List of Scripts


Just published the new version


It still seems to do it on the page. But only in number, it doesn’t actually make me repeat it, it only says 8/10 (or wtvr). weird.


please exclude from this script. It causes pages not to load unless I reload the page. I did it for myself, but if you do it then it will update for everyone else too.


Seems to work just fine for me. It doesn’t let you continue right away, and it does still fail you, though only once (as it should).


I noticed that but didn’t realize it was my script. Thanks. I’ll make an update this weekend.


I found an interesting bug.
If I get a review wrong and then press backspace to be able to reenter the correct answer, then if I press space, I’ll be able to press press ‘f’ to open the grammar point. I do this sometimes by mistake and then see the answer by mistake :confounded:.


Haha, that’s kind of funny.

Fixed as of 0.2.3 →

It could still happen if you click the oops button within 2 seconds, but I don’t think that really needs fixing right now.


All button scripts lost their function with the recent bunpro update :sob:

Edit: the English button is still working (on mobile)


@Kumi Did you find the reason why the Japanese and Jisho button don’t work anymore? I think Bunpro changed some id names and that’s why their input refocus is broken as well


Oops, totally forgot to check on it. I’ll have a look in an hour or so

edit: @Anthropos888 fixed. They had changed a <span> to a <div>, that’s all.

My script still works :wink:


Great, thanks! But now the user input is missing. Instead just the underscores are copied. (They changed the color of the user input, maybe that’s why).


Oh. I noticed that they changed the input element, but didn’t think it would change anything.

Fixed as of 0.4.2 (copy sentences) and 0.5.2 (jisho button).




Where does this button manifest? Is it during reviews or on the grammar page?


Thanks for the great scripts added here. A couple things to note:

  1. The JLPT Percentage Script. Has a Totals line which is NaN for me.

  2. I think all scripts should exclude the Forums, as this sometimes just slows things down or brings problems with them. Frome the scripts I’m running, “Auto-show”, “JLPT Percentage” and “Streak Indicator” are currently also running when I’m in the Forums as an example. Should be as simple as the following for example for the JLPT Percentage:

Instead of // @include
// @include*
// @include*

  1. I’m on it!
  2. Makes sense. Probably didn’t consider that it would run on the forums as well.
  3. omg bunpro has changed so much since I last used it during the summer! I’ll keep maintaining these scripts despite not using BP for now, but I do rely on reports, so thank you.

edit: @Andulien Fixed :+1:


Awesome, thanks for the very quick work here :smiley:

Then I got two more, tho I’m not really using the scripts right now.

  1. Streak Indicator/Jisho Button and others. The coloring does not fit when I got the dark Theme selected. Is there a possibility to adjust it depending on the Theme you have selected?

  2. Streak Chart Additions: That one is completely messed up I think. The buttons aren’t where they should be below the Chart, and one bar is empty, despite me being N5 still and the other one shows only 1.

  3. Now I’m only missing a Expected Daily Reviews like done here on WK :wink: Userscript


I’m quite busy in the coming days, but I’ll get them fixed eventually. Thanks for letting me know!

  1. This should be easy, I’ll probably get it done within a few days.
  2. That script is a bit trickier to work with, so I won’t attempt to fix this until the 11th at the earliest.
  3. Heh, I actually added that info on the chart in my local copy, but it doesn’t belong there so I didn’t publish it as such. I can look into making this a proper script, if you’re willing to test it.


Thanks for looking into 1 & 2. No rush :slight_smile:

Just PM me and I’m happy to play guinea pig haha :rocket::man_astronaut: