Immersion Mode [Beta] - 8/19

Hey All!

Continuing on our recent trend of providing you all with often-requested features, we are very happy to announce the beta release of our Japanese language setting for Bunpro.

Outside of reading example sentences, doing your reviews or accessing Bunpro’s reading passages, 100% of your time on Bunpro is spent in English.

But that longer needs to be the case! You can now set Bunpro to Japanese! :jp:

From stats and settings, to your dashboard, profile and general site navigation, you are now able to subject yourself to the joy (and frustration) that comes from using something entirely in Japanese.

How to access

In your account settings:, there is a language setting option (make sure you have opted into the open beta). Simply switch it to Japanese!

Why switch?

A really great way to increase your exposure to Japanese you don’t normally see on a day to day basis is to switch the operating language of the devices you use.

This might be a little intense even for the most hardcore users but just switching over Bunpro to start is a great way to make a small first step toward full immersion.

When you first make the dive into immersion, you’ll be hit with a large array of new words, slang and expressions that may seem a bit daunting. However, since you will see, click and use these new items on a daily basis going forward, the end result will be your brain naturally remembering the meaning without much effort on your part!


  • Writeups, translations, and nuances are all still in English. In the future, we hope to provide the option to have these (where possible) available in Japanese.
  • There aren’t any フリガナ for kanji. Unfortunately that isn’t feasible at this stage but we might look into it more in the future.
  • Not every possible thing is translated yet. There a few libraries we are still manipulating to provide translations. One example is the graphs on the stats page showing the months in English still.
  • All translations were done by @Fuga and were done in a way to balance naturalness but still match the general meaning of the English version so that you can compare where needed to get a better understanding of the Japanese. If you notice any translations that you feel could use some TLC, please don’t hesitate to let us know!
  • We decided not to go with the classic late 90s webpage theme that 95% of Japanese websites still have. Sorry for any potential disappointment but we felt that while it would provide unparalleled levels of authenticity, it wasn’t worth the eventual madness it would drive everyone to. :joy:

As always, thank you for choosing to support Bunpro. We look forward to any suggestions, comments, or feedback you might have about this update. :heart:


:rofl: Hey don’t knock it! It’s where my HTML/CSS skills are at! I was so happy to have that blinking red text on green background back in the day!


I was expecting the app to be coded in Flash.

Anyways great update!

Two things:

  • A way to revert for people who don’t know how to reach the setting again after switching.

  • Discourse community in Japanese language setting as well?. I checked and it should be able to be set as is translated up to a 92%.


Hey! Don’t knock Flash! That’s what I did after the red blinking text! I’ve probably still got some Flex screens being used today! :rofl:


Since @Fuga did the translation, I might as well ask:

Any reason why is ゴースト and not 幽霊?


I just suggested a big British flag on the footer for an easy switch back :sweat_smile:. Can’t even count the number of times I dove in too deep too early and then struggled to switch back (stares at Windows OS).

Huge props to @Fuga for the translations! They are very similar to most other apps I use in Japanese, which is great!


I will let Fuga field this one, but when I saw it, I assumed it was because it was the feature name, not the actual name of the creature.

Random story - An italki teacher once told me I should never use 幽霊 for spirits, because it has a bit of a nuance of being evil, so in turn makes it seem like the person who had died was evil too… I asked a few other teachers since then and most didn’t have a strong opnion either way. I must have just had a lesson with the spirit master.


As an anti-loan words, I dislike when they are used when is strictly not necessary (even though it makes it harder for me).

I think 幽霊 or 妖怪 would be cooler than ゴースト to be honest.

So we wait for Fuga for the reasoning.


As @Asher stated, I kept it as ゴースト since it was a feature. I did think about translating it to お化け, but that seemed too friendly and 幽霊 sounds too “spooky”/evil.


お化け sounds kinda cute, I can sort of understand why is not used.

妖怪 is also considered too evil/spooky?

I guess this is hard to evaluate as a non-native.

Edit: I guess you might be aware as well, but there are untranslated badges.


Yep! The badges and notifications are two areas we haven’t translated over yet.


Great feature!

Only … I started to play with it immediately, was logged out for whatever reason - then horror struck me: „What if I accidentally hit the delete account link“??

I haven‘t …. But maybe an intermediate setting would be cool where I could do a mouse-over and see the English translation.


I remember I used to have my phone set to Japanese, it certainly does feel immersive even if you have no clue what 80% of it said :laughing:


Maybe the dangerous Reset tab should have at least a warning in English untranslated, so people don’t press buttons without knowing

cc @Jake


woa, i really like this idea. its pretty cool!

and so thats why some parts of the decks descriptions and buttons became randomly japanese… :sweat_smile:


Great update! I was hoping for an immersion mode. Is there a chance that we will get translations of the grammar explanations themselves in the future?

Unfortunately, I have one bug: When I switched language to Japanese, my review history graph on the dashboard got messed up (only the graph, not the actual history). Now it shows no reviews before August 1st (same as in the screenshot above) and 500-700 reviews for each day in August. Switching back to English did not fix the issue.


I think that’s a general new bug, I also have hundreds of reviews in my stats now despite definitely not having done that many (more like 40 today), and I haven’t switched to Japanese yet.


If you’re on destkop, check if your browser supports an extension like Nazeka.


congrats! you’ve become a bunpro power user with hitting those reviews everyday :rofl:


This is amazing and easily one of my favorite changes to the site, period! There comes a point when you dive into immersion where you sort of have to leave behind English learning material in favor of Japanese only material, and Bunpro is on the way to easily be a constant companion from start to finish of the journey to master Japanese.