changed the translation to:

What have you decided on for today’s dinner?

Sorry for the inconvienience :bowing_man:

Well, hold on - is the answer supposed to be ~にしていた now? :smiley:

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