JLPT July 2023

Let’s get ready already :slight_smile:



Ready? ...

Not ready :sweat_smile:


Not ready already! :hot_face:


And listening :roll_eyes:


So … What books have you got / ordered?


I’ve got this online N3 class through Udemy.



I went through the whole course hoping it would get me ready for the N3, but I didn’t feel ready by August to take the December 2022 test. There were no seats in either New York or DC just an hour after registration opened so it didn’t end up mattering anyway. So I got … BunPro!

I don’t think they do the June/July test in the US anymore so I have to wait until December 2023 if I want to try again. I like learning better without the stress of there being a test.


I actually like there being stress with the test, though I definitely do see your point. In my case, I studied way harder and learned so much more than I usually do because I was preparing for the test. I’m hoping to take the N2 or N1 this year, so I’m gonna go through the same routine except much earlier this time lol.


If I passed N2 I’m going to skip giving N1 a shot and instead focus on job/moving stuff. If I didn’t pass then I’m going to retake N2, of course. Mostly just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing!


I agree! A looming test definitely does light a fire under some people’s butts! Over the years I’ve gotten really good at self-motivating so I can happily learn without worrying about being prepared enough.

I’ve also had the thought more than once that the JLPT tests in a very specific way that may or may not be useful to me since I’m more interesting in everyday Japanese and things that may not be found in a textbook. (Articles on Tofugu that dive into the different nuances between various words and expressions are a good example.) And since I don’t need the certification, the test is just a good way to gauge where I’m up to. (I never even opened my N4 certificate. It came when my husband was away and I didn’t want to open it alone…and then I just… never opened it and I don’t know why.)


I am awaiting the results of my N4, I think it’s likely I failed so if so will resit in July with an aim to doing N3 in December as live where it’s held twice a year. I feel bad for those who have to travel as the test site is convenient for me - I’m at work right now and I can see it from the window. I definitely won’t be prepared for July so if by some fluke I passed I’ll sit out July. I know I could just not resit but I enjoy doing the test and feel like getting practice at doing it in real conditions will help if I make it to higher levels (can’t see ever reaching N1 though!) Doing N5 helped me feel less nervous this time about little things like the photo on the voucher which I was convinced would disqualify me first time.


You could put your N4 certificate under the Christmas tree :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


But I don’t have any Christmas tree. :disappointed:
I don’t have a menorah either. :menorah:
Being an atheist/agnostic kind of sucks in December. :cry:

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If I can suppress the memories of the listening section (and assuming I passed N5) I think I’ll probably have a go at N4 in the summer. Not with high expectations but it’s something to aim at. Having a test helps me go from ‘oh yeah I probably know that’ → 'oh :poop: I didn’t know it- → ‘ah now I get it’.
A big problem I have is that I motor through content in the misapprehension that getting to the end of something is the same as knowing something. Doing N5 forced me to address the fact that my listening comprehension is my weakest skill - due to… not practising it! Who’d have thought!

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Let’s get ready for the next round!

I’ve been working on grammar for N3 so far.
Really hoping to get going with vocabulary asap.

Short background–I’m going through tobira and n3 here. I’ve never taken a jlpt. Not planning to bother with n1 testing. My question is pretend vocab wasn’t a thing right now should I wait until I’m ready for n3 test to have that be my first jlpt experience before n2? Or do you guys think I should take n4 or n5 to get a feel for it and what it’s like while having a solid foundation?
My personal opinion being, why take n4/n5 at all if my aim is higher? It seems like a waste of testing fee +the 3 hours drive to get to the location. Any thoughts?


Just my personal opinion: I think it’s better to do a JLPT level when you’re reasonably confident of passing it.
If it gets to the point of entering for the exam and you’re reasonably confident of passing N3, go for it! However, if you’re not, go for N4, then study a bit more and do N3 in December :slight_smile:
Of course, it depends on many things, like if you’re just doing the test for fun or not, etc.

To work out if you’re reasonably confident or not, you can try an official practice test, which I think should be available free online, or buy a book of practice tests too - but do them under exam conditions with strict timings and exact marking :laughing:


Good point😁I have no time restriction for these and I’m mostly just wanting them to have it and be reassured I know something. Like an overarching goal. My problem with not having a deadline is I procrastinate :sob::sob:

I think I’ll continue as if I’m taking the n3 in the summer, take the practice testing a month before to evaluate where I stand and go from there. Thanks for your input✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧


Yeah, definitely, work towards N3 in the summer!
But when it comes to it, if it feels like a stretch too far, go for N4 instead in the mean time and get a really nice convincing pass, then go for N3 the following time :slight_smile:
Ultimately, it’s totally your choice though :laughing:


I passed the N4 with 105/ 180 in December 2022 . …

Is it a reasonable expectation that I might level up to N3 by July 2023?

I have no idea how big of a jump in knowledge this may be. I’m already revising for the N3 now, and have been since I sat the N4 in December.

I don’t have prior Kanji knowledge.

Anyone with any experiences of how it is from N4 to N3?


Registered for N4 in July in London! Soas normally “sells out” very quickly so don’t delay if hoping for London


As far as I know, it’s possible to go from N4 to N3 within half a year, but by no means certain.
I guess it just depends how much study and practice you put in :laughing:

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Ah man I think it’s sold out already then as the form is closed. I had a lesson with my tutor and thought it would be okay to do it an hour after opening.

That sold out in 40mins then.


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As far as I know, in Japan you can register for the JLPT from this Friday, 24 March, so not open yet here . . .