N1 Grammar Explanations + More! (05-20-23)

Hi All! :wave:

Today we would like to announce our first batch of N1 grammar explanations that are now live on the website and ready to be used. :partying_face:

As with previous levels, we have used several different reference materials when writing these, in order to capture all of the main points, and hopefully add a little bit of the Bunpro style in there as well.

:mag_right: Focus! :mag:

Our primary focus with N1 has been adding more example sentences, more caution sections, and more fun-facts/general bits of information that will help the grammar points stick.

This has been done in response to a survey that we recently ran on the forum here:

Extending past N1 and into all other levels is another change that some of you may have already noticed…

:toolbox: Grammar Terminology Tooltips :toolbox:

Due to the variety of ways that may of our users choose to enjoy the content on Bunpro, we have opted to create a description style that enables the most people to study in the way that they like, without being forced to read things that they may not have an interest in.

Basically, we have removed almost all Japanese from grammar descriptions in relation to grammar terminology, and replaced them with tooltips.

As you can see, there is now a tooltip that gives the name of the Japanese term.

Important Note: In the new reviews 2.0 you can click on any of the underlined terms to see the popout like above. On the normal grammar point pages (no beta) it is just a plain HTML tooltip and is activated on hover.

This has been implemented for all grammar terms, and even a few related, but not official, grammar terms. Any words that have a tooltip have a very non intrusive underline to indicate that they contain extra information.

:monkey: Evolution of Tooltips :monkey:

Looking toward how we might use this tooltip in order to better the learning experience in the future, we are currently working out a way to include more information about various terms. This can be seen in this concept screenshot here.


As this picture shows, the tooltip would appear, in addition to a small amount of information about that word in general and what it means. Perhaps this would link to a full article about a specific grammar term, or it may just remain a very small ‘in a nutshell’ explanation in the tooltip, we haven’t quite decided the details yet, but would love to hear your opinions!

:calendar: N1 Release Schedule :calendar:

We are planning on releasing N1 in batches of 50 grammar points fortnightly until completion. Meaning that the next 50 will come in 2 weeks from now, with the remaining points following after that.

Unlike other N-levels, we have not rearranged the order of N1 at this point, but may do a slight shuffle in the future after all of the explanations have been finished. This is primarily due to N1 having a lot more grammar points with singular uses that cannot be grouped in the same way that we approached lower levels. However, we will still aim to find the most logical learning path, and then shuffle the order based on that.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, feedback, bug reports, and great ideas that you provide in many of the threads on this forum, as well as through our internal report system. We read everything, and do our best to factor your concerns into our design process and development strategies. As always, we hope you’re all having a fantastic day, and enjoy your weekends! :desert_island::coconut:


Never did I think I’d be so happy about grammar…Thank you.

Which fifty points are live? I can’t seem to find any of the new explanations? (You just posted so maybe it isn’t actually live yet so sorry if that is the case)

Immediate edit: They appeared lol

Later edit: Just had a skim and things are looking good - it becomes increasingly hard to find good sources for grammar the higher up you go so I’m really grateful. I know that higher N-level students are probably the minority of users and that making N5-N4 super flashy is what likely brings in the most paying customers (the amount of resources that neglect more advanced content is insane) so I’m also glad you guys have actually worked on finishing the N1 explanations etc rather than putting them off forever. Tooltips also look great. Happy customer here. Looking forward to N0 :wink:


Happy to have added fortnightly to my English comprehension vocabulary.

Oh and thanks for the grammar point explanations! 笑


Very nice.

However, it seems the tooltips are not possible to display on iPad running the Safari browser.


Thanks for the report! I’ll let the dev team know about it :ok_hand:.


Amazing as always. I have slowed down my learning Process recently, so I am not doing N1 yet, but always good to know you got me covered.
Also I really like the way you handle the replacement of japanese Grammar Terminology. Makes things a lot easier, even though these terms confuse me no matter the language :wink:
Keep up the good work.


been waiting for this.
n1 is such a slog compared to the other levels and deep explanation is really necessary if you want to learn as smooth as possible.


These improvements look amazing. You guys do such a fantastic job with user feedback and it’s so clear how much you care both about BunPro and about helping us all to learn together.






N1 has so many grammars that are not often used.
I was often confused about how they are structured.
Hope that it could be earlier since I am about to finish N1.
But it is great that I can check previous grammars now!
Thank you very much!


Thank you for your hard work! Bunpro has helped me to finally understand and memorize grammar in an easy and fun way:).


Called it :rofl:

Thanks for all your work on this as always!


Thank you for making the change to tooltips!


I like it. “Listing particles are known as listing particles in Japanese.” has real “People die when they are killed” energy.


:rofl::rofl: Looks like this was an autoreplace error for removing Japanese from the grammar explanations. Will get it fixed!


@Asher I think the new design for the grammar names looks much cleaner. However, for me, taking Japanese in a language school, I’ve been trying to get used to referring to grammar by the Japanese names to be able to ask teachers questions. Is it possible to look into adding a layout option to switch if the English or Japanese is show? This may even lead well into when you guys move into having grammar explanations in Japanese in the future.

As a programmer myself, I do understand these things can be difficult to implement and of course nobody will ever be perfectly happy. I do want to say, I love everything you guys have been doing and the progression of the site as I have been using the site for sever years before coming to Japan now.


It is possible that we may have something like this a little bit further into the future. Possibly when (and if) we have full Japanese grammar explanations. At the moment, I don’t think there are any plans to offer different defaults, but I agree it would be cool if that option were available!


Thank you for your quick response. I look forward to all the new features to come.

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