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Nice find! Fixed. Cheers!


I took a look at your settings and thats not the problem unfortunately…
@BunproAdmin can we take a look at this? There might be something in the user oder review response the app is not aware of, but I cannot find it out myself.


I think I have an idea what happened.

Did you even logged in with the android app and changed some settings?


Well, I had an Android phone until a few months ago, and I think I used the app on it before I switched to my iPhone. Hard to say with certainty whether I ever changed settings on it, but I probably did.


You could try to set some of the settings on the website, there is a bug right now unfortunately if you saved your settings with the android app :confused:


I still have my Android phone sitting around. Is there any way to fix this if I change the settings from there?


No, it’s causing the problem, so please change them on the website
Especially furigana, hide English and bunny mode


What should the settings be?

For example, should furigana be set to “on”?


Thats not important ^^

Change them an change them back


Ahh, okay.

I changed the settings around, and it looks like it worked! Everything is showing up normally in the app now. Thanks!


I’ve found last two links in ‘Readings’ section for によると grammar point leading to 404.


Hey :grinning:

Many thanks for notifying us about the problem. It has been fixed :+1:
The links are working.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but occasionally the audio will not work for the example sentences when I click the ‘play’ button. I’m using Safari.


For the last few days, many of my reviews seem to be lacking audio (the play button doesn’t show). If I click “Show Grammar Info” and then go to “Examples”, none of the example sentences seem to have audio. However, if I go to “Grammar” in the main menu at the top and then manually search for the grammar point, the same example sentences will have audio, and playing it works just fine.


@goldcrono We apologize for the inconvenience and late reply! Are you still experiencing this issue? We have been trying to go through and clean up the audio so that there are no inconsistencies, but we do not believe that this should be affecting any sentences that display the play button. If you run into the issue again, please let us know what grammar point it is occuring on and we will get it straightened out as quickly as possible. Cheers!

@domm We apologize for the late reply! We are currently reworking the audio to remove any inconsistencies and will update reviews to include audio as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Is there something I’m missing or is this answer wrong? する isn’t an adjective so I’m not sure why it’s conjugating it like that.

Also, can you add 仕方がない alternative answers?


You might want to read the whole translation. It’s conjugating する to したい first, and したい is an い-adjective.


Whoops. Thanks for correcting me!


Not so much a bug (nothing’s broken) but I have noticed the site takes a while to load if you haven’t been on for a few hours. I ran a quick audit in chrome and noticed a few things:

  • Looks like the page is loading all of the audio files on load rather than when they are being played
  • The background is uncompressed and is only cached for 4 hours
  • Things like chart and payment resources are loaded on every page


@Olie440 Thank you for sharing your findings! We will see what we can do about improving the speed of the site. Cheers!