Lost streak

I’m devastated right now. I was at a streak of roughly 330 from what I remember, almost at a full year, and now I’m suddenly at 1. I must have forgotten to cram yesterday, and it doesn’t help that the site doesn’t remind me of this in any way. Is there anything I can do at all to fix this or do I have to resign myself to losing the streak I’ve worked on for nearly a year?

This site really needs an (optional) reminder for streaks, highlighting the streak count if you haven’t done today’s reviews/cram or even sending an email about it at a set time if you forget, like Duolingo does.


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I think that we need some kind of once per year “streak protection” feature!
That will protect your streak when you won’t be able to do reviews due to some external circumstances.

I will ask what can be done about it! :+1:


Duolingo has a similar feature, maybe you can have a way to save up for a streak save. Maybe 30 days of doing reviews grants you a freeby or something?


What does cram exactly do?


From the FAQs: (links directly to “What is Cram?”)


I lost my streak too the other day though I didn’t skip a day (or so I think) :thinking:

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Any chance that it would be implemented soon?
I will have no internet connection for roughly 25 hours during my upcoming travels and I would really hate for my streak to be ended like this. =(

By the way, is vacation mode supposed to protect the streak?
It currently doesn’t, as I just found out. Guess that could be mentioned in the settings where the Vacation mode is activated, so next time, I know beforehand :sweat_smile:

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Damn, I know your feeling, I almost had a year streak and somehow (I don’t even know why) I was resetted.

(I think my timezone was 1h off, and when I did my review at 23:00 it was actually already 24:00…game over)

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As a more general / ‘meta’ point:

The idea of tracking ‘streaks’ is useful (better than not having it, IMO), but I think it’s really only a ‘first approximation’ of what people really want to track, which is their own ‘consistency’ or ‘consistent progress’.

For this purpose a person’s ‘streak’ is probably only useful for short periods of time, like days or weeks, maybe a couple of months, but not on the scale of say a whole year. It’s very very difficult to stay 100% consistent on the scale of 1+ years, yet having, say 99.5% consistency (missing only 2 days out of a year) is still a very worthwhile ‘high score’ for a person to celebrate to enhance their long-term motivation.

So, perhaps it would be good to have one or more additional statistics to more accurately model ‘consistency’ over the long-term rather than relying only on the ‘all or nothing’ approximation of the 'streak.

Anyone interested in this issue who’s handy with scripts could probably come up with a straight-forward add-on script that does such simple calculations, without requiring the BunPro team to build it into the system. On the other hand, with a more built-in feature, it can be tied to things like new badges and whatnot.

Just some ideas! :blush:


a thread for my woes (was originally gonna start a new post)…lost my streak this morning after 111 (nice number too!) days of commitment…my highest yet (possibly for any daily commitment) … gutted. :sob::disappointed_relieved::persevere:
I wonder how far I was from my next streak badge…

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@arrietty Hey, life happens! Streak reinstated.

You will just have to find that out yourself! :yum:

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Oh man, me too!! Apparently I missed May 16th and broke my 100+ streak that I’d had since I started bunpro :(. Otherwise, no missed days. To be just a little dramatic, I was crushed when I found out I had missed a day because I’ve obviously been trying to work it into my life every single day.

I agree and echo the proposals above. Is anything being developed for any of the suggested streak improvements?
-Opt-in email reminders at a set time if you are in danger of losing a streak.
-Study consistency percentage tracker over the last month, several months, year (lifetime?).
-Streak “get out of jail free” once per year or something.


just done it again 116 days later :tired_face::sob:!!Got me silver 200 day badge and was curious to see if 300 days was gold but it will be a while now…

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What confuses me is that I remember losing my streak only once in May, and I have not lost it since then, but my stats page has three white boxes. Unfortunately my memory is not good enough to be able to claim that I did actually review on those days but I’ve always been wondering if I just did the reviews too late at night or something…

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Same for me.
Something I realised is that simply by hitting the review button, your streak goes up. You don’t actually have to complete a review.

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That feels like a bug… How weird!

I’ve been checking bunpro once a day every morning. My streak broke when on one day in the 150 days that I’ve been checking it didn’t have a review because I had few fails due to a low stress week. Even if you check the website every day, you can still break your streak. Kitsun.io by contrast says I have a streak of 325 days. I’ve been using this website longer and I have not managed to break 200, nor am I likely to so long as it’s set up this way.

Just checking the site itself isn’t enough, you need to do a review. Or at least click on review and look at that, I guess. I think cram works the same way, and should keep your streak should there be no reviews.


I, too do reviews daily since last year never missing a day out.

Unfortunately I now also have a blank spot in the list from this year february, though my streak did not start over and kept on going (So the day definitely had reviews done). I also always checked to do more than 20 reviews a day so that it shows no red spots. Unfortunately some of the days are showing now under 21 even if I definitely know that I did at least 21 a day. So I think there happened something in the system where a few datas were lost or something like that?

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