I don't get enough reviews for some older grammar points


I’m level 7 SRS at “Sugiru” grammar point and I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve last seen it in my reviews. “Sugiru” is just an example, there are many other grammar points I haven’t seen in a while. I have few theories why:

  • I don’t do all my reviews everyday so maybe because I have some reviews in my backlog system doesn’t give my older ones and instead gives me newer grammar points I’ve learnt. For example it gives lvl2 SRS point instead of lvl7.
  • After around lvl 7-8 you get a review like per month or something like that? So it’s just too long that’s why I haven’t seen them in a while.
  • There is a limit about reviews you get so again, system gives me newer ones and because I don’t do all of them I simply don’t get to the older ones.

Any ideas why? Also kind of related question, what happens when you get to lvl12, don’t you ever get reviews about those topics?


Your 2nd theory is probably the correct one. Here is the review time available at the FAQ

At lvl 12, the grammar point vanish, and at 8 there is 1 month between them :wink:


Thanks, that was the exact answer I was looking for, didn’t think about looking at the FAQ.

Though I wish numbers were little more flexible like maybe something like “review frequency” in settings, we have that for ghost reviews for example. Also not getting any reviews after 12 is bad, no SRS system has that kind of thing, sure it may show you in 4-5 months but they still do.

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This is a problem in most SRS.

Wanikani has Burned, which means they’ll never pop up again IIRC. I do wish it was more like in 6 months or something though. Just because I’ve hit stage 12 doesn’t mean my brain can’t forget it in a few months.

While an imperfect solution to this problem, the Cram feature can be very useful for drilling yourself on all of your so-far-learned grammar points with a pretty even distribution, no bias towards recency… IIRC, wrong answers won’t count against you or lower the SRS of an item, but you can pop open the Show Grammar Info box and go to the item and reset it yourself if you need it back in the review queue.

It’s easy for me to forget about Cramming, since I’m just so focused on the lessons/review queue, but it can be really, really helpful to periodically give yourself a “finals exam” every few months for everything you’ve learned up until then, both as self-evaluation, and as a good jog of your memory.


The idea with SRS is just to make sure you’re getting some exposure every once in a while no matter what.

Realistically, anybody studying vocab/grammar should not being studying in a vacuum, but also by practicing reading/listening/speaking with native content/native speakers. If you do that, you’ll see/hear the common grammar points all the time, and the ones you hear less often will be supplemented by SRS when they reach the edge of your memory.


This is something that we’ve brought up internally recently - because grammar exercises touch on a lot of nuances, etc. there may be instances where users may want a refresher even despite the long time in-between SRS 11 and 12. Whether this may be through the use of a dedicated “Show me this again in X months” when you get an item to 12 or perhaps through a dedicated section in cram, it’s certainly a possibility if there was interest from users.

To poke everyone’s brain a bit, if you had a magic wand what kind of features would you like to see? I personally like the idea of seeing a point after X amounts of months (could have the user choose a time from a drop down menu, for example) because I think going from 12 > 24 months doesn’t really serve much purpose. That’s totally subjective obviously, I know people on the other side of the aisle who are fun with their Anki cards having 2+ year intervals currently :sweat_smile:

just wanted to add that yep you’re correct on this!


Unlocking some kind of custom duration after reaching level 12 could be decent. If someone wants it burned, then they just don’t set it. Or, maybe they want to see it every month. It would be kinda annoying and have to wait another 6 months if you happen to fail, so maybe once you reach level 12 you can “lock in” and then it becomes the wild west?

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Personally I’ve set my (kanji) Anki deck so that the maximum interval is 3 months. I think it’s a good interval so that I won’t have to review everything so often, but I still get to review everything once in a while, even the easy kanji.

It could be nice to have a feature here so that we could set the maximum interval too.

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Beef up cramming! Encourage users to cram periodically with a header or something, then let them set the reminder period, or disasble it entirely. More filters for cramming… Stuff like selecting a “Time elapsed since…” for various conditions, such as “last seen” …or selectors for specific SRS stages (or ranges). Also, integrate some UI elements into the Cram “review” page to allow users to manually send items backwards in the SRS at-will or spawn a ghost, or maybe some option (checkbox?) you can tick to enable wrong answers to automatically shunt items backwards in the SRS, and/or to spawn ghosts.

This would make Cram a vastly more useful feature, I think. It’s already the hacky solution, so if you just make it less hacky, it can be the “full-baked” solution :grin:


I would love to use “cram” more but at the moment it feels like I’m merely walking up to the website and asking for troubled grammar only for it to just vomit a pile of flash cards on the ground which may or may not include troubled grammar.


Add in options for “troubled grammar” to select a cut off, or be able to sort the items by % of correct answers.

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