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お~になる has the same • issue in the structure.


Fixed, thank you so much for the feedback :+1:


Do grammar points with multiple forms each show up in reviews (the いい adjective for example)? So far I’ve only been getting the present positive form and none of the other ones. Would I have to add them to custom reviews if I want to use them with SRS?


Yes, various forms of verbs and adjectives appear(like passive etc), but most common one is dictionary form(non-past short form).

Though I will be doing my best to use the more “exotic” forms more often.



I had literally no idea what this question was asking. :sweat_smile: Maybe clarify it a bit?


Yes, I had the same sentence and the two verbs in brackets are just confusing. Also it is not clear if the first お is already part of the honorific or not.


@Anthropos888 I think I made it clearer, but I am not sure if thats what you meant.
I would appriciate feedback.


おいでになる is a word used in honorific speech instead of いく・くる・いる.
いっらしゃる is synonymous with おいでになる, so it can be used instead.
お見えになる can be also used in this case, but it has only a meaning of くる.
おいでになる most likely comes from the archaic 出づ(いづ), which evolved to widely known 出る(でる)in Japanese we know today by losing い on the way(and meaning of coming/being). If we somehow restored い, we would get いでる(fossil word), then we would add prefix お and になる to verb stem to receive おいでになる.

Well you certainly added a lot of information. :sweat_smile:
The historical stuff is cool, but I still think you (that is, Bunpro as a whole) needs a better place to put that kind of stuff. Almost like a “More Info” section that can exist for certain grammar points where you can add your own information. It’s too overwhelming when it’s with the example sentences like that.

To your actual question, until I see it in a review I won’t be able to say if it’s better. In a sense, おいでになる doesn’t even fit into this grammar point because it’s a special usage instead of a generic お~になる usage.

And FYI, there’s a typo: いっらしゃる should be いらっしゃる.


Fixed! :grinning:
I will ask programmers, but they have a lot of work so it will probably take some time :+1:


Is it possible to add a bar for items that don’t yet have a streak in the “Breakdown by Streak” bargraph?



edit: oh, I just noticed the script has broken. Will look into this right away

edit2: fixed.


One question: Is it possible to remove an entire JLPT level from the review system? Or do I have to go 1 by 1?

If not, I believe that this is a good suggestion. People in a more advanced level might want to mark things as learned but not having to deal with them one by one, nor with having them on the SRS system.


Why do you have to mark them as learned? You can just use the Lessons feature instead of the Study feature and learn whatever you want. Or if you really want to use the Study feature you can change your JLPT level in the settings.


You just made me click on “Study” for the first time :stuck_out_tongue: I had no idea what it was for.

Oh, I see what this does now ^^ Still doesn’t solve my problem, since I only use “Lessons” :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a very specific suggestion. I stopped Bunpro for months, got better, and now pretty much a lot of reviews are pointless to do. I don’t mind at all (since I’m not even doing reviews), just a suggestion.


Ah, I understand your question now. I don’t think there’s a way to bulk remove items that you’ve already added. Maybe they can specifically do it for your account? :thinking:

I still went through everything starting from N5 just to reinforce the basics. It’s a lot of “extra” reviews, but I still think they are valuable.


Nah, I don’t want to cause any trouble for such a small thing. It was genuinely a suggestion. Some people might want to review N2/N1 stuff and not bother with N5-N3 stuff. But for that, there’s the JLPT level in the settings so I guess that isn’t a problem :slight_smile:


@testfugu We have a bar ready for items that do not yet have a streak and will be pushing it with our next update. Thank you for your patience and thank you @Kumi for all of your contributions to the community! Cheers!

@jprspereira Hey! If you go to Account → Profile → Reset, you will find a dropdown that allows you select and reset all of your reviews, just ghost reviews or individual JLPT levels. Reset reviews will behave as if they have never been added to your review queue; there will no longer be any statistics or SRS level associated with them. Hope this is what you were looking for. Cheers!

Edit for Clarity: Notes and self-study questions will not be affected when removing/resetting your reviews.


@Pushindawood This was already mentioned somewhere, but was the green color during reviews intentionally changed? It looks really washed out now, so it doesn’t look as good.



What is the difference between the N3 ところだった and the N2 ところだった grammar point?


There is no difference! It is simply doubled grammar point :blush:

By the way, you can ask grammar questions in:

I love your avatar :ok_hand: