Lifetime Sale, A Year in Review and 2023

Lifetime Sale

It’s December, and you know what that means - the annual Bunpro Lifetime sale is now officially live! :tada::tada:


From now until January 7th 2023, lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $120 (normally $150). If you are already a subscriber, your current subscription will be prorated for any unused time.

As always, thank you all for the love and support you have given Bunpro throughout the years and for helping shape it into the tool it is today. :heart:

2022 Year in Review

改善(かいぜん) was the theme here at Bunpro this year. While we continued to add more content to the site throughout the year, the majority of our time was spent improving both the content and the user experience on the site. :tada:

Added in-depth grammar write-ups for all N4 & N3 content while rearranging the ordering of them to make for a more natural progression for learners. :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

Started the write-up process for N2 content by adding explanations for 50 grammar points, as well as rearranging all of them. (Stay tuned for 50 more very soon with the rest to follow in January 2023)

Completely revamped the hint system during reviews to help avoid synonym hell. We will continue to polish and expand this into 2023.

Developed Cram 2.0 which gave users not only a modern interface for the tool, but also provided 2 new ways to help boost their immersion and comprehension at the same time. :man_student:

We added around 1100 new N4 words this year! Not only that, this amounts to a staggering ~9000 new sentences. We hope that this huge amount of context will help you better understand how words are utilized in actual Japanese content, rather than just learning them in isolation.

Added Decks and the ability to review vocab. :card_file_box:

Plan on ordering some delicious お好み焼き in Osaka sometime? With the all new Kansai Dialect Deck, we’ve got you covered! With 21 specialized grammar points and 30 unique vocab words, you’ll have an easier time immersing yourself in Kansai-related dialogues! :shinto_shrine:

Staying true to our announcement last December, we began work on our very own Bunpro iOS and Android app! While this is still in Alpha, updates are being made daily to it and we’re confident it will be in an amazing state come next year’s year in review! :iphone:

Created the Japanese Immersion mode which translates as much of the English content on site as possible into Japanese. :jp:

While we still have room for improvement with this next point, we’re proud to say that in 2022 we made a lot of changes to the accessibility of the site.

Throughout the entire year we made various changes to how things look and feel on Bunpro - whether it was the new themes & colors updates, the new header tweak or one of the numerous small edits we made behind the scenes, we wanted to provide you with a site you genuinely enjoy using. :crayon:

Plans for Bunpro in 2023 (and beyond)

  • Bunpro Grammar Writeups for N1.

  • Continuing to expand on the grammar we cover, hopefully getting to N0 grammar and slang this year.

  • Enhancements to review and ghost review creation, letting you get more practice in the areas you really need it.

  • Conjugation practice tool :slight_smile:

  • A big overhaul to vocab, this includes but isn’t limited to:

    • Translations for vocab example sentences, more data points for vocab, including pitch accent and frequency.
    • Fill in the blank vocab reviews!
    • Private deck creation so you can make your own deck + ability to share them with others.
  • Other dialect decks (hopefully!) :sunglasses:

  • Expanding upon and improving the mobile app, including (hopefully an offline mode) :iphone:

  • Overhaul of reviews on Bunpro.

Reviews 2.0 Teaser

  • Lastly, 2023 may finally be the year we release a Bunpro merch store. :shopping_cart:
Merch Teaser

Here is a teaser of one of the designs. We are working with a local company to create a traditional Japanese dyed (絞り染め) hoodie. We would love to know your thoughts!

Happy Holidays and Happy Studying!
The Bunpro Team :bunprogold:


omg, I’m so hyped :star_struck:

Thank you guys for such a hard work!


I got my lifetime subscription! Lets goooooooo!!!


The hoodie looks nice.


Really looking forward to seeing all the new content in 2023 !
That hoodie also looks really nice, I can’t wait to see the merch store ^^


Good work this year too!

Hopefully the merch store has some stationary / learning tools too aside from clothes!


Amazing work! Looking forward to all of the 改善 planned for next year (including that N0 level!!). I’m so glad I became a lifetime subscriber a year ago. It is totally worth it!


Really looking forwards to vocab enhancements, especially N3 vocab!
And Review 2.0 looks intriguing :eyes:


I joined Bunpro back when it was created, but the grammar write ups is what made me finally subscribe.

Just bought Lifetime a few minutes ago. :tada:


I agree! Real cozy-looking and it’s 絞り染め too! :heart_eyes:


That Review redesign looks dope :fire: :fire: :fire:


Happy Holidays Bunpro! Keep up the good work! :smiley: :christmas_tree:


Is this planned for some time soon?


Yes it is. We are finalizing the translations for vocab sentences and making sure everything is in order for the quiz questions.


Oh! Such a pretty hoodie!

Even though I just joined recently (and I’m still in N5 content), I’m looking forward to the updates for next year!


They are really well-done and valuable, aren’t they? Hugely improved from the earlier ones.

IMHO, they change the perspective on BunPro from ‘just’ “a supplemental tool to help provide SRS for your grammar studies (using some other textbook or website)” to “a standalone source for learning grammar in an SRS style, as well as a supplemental tool if you’re already learning from another source”.


I love the hoodie. Will definitely buy one (if it ships to Australia).
Also love the rest of the plans. Especially the app progress. It’s been great to see it evolve. With the last update, I finally said it has all the functions (and nice UI) I was hoping to see. Everything else is a bonus now.


Hello, I’m quite new to Bunpro and can’t seem to find this deck. Can I ask how I can get access to this?

My level is quite misleading because I synced BunPro with WK and that got me to jump 30 levels… :upside_down_face:


Here you go! 関西弁 [Grammar & Vocab] - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro


Bunpro was like a dream when it appeared, and it keeps providing more and more wonders! Thank you for your hard work and how incredibly useful every detail and big addition are!
If given the chance, I’d buy another life time just to thank you! (Maybe I’ll need another life to reach my goal regarding Japanese though!)
Wonderful holidays to the team, and hopefully the rest and happiness you all deserve! :bamboo: :sparkler:
I’m looking forward to what is to come in 2023! :sparkles: So much goodness!