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No worries, this site is by far the best tool i’ve used for grammar and I want it to be as good as possible.
I’ve had a deeper look today and found two other things that would speed things up a lot:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

The site is using both normal Google fonts and a old unoptimised preview version. It looks like the main font is loaded using the normal version and the Japanese font is loaded using the old version. I had a quick look on Google fonts and found the Japanese font you are looking for: . If you switch to this it should cut around 7mb off the page load.

A lot of the images look to be uncompressed as well, compressing these could speed up page loads (saving you money in server costs)


@Olie440 Awesome! This is extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to look into ways that we can improve Bunpro for everyone. We greatly appreciate it and will make changes based on the information that you have provided us. Cheers!


I got that same sentence again and now that I know what it’s actually asking I think the hint should be amended to be “I want…so bad it can’t be helped” that it fits what the question is asking.


@lopicake You are absolutely correct! We have updated the sentence to reflect your suggestion. Cheers!


Thanks for the fast response!

I have another request:
The 3rd reading is about しか~ない not しかない.

Which, ironically, is not a reading for


Hey! :grin:
The “Readings” section has been updated!

Thank you for sharing it with us! :+1:


I just switched to the modern dark theme for the first time and everthing on the site is getting extremely slow. Impossible to do reviews, even the menu response time to open is around 5 sec. The classic theme works fine. Android/Chrome


I no longer wish to review certain lessons that I’ve previously added to my review list. I hit the “remove from reviews” button which seemed to work but those lessons are still showing up in my reviews. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


@Pushindawood Is it me, or did the font change? Is this a bug, intentional, or am I going crazy?


@Anthropos888 and @seanblue Following some posts by @Olie440, we are trying to find ways to speed up the site. This led to us trying some fonts that were better optimized for more browsers. We will continue to tinker with the font as well as image sizes and how certain files/pages are loaded. Thank you for your patience as we find better ways to further enhance your overall experience with Bunpro. Cheers!

@lprubin Thank you for your question. Are you continuing to receive the same sentences for the grammar points that you have removed from your reviews or are they alternating sentences? The reviews could be Ghost reviews for those grammar points. Please let us know if this is not the case so that we can get it rectified. Cheers!


Ran another quick audit and it looks like those changes did the trick:

Overall the site is running a lot faster than it was!


Might have spoke a little too soon, the review screen is absolutely flying after those changes but the study page is still slow (although the fonts no-longer pop in and out). As per normal a did a little digging to help out:

The main issue looks to be size of the page itself. Having a deeper look it looks like its loading all 10 grammar points at once (along with all the audio files) and then hiding the ones that aren’t being shown:

It would be more performant to draw them one at once. Although I appreciate that this isn’t a easy thing to change :tired_face:

@Pushindawood Once again thanks for listening to my feedback, I can’t state how much better the review page is after those fixes. Let me know if you want me to dig any further.


@Olie440 Thank you so much for providing this extremely useful feedback to us. It really is helping us find all of the things that need tweaking to get the site performing as efficiently as possible. We will see what we can do about improving the Study page. Cheers!


Once I reached a certain point in N4 all new sentences stopped auto-playing audio when I review them. I thought this was because there was no audio for those sentences. But then I realized that if you go to the lesson and check out the example sentences, the audio does exist. So there is some bug where it is not being played.

Concrete instance: today I got the sentence

ごめん!卵(たまご)を全部(ぜんぶ) つかってしまった 。[使(つか)う]

After completing it no audio was auto-played. But if I go to, click examples, and scroll down, the 5th sentence is that sentence already, and I can successfully play the audio.

This occurs on most of the sentences in my reviews now. It seems like only old, easier sentences have working auto-play.


@d11 We apologize for the audio issue! There were some discrepancies between the audio that was in example sentences and the the audio that was showing up in reviews. We are currently going through all of the audio and straightening these out. We hope to have audio up and running in your reviews soon. Thank you for your patience! Cheers!


I know this is probably somewhere at the bottom of your agenda since the site is still changing a lot but I believe this page should definitely be updated. When I first came upon Bunpro I came to your main site and navigated around a bit and looked at the help page to see what this here is all about. However most pictures are not available on that page making it seem like Bunpro is still quite incomplete. Luckily I none the less decided now to sign up :slight_smile: None the less for none Wanikani Users this might not seem so clear.


A minor layout point. On some sections, randomly the layout of the resources like Genki is not placed correctly. So when I was for example in a lesson review, it gave me the first picture, when viewing just the grammar point, it gave me the second screen. But when trying this again it always gave me the broken layout.


Hello again 文プロ community!

I’d like to report what I think constitutes a bug—or at the least, some unexpected behavior.

I’d recently added some grammar points to my review that I’ve since found are not sticking with me. So I figured I would remove the reviews, reset the grammar point, and approach them separately at a later date. Doing this did remove them from my reviews, but the ghost reviews of those grammar points are still popping into my reviews.

I’ve searched and searched the interface to find a way to remove them, but I’ve since settled resetting all of my ghost reviews instead. This is less than ideal as there were still other reviews I’d like to continue seeing, but it was the only way I could find to remove the troublesome ones from my stack.

I’m not sure exactly how ghost reviews are supposed to behave, but this seemed like unexpected behavior to me. If I were to reset a grammar point (especially for a reason like above), I’d also expect it to remove those individual ghost reviews from my stack as well.

If this isn’t a bug, then I’m sorry for posting here! In any case, hope it’s something worth considering! ^^


@Andulien Ah, yes, the Help page… :sweat_smile: As a matter of fact we are in the process of updating all of the pages linked in the footer and hope to have something for you soon. Thank you for drawing this to our attention, for your patience as we get things updated, and for looking past the neglected page and joining the Bunpro community! Welcome! Thank you also for letting us know about the layout issue on the Readings section. We will see what we can do. Cheers!

@andrewkaz Thank you for your feedback! This is not a bug, but rather a lack of functionality that we did not anticipate when adding Ghost reviews. You are absolutely correct in assuming that if a grammar point is reset or removed from reviews that the corresponding Ghost reviews should be similarly affected. We apologize for not having this capability available to right now and hope to have something for you soon. In the meantime, if you send us an email at [email protected] we can remove the desired ghost reviews from your queue. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Hi, notes still not working properly for me, also the audio often does not play. I am on Firefox on a Mac. The notes don’t show in the reviews, and sometimes can’t be created.