Have you done your BunPro Review today?

I started this thread to motivate myself and other people here to keep squashing all BunPro reviews every single day.

Thread Rules: This thread basically follows BunPro Community rules in general. Emphasize on what you learned today! It could be long/short with/without image/gif. This is not just something like Sum up your recent BunPro Review sessions with a short clip/gif where we can just express ourselves in GIF and leave.

I wouldn’t talk much. I’d start with myself.

Today? Since it’s still morning here, so I had done my reviews completely yesterday for sure. For today, I know there’ll be more reviews and bring it on!

NoteToSelf: I forgot there’s no ないではいけない there’s just ないではいけない.

No screenshot yet for today, but I’ll add a screenshot later. I hope there’ll be no blackout or any complete outage happened in my life sooner or later so that I can login to this thread every single day to motivate myself/others here.

Have you done your BunPro review today?

  • Yeah! I feel so good!!
  • Yeah, but I don’t feel so good.
  • Yeah, but I’m indifferent.
  • No, I’m busy with my (insert here job/school/house chores/etc).
  • No, I’m currently inactive in BunPro but I’ll do my review someday.
  • No, I quit learning Japanese Grammar.
  • Indifferent. I just thought that POLL must be clicked!

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Japanese resources we, any BP user who has posted in this thread, use (in random order).

This BunPro Forum, Misa, Cure Dolly, Tae Kim, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar book (DBJG), A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar book, A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar book, A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners book (HJGPTL), iKnow, Torii, Anki, Kitsun, KameSame, KaniWani, Graded Readers, Learn to Read in Japanese book, Genki, Tobira, Try, Minna no Nihongo, 日本語総まとめ, 新完全マスター, TODO.

I’ll edit this post manually when I have time.

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Good morning!
(or Good afternoon/evening! based on your timezone).

It feels good to hit 0 review again both on BunPro and WK! ^^

Note to self:

  • Last night before I slept, I had learned three more lessons from Study about 方がいい、ない方がいい、ましょう。I had learned about these grammar points long ago when I was 高校学生 (or is it 高校生? Correct me if I’m wrong, eh?), so it’s a good way to remind myself about them. Yeah, I’m still going slowly here, but I login everyday to hit 0 review.

  • I’ve read about ので on my physical book of A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar on page 328 - 331. Wow! This book is awesome! Fukai! I wouldn’t even have finished reading all about ので there. Just to suppllement my understanding, after I had watched Misa’s video on YouTube about ので and other stuffs.

  • When I look at Grammar Points List page today: What a nice surprise! I can now see some grammar points have reference to A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar! Thank you BunPro!


Good review session for me. I hit 100 grammar points/50% done for N2 (at least until they add the new ones)! : )

Today I finally learned Verb Stem+ 抜く despite noticing it a lot in different media. Always feels good to fill in the missing puzzle piece for things.

Also learned about ようがない. Honestly, I hate trying to remember all the grammar points that are either (よ)う as in Volitional Form or just straight up Verb+よう. And now I run into this monstrosity which is Verb Stem+よう. Can it get any worse?


Nice topic, @nanda ^-^ Good motivation to help me get used to incorporating BunPro in my daily routine.

After not doing them all weekend, I went through all my reviews today, and I’m hoping to add some new grammar points in the course of the day.



Very nice Topic indeed :smiley: All reviews done for the day but more are to come. I also plan to add some more grammar points today from N5 :slight_smile:

Also got a new Badge today haha
Ghost10Badge – Exorcist


That’s a lot of grammar. I’m barely into the N3 grammar on Bunpro (though I probably know 25-50% of it already from consumption).


Don’t feel bad @seanblue I’m here probably at the lowest part of the food chain :wink: I’m just getting to the middle of N5 grammar :slight_smile:


Glad to know I’m not the only one @Andulien ^-^


Thanks! My studying has been so lopsided. I only did WK for like the first year while barely doing any (read practically none) grammar studying. But now reading is a breeze so I’m focused on just grammar. I also use BP in tandem with other grammar sources, and I made sure to do the lessons I already know about first to get them out of the way.

