Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request


Yeah, that would be ideal!


@BunproAdmin Do you have a timeline feature planned so we can see when our reviews will show up without getting spoiled like we do by checking the “Show Upcoming Grammar” section?


Do you mean like this?


Oh yeah, forgot about that. I’ll check it out, but it would be nice if they made it an official feature.


We are happy to look into adding it as an official feature if there is a demand for it!

I probably wouldn’t be at the top of the list right now. Do you want something more specific than the “Next Hour” Next Day" numbers on your profile page?


Right, I want to know over at least a few day period when all my reviews will appear, but none of the details. I don’t want to know what items will appear, just when the items will appear. It’s important for the feature to be somewhat flexible, like being able to select the duration to show on the graph (within reason).

I think the Ultimate Timeline script on WaniKani is a good model:


I tried to do a quick search through the site for “mobile notification” but couldn’t find any posts.

This may be a miniscule request in comparison to others but it would be nice to have nofications that you have reviews on the mobile app.


I might be mistaken, but I think this feature is currently not functioning at the moment.


Maybe it was suggested already, but I would love the for the correct answers to turn into the corresponding correct Kanji if available. For example if the correct answer is おぼえなくてはいけない, I would want the final sentence to display えなくてはいけない so that I can read the complete correct sentence once, instead of a soup of hiragana.

Just a suggestion and not an important one, whatever your priorities are now for the site, work on them first.

Love you like Koichi loves himself. :heart::heart::heart:


Can we suggest additional grammar points?

As I’m working through Tobira there’s quite a few grammar points that aren’t in BP. I know that, obviously, BP can’t cover everything so I’m not expecting much.

However I did come across a sentence that uses a grammar point that isn’t taught in BP but is used in an example sentence for another grammar point.

" 僕が 出て行けばいい んでしょう。悪のはの方なんだから。"

The grammar is testing ばいい, but the second sentence uses the のは~の方 grammar point which is not currently on BP.

Any chance you all could add it?


Yeah, I have added it to the to do list :+1:


I just had a weird idea. I have been using Anki for testing my listening comprehension with their core 2000 deck. The only problem is, that the sentences are very generic and シンプル SOV sentences without any interesting grammar points.

My suggestion is that you should add an Anki mode for listening comprehension. You already have the cool, long sentences with unique grammar and you have them voiced, all we need is a way to access a listening mode.

I often come across an awesome sentence that I would like to study for multiple reasons, be it audio, grammar or vocab, but if I get it right, I will never see it again. So I either have to get it intentionally wrong in order to add it to my ghost reviews or say good bye.

An Anki mode that gives us the audio and reveals the sentence at the press of a button would be awesome. With this, you would get much more use out of your recorded audio and written sentences.


@Nihonmir Thank you for your suggestions! We actually have the majority of review questions ready to accept/display kanji answers. We just have to do a little tweaking to make kanji input and output available to anyone that wishes to use a Japanese IME or simply wants to view the answer with kanji. Not sure that we can love you more than Koichi loves himself, but we certainly love you lots! :heart:

Audio reviews is definitely something that we can look into adding. Thank you for giving us a detailed description of what you have in mind. We will see what we can do. Cheers!

@lopicake Thank you for your suggestion! Cheers!


@Pushindawood On grammar pages, can you show when the next review will be? Probably at the bottom with this information:


@seanblue Thank you for your suggestion! We will look into adding upcoming review information on the grammar point page. It will need to be hidden, like on the profile page, for those that do not want this information to influence their SRS. Cheers!


I belive it would be nice if you added context tooltips to all of the options on the settings page. Most seems self-explanatory, but what for example does “unsubscribe” do?


@finn_a Thank you for your suggestion! We will add some additional tooltips to make things more clear. “Unsubscribe” in settings refers to email announcements that we periodically send out (these emails could contain privacy policy updates as well as future discount offers on subscriptions). If you would like to receive major updates/announcements via email, please choose “No” under “unsubscribe”. Cheers!


Hi Bunpro team! I tried the site much earlier this year but it didn’t click for me as it was still so early in development (and tbh at that point felt like it was trying a bit too hard to look/feel like WK…), but decided to give it another shot recently. The good news is that I’m enjoying the new UI, and it feels like it’s progressed into more of a well-rounded product in its own right now so I can definitely see myself sticking around :slight_smile:

I just wanted to chip in a few thoughts in terms of improvements to onboarding, in case they’re useful. At the moment a lot of features feel a bit like they probably have some great context (either on the WK forums or in here), but there’s no indication of what they mean on the site itself (as far as I can see). As a few examples:

  • I had no idea what ghost reviews were until I searched the forum (and still don’t fully understand them…)
  • I am yet to understand what “bunny mode” means in the settings
  • Whilst I’m familiar with wrap up concept from WK I don’t find the UI quite as intuitive for reviews in terms of having confidence in what’s being tracked/not depending on how I exit a review session.
  • The profile graph I’m guess is tracking the grammar points you’re reviewing, but it’s not actually clear what these numbers mean (it could be the ones that are ‘known’?)

At present the help page feels quite basic and doesn’t cover many of the actual questions that I’ve had since coming back. I’ve tried a quick search, but I wondered what your plans were for expanding explanations on how some of the site works, and what some of the less obvious (bunny mode) terms may mean? I imagine that your priorities are probably development, so also just wanted to let you know that I’d be happy to spend some time writing some docs/guides if there’s a github repo or another way of contributing, if that would ever be useful. (Obviously once I understand key concepts better!)

Hope this doesn’t come across as too negative as it’s clear you’re making really good progress, and I look forward to things getting even better :slight_smile:


@sally Hi! Thank you so much for your insights, kind words and for giving Bunpro another shot! We are glad to hear that you like the new UI and that you feel that Bunpro has become something that is helpful to your studies.

We have been discussing ways to consolidate all of the information about the features that we offer into one easy-to-navigate place so that you do not have to search multiple pages for the content that you are looking for. We also have new Help and FAQ pages in the works that we hope will get everyone pointed in the right direction.

To answer a couple of your questions, “bunny mode” acts like lightning mode in Wanikani, where if you get an item correct, you are automatically taken to the next review in your queue. The profile graph just shows you how many grammar points you have added to your review queue from each JLPT level, while the stats page shows you the number of grammar points you have at a certain SRS level. This is another page that we still need to flesh out to make what information is being displayed more clear.

We appreciate your offer to help out. We will definitely let you know!

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions! There was absolutely nothing negative about anything that you said. It has all been very helpful in pointing us in the right direction. Cheers!


Heyo :smiley: Just thought of this while looking over another grammar book, but I would love it if we could see informal listings on the grammar pages. I know Bunpro accepts several different answers, but some of those different grammar points/formalities aren’t available as their own to add to the SRS, you would just have to know them or research further to learn about them. I think it’d be a nice addition to add, perhaps in smaller text or in an expandable section, other options that fall under a grammar point. (Could also make them searchable too. As an example ちょうだい for ください and ていい for てもいい.)