Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

No problem and thanks. The Genki I path has been really helpful for practicing the grammar.

(I’m not sure if this was an idea before.)

Would it be possible to add automatic audio before an answer is typed? The whole sentence audio would be played with a blank break where the solution is.

At first I thought it would be a convenience thing as I usually skip sentences before the audio could play, once I see that my answer is correct. But it could also be used in the future for listening practice by adding an option to hide the written text.

I know this would probably a huge undertaking in timestamping every audio, I guess there’s probably more important features to add but I like to dream and Bunpro has been amazing with updates so maybe this would be suitable as a long-term update later down the line.

So I’ve been here not super long but I still don’t love how they handle the SRS of items. Everything is given the same SRS which at first sounds great. But some grammar points are more important and more widely used then others. So I don’t think they should get the same SRS schedule as less common grammar points. For a while I’ve been thinking it would be nice if there was some time of weighted system. It probably has a different name but weighted is what I know.

Where more important and more common grammar points when added just automatically have more reviews available and take more to raise the SRS level. If it’s common in the language it should get hammered into you until you can’t wait to get rid of it instead of getting lumped in with less common items. Also it’d let people who get less exposure then some of you to just know which one’s are more common by an almost natural exposure. Just something I’ve been thinking for a while.

I really love BunPro so far, but there is one feature I’m dearly missing:
The undo answer keyboard shortcut.

Using WankiKani and Torii alongside bunpro, there are just way to many reviews. So I just tend to hammer my answers in as fast as possible to get the work done. This however leads to an annoying amount of typos. I’d love to be able to undo bad input at a faster rate to increase the review flow. Maybe bind it to something like ESC or backspace.

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You should be able to use the backspace key to undo/oops an answer. If that isn’t working, mind letting us know which browser/device you are using? It could be a bug.

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Please could you improve the audio functionality during reviews.

I use the reviews as an opportunity to practice reading out loud. To that end the audio is super useful as I can shadow it and use it as a pronunciation guide. On most review items there are two or three phrases and I can only manage keeping up with one at a time. I have to play the audio over and over, picking out the bit I’m focusing on.

A little audio player on the screen so I could rewind, slow down, skip to a phrase would great. What would be amazing would be if you could play the phrases separately by selecting that bit on the screen - but I suspect that would require a lot of work to chop existing audio recordings up.


Here is a suggestion for the new vocabulary decks. Could BunPro make it so I can filter out the words that are a part of Wanikani? I am not interested in having the same vocabulary from both BunPro and Wanikani in my studies.

EDIT: a solution is already in place - Thank you to @Ryux. His reply is just below:

You can sync BunPro with WaniKani. That should do the trick. Settings → General → WaniKani Vocab Sync. But beware that you will gain hell of a lot XP and cannot easily undo the change. But then you can study just the unknown vocabulary in BunPro easily.

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Yes. I would really like if the cram section had a category called “Recently gotten wrong” . Full of things that I recently have gotten wrong. After doing a session I’d like to be able to cram what I got wrong, but good luck hunting them down. And quite frankly, what do you people think I’d want to cram beyond what I recently have gotten wrong. And no the troubled grammar doesn’t count because I have trouble with ALL grammar and there is never anything under that category.

So ya, a “recently gotten wrong” or something of that nature section under the cram. So I can review the things I have recently gotten wrong. >:C


Oh thank you so much. I did not know that :slight_smile:
I’ve just tried it and it works without an issue.

One suggestion however. Maybe adding this shortcut here might make it a little more visible to others: Bunpro Help Page


You can sync BunPro with WaniKani. That should do the trick. Settings → General → WaniKani Vocab Sync. But beware that you will gain hell of a lot XP and cannot easily undo the change. But then you can study just the unknown vocabulary in BunPro easily.


Hi, here is a (probably) small and very easy to implement suggestion …
Is it possible to accept “あ” and the Japanese space as a way to show the alternate grammar ? It’s a bit awkward to switch between kana and non kana layouts on mobile just for 1 letter :smiley:

Same reflexion for the space, not working to show/hide/hint/more (less important, because have an alternate method : the “show…” button at the left)

Ps : FOUND IT ! The Unicode for the full-width space is U+3000 :smiley:


I feel like this lesson should be split up into multiple lessons

I’m ending up with a decent amount of ghosts 'cause there’s like twenty different conjugations to learn on one lesson.

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The discourse username isn’t sync with the website (it is on wk!). :frowning:
Could you sync mine, and add this feature as auto sync?

I would love to see a verb/adjective conjugation practice tool/SRS in the future (seperately from Bunpro lessons - maybe as a new kind of vocab deck like one for う-verbs, one for る-verbs and so on?)…
I think the way it is now is not nearly enough and I read a few similar posts where other users expressed the same thought (@okayfrog )


I would like a clear indicator on my progress. For example wanikani uses levels where you can see how far you’ve progressed. Here it’s just a number on the side. Also, I saw a place that showed how much of, for example, N4 I’ve studied but it was in a strange inaccessible place. Maybe make the site more intuitive. Thank you.

Second this, also making あ substitute “a” for showing the correct answer/s if you got it wrong would be very convenient.

1- A option to change when the day starts would be very much appreciated

2- An option to switch to the Japanese keyboard automatically when typing for reviews (for mobiles and tablets)

Thank you


Could be wrong, but is there no way to check and see what my wrong answer was for a lesson after I check the right answer?

Have you guys checked into the possibilities of integration with learning platforms/ability to license your product in mass to schools/universities?

I have no clue how such things are done in terms of data-processing and/or account creating/log-ins, but I would assume there would be interested parties and some money to be made for you guys.

Just a thought.

We actually already have a teacher/instructor dashboard… It isn’t ready for release yet, but we are already testing it with some teachers ( for example NihongoPicnic teachers are using it :smiley: )

It is still in an early testing phase, but it is technically an open beta so if anyone has a teacher they think would like to get access to it (plus the teacher gets a free lifetime membership) feel free to either reach out to us or mention it to your teacher :+1:


This is a minor thing but is it really necessary for the heatmap to start so long ago?
Would it be possible to implement a self decided cutoff point, or have it start on the first day of your studies?

(please ignore my spotty days lol)