How often is user requested grammar points/content added?

While I am excited to have stumbled upon the Bunpro tool, I am finding missing some of the grammar points from my classes are not in the tool. I guess because the school created a custom textbook, the Bunpro staff may not have focus on that… But then again, Japanese is Japanese. I would suspect a commonly used pattern/point should be on the site already via some other book. So I am surprise some points are missing.

My question is…

What is the possibility of user submitted grammar points being added to the engine. I think I read in another post that a grammar point needs 12 example sentences and 12 test questions along with links. If a user provided such info, how quickly would that be added to the tool, or even if this is possible at all.

I may still subscribe… But I have concerns about if this tool will keep up with my particular course.


For example, the grammar point “ところで” from chapter 5 of the 中級を学ぼう book seems to not be present in the Bunpro grammar points list. “ところに” is in Bunpro. The example sentence from the book:

“ところで”(Not present in Bunpro)

“ところに”(already present in Bunpro)

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Or do you mean something else?..


I would like to be able to create own vocabulary decks, but for grammar I think you’re probably welcome to just suggest a grammar point for the BunPro team to cover, then they’ll think about it and consider making a new grammar point if they consider it to be needed/helpful.


Pretty sure this is what you are after (maybe it is not clear though).

Anyway, there are a massive amount of grammar points on Bunpro compared to most resources. There are things that aren’t on Bunpro but, honestly, there is so much they could add to each level that it would make getting through everything take forever. Equally, so many of these extra points are really just things that you don’t need to be actively studying, assuming you are using the language. As it is there are already loads of points in Bunpro that seem like common sense or “just vocab” if you have a reasonable grasp of the language at that level. Finding a balance between being comprehensive enough to really cover a level but also being sparse enough that it isn’t overkill is really difficult.

Ideally they would add everything I want to study and delete everything I don’t want to study but here we are :wink:


Neither of these points relays the same context. I appreciate you reading my post though.

I guess the question I am asking here is how often does the Bunpro Developer take these kinds of things into consideration. Where should I even be making this kind of request? This is a key point of whether or not Bunpro is for me, or if I will need to keep looking.

I actually thought here would be where I can reach a developer.

We have already studied [たところだ] and are now diving deeper into variations on the grammar point. Just like how [ところに] has a separate grammar point due to relaying a slightly different idea from [たところだ], so does [ところで]. Coincidentally, [ところに] and [ところで] are very similar and I am having a hard time distinguishing between the two. Even my wife can clearly define the line between the two… Anyway

Between CursedKitsune and bunnypro’s comments, I think there is need for a mechanism to create custom [individual user] material for personal consumption. If my chance, like me, a user attending a school that does not use one of the books Bunpro has cataloged already, then Bunpro will not help said users pass their classes.

Again, I am looking to feel out how responsive the developer is to such a need. I almost want to throw my money to them. Between the three of us, I feel like there are more people out there that wish they could add their own material to the platform.


I would say that their focus is currently on completing the N1 grammar points before moving on to anything not part of the JLTP levels.

You can see some information on their roadmap at Lifetime Sale, A Year in Review and 2023
If you want to ask for something, you could probably use the below.

You could send requests via Contact - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro

Some have posted at Missing grammar list but that’s not an official list.

Hi @mambodee, and thanks for considering using Bunpro as one of the study tools to help you with your classes! As we are focused primarily on the JLPT and the grammar points covered as part of it, we tend not to stray too far from what appears on the exams within any actual JLPT level. There are definitely many grammar points that don’t appear on the exams though that we will possibly continue to add in the future. As for ところ itself, we cover the primary uses of ところで, and たところ.

In regards to particle use, a lot of it will be assumed knowledge from previous levels, as ところに, ところへ, ところで, and ところを are all possibilities that differ based on the combination of the particle that they appear with. Like ところ, many other common grammar patterns can actually appear with a far larger variety of particles than mentioned when learning. While this does create a bit of confusion when jumping into native material, most resources/texbooks usually only teach one or two of the more common combinations in order to act as a mental anchor from which real life exposure will give the whole picture.

We have a feature where you are able to create your own example sentences for any particular grammar point, and this is what a lot of our users do when they come across something that is a new nuance, or something that helps them understand part of a grammar point that they didn’t understand in the past.

In saying this, we do plan to make our grammar explanations more in-depth in the future, but this will all be information that is in addition to the ‘core’ of the grammar, rather than simply added as part of that core. This will be so that the average user will be able to differentiate between what they need to know, and what is just ‘alternative uses’ that they may not need to know for a particular exam/until they are at a higher level. Sorry for the wall of text! Hope this answers some of your questions :grin:


For what it’s worth I think focusing on JLTP content is the correct approach, and hopefully we will in the future see additional decks with more specialized content (manga/anime, business, classical etc.) for those who want to study those areas separately, similar to the kansai ben deck that was added.


Please read the above comment by one of the devs regarding Bunpro. They are generally super responsive to user feedback but they also are constantly busy working on new content. My personal opinion is that Bunpro is worth it and that you don’t need to sweat not having every possible grammar point under the sun in SRS. Different strokes for different folks though.

As far as the grammar point itself goes, it may help to consider the particle being used and the final verb being used. What is information is being conveyed by the particle? If you clear that question up for yourself then I think the difference should be easier to understand. Good luck!


I tell you what!!! Being able to create my own sentences is enough of a gap measure to help me keep this aspect of the grammar anchored for my personal studies!! I think I missed how to accomplish this, though?

Do you mind pointing me to the nearest how to for this? I am looking forward to exercising the function.


You need to access the grammar page (Content → Grammar)

Then you choose your the grammar point you want to edit (I choose the 1st one, だ). You just need here to check the sentences.

At the bottom of the page, you have a button to add custom sentences :wink:


Beat me to it! Yep, that’s how you add your own sentences. :wink:
Thanks for helping out, @JCalandr !