Have formal form selected first

Hello, I come from Wanikani, and I wanted to improve my grammar knowledge, so here I am!
I found myself very familiar with the concept of SRS coming from Wanikani and I like the way you created this application, thank you for your time and commitment. I am now thinking to just buy straight the lifetime package :slight_smile: as I know I’ll be staying for a while (lvl 33 on Wanikani and still thirsty for more).

I have one point which I would like to highlight. I found that the informal form is preferred to the formal one. I live and work in Japan I find myself using the formal form way more often, I was wondering if it was possible to select formal form as a first preference instead of having to select it every time. Same thing for the reviews.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hey! I’m from wanikani too, although I kinda dropped wanikani at lvl 11 or 12 so it’s really awesome you got so high. The thing is they’re actually changing the site a tiny bit every week or two because it isn’t finalized yet.
They used to have it where it just showed both formal and informal on the same page and that’s how I preferred it but now there is a stupid toggle.

That being said they’re really cool and normally get back to people really fast but you should probably post your suggestion here : : :

Personally I think it’s a really good idea and don’t see why they wouldn’t do it. Doing it for reviews might be a bit of a tall ask for them though, but hey why not


Thanks for the suggestion. Within the sentences themselves, we try to balance our usage of formal and casual usage. In general both a quite important as many of the “casual” conjugations are used in higher level grammar structures.

We will be releasing a conjugation tool in the near future that uses the grammar structures and vocab you have learned to let you practice each form as much as you need as confidence in conjugating specific verbs in specific forms often comes down to exposure and rote practice :+1:

Edit: Or did you mean in the structure section showing Formal by default (currently it is set to casual by default)?


Hi Superpnut, thank you for your suggestion, I’ll post it there too.

Hi Jake, thank you for your kind reply. Yes, I meant in the structure section, allowing to choose Formal by default and when doing reviews.

p.s. Just got the lifetime membership, really like the work you are doing! Thank you


The conjugation tool sounds promising. I’m looking forward to trying it!


It is live. You can adjust it in your settings here: https://bunpro.jp/settings/general


Please let us know what you think :smiley:

p.s. Thank you!!


Real ぷろGRAMMER here


That’s the quickest response and implementation I have ever seen. Thank you Jake!


Talk about next day shipping


@Superpnut We aim to please :bowing_man:

Also the implementation was pretty straightforward… :sweat_smile: