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Possibly reported already, but there’s a broken link on the grammar point of てほしい. This link to 日本語の森 is broken, at least for me.
While I’m at it, I’ve noticed that some links in “Readings” are marked with a video symbol, which is very useful. It’s still missing at other parts (perhaps you can make this an automatic addition if the URL includes “youtube”?). Reporting these issues would be a bit easier if you could add a “Report issue” button on the Grammar-point/Study/Lesson-section :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


It works for me, regardless of whether it is turned on (blocking mode) or off, but unfortunately I am using windows :slight_smile:


Hey :grin:

Thank you, I have removed it :grin:


Hey guys! Think I found a missmatch between the sample sentence and the audio play.
While doing my study on すぎる the sample sentence #4 written as:
この冗談は面白くなさすぎた。but the audio play something like このりんごは高すぎる。

Not really a big bug, just though I’d mention it here :slight_smile:


Hey :grin:

This example has been changed recently and new audio hasn’t been recorded yet :bowing_man:


Haha 大丈夫~ yeah I found another one too but I guess you guys already have a list of those :smiley:
Love it so far!


Still seeing Chinese characters instead of Japanese on my Android device:

Please make sure to use “lang=‘ja’” for all tags with Japanese characters, or even for the whole site.


Chinese ? In my Japanese?

It’s more likely than you think.


No, it’s a known issue on android phones and the standard android font. It will show the Chinese version of the character if you don’t explicitly set your phone to Japanese language. So you need to use lang=“ja” if you want to see the Japanese version of the character (important if you want to learn kanji writing on android phones with Anki etc.)


This review question didn’t specify what verb to use.


@seanblue Nice find! Fixed.


FYI, it looks like the orange hints still display when you’re finishing a review session. It shows up on that screen that disappears after a couple seconds, so it’s hard to capture a screenshot.




I am not sure I am putting this in the right place… and did not find anything similar posted. Recently cleared my history and started with a learning path for Genki (love this btw!). But when I started learning new grammar points, particularly if I chose to study particular sets of items by selecting instead of the whole chapter - the option to add to reviews does not show.

I am also losing the right side of the box. This has happened on two different devices and I have tried adjusting browser settings to no avail. Initially, it was only when I did the selected grammar and when I went back to the chapter they were there. Then it just got spotty and sometimes would show but mostly not. Today I cannot get the full content to show either way. I will try rebooting, etc. but since I now saw this a couple of days in a row on multiple laptops it was worth mentioning.


@seanblue @MissDagger I will look into it!

@barclayaz On the Study page (or via paths) once you get to the end of the grammar you are studying, you go into a quiz mode where you are automatically quizzed on the grammar you just learned. No need to add them manually.

Study mode also records which links you visited and once you study the grammar via the quiz, it will automatically mark them as read, so the lack of check boxes is intentional. Sorry for the confusion!


Great! Since starting again I was familiar and not progressing beyond the last item I was studying. Therefore I never triggered the Quiz Mode functionality and didn’t know about it. I love that and will take advantage of it moving forward. Thanks for the explanation, it makes perfect sense now!


Meaning the checkbox beside the links on the Lesson page (Reading tab) will be auto checked whenever I open the link during my study session? hmm, don’t think I saw any of those checkboxes are checked eventhough I did click the link for further reading during the study session :thinking:

Also wanted to ask is there any fix/ workaround for the sync issue between BP and WK? I saw someone asked above but doesn’t seem to have any closure to that? (sorry if I missed it!) Basically when I manually click hide the kanji’s furigana that above my WK level, they will forever turned off by default even after I turn it back on and fully refresh the page.

Tried to remove the WK api on the BP setting and put it back in, it still maintain the same default hidden behavior. Does regenerate a new api key for WK will fix this issue?



On the desktop web app using chrome.
I got a bug while doing a review today.
I typed in the sentence then tried to submit and nothing happened.
I attached a screen shot of the console.log message that was there.
Hopefully this helps.



This grammar only has 3 example sentences:

All N3 grammar is supposed to have 12 sentences already. So if this one is a duplicate grammar which will be merged into another grammar point later, you should exclude that grammar from being added into “study” mode.

Else you could add a “skip” button in study mode so that users can choose if they want to learn that grammar point or not.


The above doesn’t look too good on my screen (I have a 13" screen). This is for Verb[ない], and it took be a while to realize the displaced した belonged to ませんでした. Since it always fell right under the same item, I started wondering if polite non-past negative had a version with した, but I couldn’t figure out how it worked.

Not sure how to fix it, but right now, it was very confusing for a while.

Also, this lesson only have 11 example sentences. I counted them because I tried to find the polite non-past negative with した (this was before I realized what I said above).