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@pcontrabass Hi, I’ve just added the planner but it seems that all the reviews’ text disappears (as can be seen in the images of the last post of Feedback - Bug Reports that a few users are seeing) do you know what this may be due to? (it seems someone else reported it in the tampermonkey script page too)


@kosklain I’ll try to look into this soon. Sorry to see a regression creep in.


@kosklain I pushed an update. Please check version 1.0.5



The recent update hides Japanese on the study screen, 1.0.4, but 1.0.5 doesn’t fix the issue. It somehow blocks reviews from loading.



Are you getting a page that looks like the attached image?
I completely disabled all user scripts and I’m still having trouble loading the reviews which indicates there may be an issue with Bunpro at the moment.



The page loads again for me and unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue.

Can you please try again and let me know?


My apologies, maybe it was Bunpro loading issues.


I’ve just tested the update, I think it all works now, thank you for being so fast! The only weird and minor thing (I guess unrelated?) is that if I click on my user (top right) and then click on ‘profile’ the timeline doesn’t really appear, but if I refresh the page then the timeline shows up again.




I’m aware of this issue. I couldn’t dedicate much time to fixing it at the time because I’ve come down with a flu… but when I’m feeling back up I’ll look into that one. I just wanted to get a destructive issue fixed since it was blocking people.


Thanks! I am pretty new to this community and was hoping someone had made some scripts similar to those found in the WaniKani community. Very useful.


@pcontrabass Hey, I’m back from vacation. I just want to let you know that the update fixed the fake reviews problem! Thank you! : )


Sorry if this has been mentioned already (didn’t want to skim 130 posts), but the “Copy JP” button didn’t work properly on this review that I tested:

It picked up: 君に会えて嬉しかったことか。

Just need to account for the orange text.


Edit: Also, the auto-commit script seems to not work most of the time… at first I thought it was because the reviews could accept multiple answers, but there are some single-answer reviews that it’s not affecting.

Thank you so much for these scripts by the way :slight_smile:


Copy button should be easy to fix, just adding something for the orange text in the parser. I’ll get to is sometime this week, most likely.

Auto-commit might be a bit trickier; but I’ll have a look at that too. I believe the way I wrote that was that it checked the example sentences to see what the answer should be. Not sure but I might have implemented a cache where it saved the correct answers after answering when it couldn’t find them on the page. It was pretty good when I stopped using BP, but I’m not too hopeful it will be perfect until the correct answers can be found in the API, if that is ever added.


I wonder if that means any example sentences that have been added since you wrote the script aren’t being checked then :man_shrugging:


What do the colours mean? Or are they just random visual flair?


One thing it could be is that the study questions aren’t similar enough to the example sentences (since they are different things in the back end). I used to report when I saw that things were matching, so it could be that. I’ll have a look though, whatever the issue is.


@pcontrabass, would it be possible to add functionality to see further into the week with your Planner script?

I’d like to see ~5-7 days out to be able to judge which days are skimpy on reviews, or which days are overloaded, and plan my review batch sizes accordingly to smooth out the workload :slight_smile:

Edit: @Nenad, it looks like the colors are just a set sequence that repeats.



Colors have no meaning. I plan to make it uniform in the next release.



Yes! I already have this planned and will be implemented in the next release!


By the way, I currently have 43 reviews available, but the Planner is only displaying it as 40 (both in height and on mouseover).