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@seanblue Thank you for letting us know about the issue with wanakana. We will upgrade the next chance we get! We are working on making the search more intuitive across all platforms so that you will no longer experience issues like these. For the time being, I have made it easier to search for terms like “potential”, “passive”, “causative”, etc. Please let me know if you are still unable to find some grammar points via the search and I will get them corrected as soon as I can. Cheers!

@truepose Thank you for your feedback! Yes, there are a few duplicate grammar points that we ended up writing different sentences for. We uploaded them to the site before we realized our mistake and people had already added them to their reviews, taken notes and created their own self-study questions. If we were to simply remove them, people would lose their notes and study questions (not to mention streak). If we hid them, it would be more difficult for people to access the content that they created. We admit that getting these duplicates sorted out has been on our to-do list for quite some time, but we promise that we will be dealing with them soon! Perhaps @seanblue has a point! Cheers!


The grammar page for そう seems broken. Nothing I can click actually does anything.


Hey! :grin:

Programming team is aware of the bug and will be pushing the update soon :+1:


@Nihonmir Thank you for your comment. We apologize for the inconvenience! We have had similar reports of this happening when users had included an extensive amount of information in their notes. We are having trouble replicating exactly what the tipping point may be, since no amount of plain text seems to cause this bug. If you wouldn’t mind sharing what your note consists of (headers, stylizing, bullet points, links, etc.) for this particular grammar point so that we can get to the root of the problem and get it fixed, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your patience! Cheers!

Edit: We have figured out the issue with the notes and will be pushing a fix with the next update. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Can’t you just look in the database..?


Minor issue: When clicking to toggle furigana on an Examples page, toggling off affects every instance of that kanji on the page, while toggling back on does not, and has to be done individually for each instance.


@Hargrimm Thank you for your comment. This was actually meant to a feature! :sweat_smile: Bunpro remembers the furigana that you turned off for every instance of that kanji on the site, not just the page that you are on. Toggling furigana off for a particular kanji implies that you are capable of reading that kanji without the help of furigana. If you should ever forget the reading for individual cases in the future, you simply have to click on the kanji to reveal the furigana.

We believe that this is an effective way of improving your reading comprehension. The more Japanese books that you start to read, the more you will realize that those materials utilize the same method. Kanji that appears in written material will likely only be accompanied by furigana in the first instance.

That being said, we may implement a way for you to control how furigana behaves in your settings in the future. Cheers!


I just tried to create a note in a review but it didn’t work. There is a note in the lesson but they don’t show in the reviews (I wish they would). On mac and firefox.


Hi there! I just posted in the Android app issues thread, thought I’d add a link here:


@FranCott We are sorry that you are experiencing troubles! Notes should update site-wide, whether you create/save them in Lessons or in Reviews. We are not able to reproduce this issue on a mac with firefox. Just to make sure, you are clicking “Update” after you make changes to your notes, correct? Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@Nihonmir Notes should be all fixed! Thank you for your patience. Cheers!

@Leilaure Thank you for your comment. We have informed the developer of the issue. We hope to have a fix for you soon. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


Sorry to not report back earlier, but I couldn’t do new lessons until today. Seems cursors are working as expected now on my combination of browser + OS.


That’s great news! Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Cheers!


I’m still seeing the issue. Clicking a kanji to show/hide furigana still scrolls the page, making it so I can’t see the sentence. This is on a regular size iPhone 8.



I noticed the furigana for denwa wo suru is not matching.



Hey :smile:

It has been fixed.


Notes created in lessons do not show in reviews. Sometimes I cannot create a note in a review.



I have an issue with the iOS app. I have an iPhone X and iPad Pro (both on iOS 12), and neither seems to think I have a Bunpro subscription. I have a lifetime subscription that works well online, but in the app, all I get is a home screen that shows 0% progress on all the lessons and a settings screen that lists “no” under my subscription. This has been the case for the last few betas. Not sure if it’s an issue with the app itself, or if the app isn’t working well with iOS 12. Hope you can track down this bug, because I really enjoy using the native app over the website.



Could you provide your settings like furigana mode, bunny mode and so on?
There ware some strange bugs with combinations at some point, so maybe that’s a new one…

Just visit the websites settings pane and screenshot them or write them down
(remove any private information like email addresses and so on!)


Here’s a screenshot of my settings. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


The grammar point for “たい” erroneously uses the incorrect link to the “たがる” grammar point when viewed from the “study” option (it links to /124 instead of /grammar_points/124).