Though sometimes I’m shocked to see what some resources consider basic and some think as advanced. I almost had whiplash seeing ~なくてはならない marked as N2. I learned that alongside ~なくてはいけない from Misa Ammo’s Absolute Beginner videos. Haha.


@Omun Yeah! Let’s squash all those studies and reviews 毎日毎日.

@Andulien Yay! Congrats! I got that Exorcist badge too yesterday. Though when I was on my iPad yesterday, I tapped it, and nothing had happened. I thought when I tapped it it’d show all BunPro members who got the same badge like when I click my WaniKani regular badge on WK Forum. I just knew that when I hovered my mouse on my computer later, there was a simple explanation over there. I just didn’t see that when I was on my iPad Pro.

Last night I studied three lessons and watched Misa Sensei and before I finished reading BunPro references/watching Misa Sensei, I slept.

Insert sleeping cat on pile of books here.

This morning I studied again those three lessons again and watched Misa Sensei up to 11:58 when she talked about どれ, and I studied thoroughly A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar page 140 to 144 about より ~ のほうが on BunPro, but it’s ~ほうが ~より phr. on this book, I remember what Misa Sensei had said. She said that it’s just the same whether we put it AのほうがBよりいい or we put it BよりAのほうがいい , it means “A is better than B”, until finished. And I did my quiz.

I haven’t read all references about “mada” yet. This lesson about まだ came before より ~ のほうが . Will do that later.


I’m talking to myself yesterday: Hark!! I thought I wanted to learn three new lessons each week?!

Edit: Afternoon.

I have read about “mada” just now. And watched the cool and short video reference.

It’s on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar page 224. Though this one, I haven’t 100% completely read them all about “mada”.


I forgot to mention: due to your good idea @nanda I’m also adding notes in Bunpro to refer to the page numbers of Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. ^^ :purple_heart:

Yes! :muscle:


Yay for the new Badge :smiley: Just gotta love those Badges hehe

Did my Reviews for today and planning on working on the next grammar points. However I’m not sure if I should put Verb[た] & Verb[て] into a single day. But that way I would squash N5 Section 4. Maybe I’ll pick something from Section 5 and Split it up a bit then.

Also moved up today to Level 7 :slight_smile:


It might actually help to do them together because the conjugation rules for both of them are exactly the same you just substitute た for て or vice-versa.

As for me I did my usual 3 points via Study.

I find that N2 is getting difficult just because there’s sooooo many points that are similar in construction or mean the same thing. Now I have to remember to differentiate between ないではいられない and てはいられない. And remember all the ways to say “can’t help but…” Is it てたまらない、てしょうがない、てならない, ないではいられない or ずにはいられない? :unamused:

It’s gonna be like みたい、らしい、ようだ、にみえる、とみえる all over again.


Thanks for the hint. After looking at both it sure made sense to start learning both of them at the same time. I picked them up now for my reviews :smiley: However I’m sure that it will still take a bit until I got this solid as there are quite a few different variations.


Morning! ^^

Yes, I’ve done my BunPro review today. I had studied three grammar points about なくちゃ、〜ましょうか、すぎる and watched Misa Sensei about すぎる last night.

12 more grammar points to squash.


I also did my reviews. :purple_heart: I feel like I’m making a lot of errors, but it’s not bothering me as of yet.

Sometimes I don’t absorb articles or videos about grammar that well. I understand them, but I don’t necessarily retain it that well in that way, even when I take copious notes. So simply doing it and getting it wrong can be helpful to me.

Also added three new grammar points to the mix. Because I’m stingy, I’m using up my trial period, but I already know I’m buying a year sub at the end of it.


Same here, just did my first set of reviews for the day, there are still a couple more to come today that I also want to complete.

Seems I still gotta revisit Verb[て] and がある as I got that wrong a couple of times. To bad there is no Mnemonic way of learning grammar, as that has so far worked pretty well on WK with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still will add two more grammar points later in the day so not to loose the flow :slight_smile: I’ll update the post then later on.

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Oooh, @Andulien - fancy level 7 badge by your name and everything. ^-^

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That :arrow_up_small: