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The notification feature is great, though it seems like I can’t close it after I open it unless I change or refresh the page. I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.


Seeing the same. It’s quite annoying. :sweat_smile:


Nevermind! I figured it out. I will push a fix with the next update, should be later today.


Firstly, Thank you for creating this excellent learning platform. It is exactly what I have been looking for to improving my Japanese grammar.

When I try to save the changes to my settings, I get the error message " We’re sorry, but something went wrong." This happens when I try to change the ghost reviews setting to off.

Thank You!



Programming team has been notified about your problem and is working on it!


The “Add or Remove…” button in a Private message does not seem to work. At least not for me. Not sure if you need more rights to use it, or if it is broken.


@topspinslams We apologize for the delayed reply! You should be all set to turn off ghost reviews in your settings. Thank you for your patience. Cheers!


I was studying with a Japanese friend and she said that this alternative answer, 暇さえ, isn’t correct. I asked a couple other Japanese friends and they said the same thing. Maybe it is grammatically correct, but never said. Regardless, it seems like it shouldn’t be kept in.
Thank you!


You are absolutely right!
(the misleading alternate answer has been removed)

By the way, since it is a habit, you can also use している instead of する。

is also alright! :smiley:



I think this sentence should have a “da” before the “tohakagiranai”. I think both are correct. My Japanese friend said it is more common to have the “da” in there. Let me know what you think. Thank you.


Hey :smiley:
You are absolutely right!
It simply has not been added to accepted answers, even while it is written in “grammar structure” section!

Thank you for noticing it and informing us! We have fixed it! :+1:


Is it only me that has these problems with notes and audio?

By the way any chance of slowing the audio down?


This question already has the answer filled in. (And yes, I still put in the wrong answer because I’m an idiot.)


@lopicake Thank you for letting us know! All fixed. Cheers!


In the example sentences you can already slow down the audio if that helps? There is a button next to each sentence “Slow” to slow down the speech.

I have not had any audio issues so far. Haven’t used the notes yet, so can’t tell there. Can you describe the steps on how the problems come to be?


Yeah seen the slow button in the examples, but in the reviews it’s still fast. The notes problem got more or less sorted the other day.


I don’t know if it’s intended, but the related grammar section is missing during reviews (Android, Chrome). That’s by far the most important place to see related grammar. When I mistake two grammar points during reviews I need to leave the reviews and go to the grammar site in order to search the related grammar and check the differences. If you just integrate the related grammar into the grammar info during reviews, users can lookup directly the different nuances without having to leave the reviews.


Just FYI there’s a problem with submitting payment information when using the Chrome app on iPad. Clicking the submit button doesn’t seem to do anything — even when I entered information for an unsupported card type, I didn’t even see it bring up the error message about the card being unsupported. (Ofc, at least on dark mode, that error message is way too easy to miss since it’s just white like the rest of the text.)

Everything works as expected with the Safari app! :smiley:
I do recommend getting a loading state on that page if possible though, as it took a few seconds and the only indication that anything was happening was the little loading bar at the top of the Safari app. :grimacing:


@Anthropos888 Thank you for your suggestion! We can look into adding related grammar in the reviews section as well. Cheers!

@halfsnow Thank you for letting us know! We will look into what might be causing the payment problem on iPad. Adding a loading state on the payment page is a great suggestion. Cheers!


And another suggestion: please add a “Grammar” entry to the top left menu during reviews (opens a new tab) so that users can easily go to the grammar page during reviews. That’s quite a struggle on mobile, so an entry i the menu would make things easier.