Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request


This is a very valid reason, and something I often do


I thought same way initially. First thing I did with BP was skip the beginning and go to the N3 grammar lists since that’s what I’m working on. However, I decided to go to the beginning within BP and work my way up (then use it as a grammar dictionary). I’m glad I did this and I see they have a method to the madness.

I think one may miss out grammar building skills by skipping around on BP but to each their own. One can easily go free-style with grammar study…I think everyone does this a bit and Anki is a great way to organize a custom platform for in the wild learning. However I think if someone doesn’t have the basics of a verb conjugation then they probably are not ready for the grammar point that uses it. The Japanese aesthetic of 芸道 comes to mind.


We could do with being able to search in English. I wanted to see if there was a grammar point for ‘or’ but nothing came up.


The search does need an overhaul.
For ‘or’ specifically, try , but searching for ‘or’ did bring that up.


And also accepting both kanji and kana searches.


@Pushindawood Regarding this:

Can you mark when resources are videos? I often skip or delay those depending on my environment, and it would be nice to know ahead of time.


Hey! :grinning:

Like @s1212z says, I think the minimum requirement to learn Japanese out of order is to know all conjugations, explanatory, case marking particles, ending particles, nominalizers(の、こと), ことている,てしまう and とか.

To be honest, this is enough to start reading manga like 徒然チルドレン.



Ending particles:

Conjuctions, often used to make phrases less direct:

Conditionals(remember, たら can be used as a time expression like “then/when”):

Someone doing something for someone else:

Explanatory tone:

Stating reason/cause:

Stating purpose:

Nominalizers(words changing verbs/phrases into nouns)

Expressions used to express similarty of someone/something to someone/something or conjecture

Other, important:


Not on my computer. I’m using Firefox on a Mac.


SRS improvement: the time between SRS level 8 and 9 seems to be too long. I realized that the majority of items which I get wrong are on SRS 8. I don’t have that much problems on other SRS levels. Maybe you could reduce the interval between SRS 8 and 9.

Would also be interesting if you can generate statistics about the accuracy for each SRS level. You could use this information to improve your SRS (for example, if a lot of users fail items on SRS 8 or whatever, this would be an indicator to reduce the interval on this SRS level)


Is there any possibility of getting slightly larger furigana, maybe as an option? It’s a little hard to see on my phone since i’m visually impaired, everything else is big enough so zooming in isn’t great. I understand there could be many reasons why not. Very nice job on the site, and thank you for reading!


And for the third time, can somebody please reduce the font size of the example sentences in the “view grammar” section during reviews?

Two sentences fill the whole screen!


@Anthropos888 @pirouette
I will pass those suggestions to the programming team :+1:

Also, welcome on community forums :wink:
(By the way, extremally cute avatar :astonished: )


Please add in options for multiple choice. Not everyone like to type in especially so many equivalent grammars.


Multiple choice in general, but specifically for grammar, sounds useless. So many of the grammar points are so different that the correct answer would almost always be obvious, even if you didn’t know the answer. If you don’t like fill in the blank, maybe Bunpro just isn’t for you. :man_shrugging:


The whole point of BunPro, and wanikani too, was to have a way to make you have to recall something without a primer (and SRS), which multiple choice would inevitably do. Multiple choice would defeat the whole purpose of BunPro. I have to agree with seanblue on this one.


I recommend increasing the CSS line height throughout the site to let the text breathe. Here’s an example:


Once you add all 12 sentences to n3 7+ can you please downgrade my SRS to 4 so that I get all the new sentences?


Can you make a mistake delay? please
its really annoying when I mistype something and press enter and go to the next review and am now downgraded for that grammar point and my %correct rate


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately without a big overhaul on how the database is set up there isn’t an easy solution. Like @s1212z mentioned, there was a method to our madness and that was to make everything build off of everything else and to intentionally use earlier grammar points in later grammar points’ sentences to help reinforce stuff. That being said, we do have some interesting plans for the future and we can see about generating more control over what you see based on what you have studied on the site.

@FranCott @nitzi @seanblue Full search overhaul is near the top of the to-do list.

@pirouette @Anthropos888 I intend to fix the font size site wide and give you the ability to scroll to a percentage that is best for you. It is right there at the top with the search overhaul.

@yuugi99 Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to add multiple choice as an option anytime soon. When we get around to creating special quizzes for related grammar points, multiple choice is something we had considered, but that would be separate from the normal review quizzes.

@justinzaun Most excellent suggestion. We will make it happen.

@nitzi I will let you know when the rest of N3 is in. For the mistake delay, it is something we can look into. I am not sure what the best delay would be. I am guessing some people wouldn’t want it so it would need to be a setting. Maybe @Kumi would be willing to whip up a script for you to test to give us a better idea of what to implement? :bowing_man:


Thank you so much! Can’t wait and I appreciate all the work that’s already been put in the site. :+1: