Major Update 11/28 - Full Badge Revamp!

New Badges!

After teasing it for a few weeks, we can finally unveil another big update:

A complete redesign of each and every single Bunpro badge!

We’re also opening a Badge Request Thread, where you can submit your own Badge ideas for us to add to Bunpro!

With this update, we had two goals:

  • Create a universal rarity system that lets anyone tell how rare a given badge is at a glance.
  • Give each badge series a distinctive look and theme.

We know badges are fun to get, so we wanted to give you guys more of an incentive to unlock all of them. Read on for details, or go take a look at your new badges!

The new badges are being applied as we speak, so if you can’t see them yet just hold on for a bit! :bowing_man:

The Rarity System

Introducing two new elements for our badges: Tier and Rank!
  • Tier applies to all badges. Any given badge can be one of the following tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond. You can recognize them by the frames! Higher up means higher rarity.

  • Rank will only apply to some badges. Sitting on top of the frames, rank represents progression in a single badge series. It ranges from Rank 1 (一段) to Rank 10 (十段).

For example, the Exorcist Badge can scale in both Rarity and Rank since you can exorcise tons of ghosts, but single badges like Wanikani Love only have Rarity, since once unlocked, that’s it.

Also, badges now have flavor text when you look at them on your Profile so make sure to check that out! Here’s an example:


Progress in Bunpro = Progress in your badges!

Now each badge series has a theme unique to it, and you’ll see that theme “scale” as you progress! These themes will of course be centered around Japanese culture and language study.

Let’s look at the new XP Badges for example:
You’ll slowly build and complete your very own Bunpro samurai armor as you progress. Start out with a simple and short bokken, scale all the way up to full samurai armor!

And who knows?

We might’ve thrown a special secret badge or two in there. :wink: Keep studying, and keep your eyes peeled!

New Max Level for Badges!

Ever felt like you unlocked every Exorcist badge all too quickly? Or do you have a massive, 1000 day streak and yet no way to prove it? No more! All badges now level up higher than they used to, with some extra room on top.

Cram, Exorcist, Self-Study (Previously Anki), and Streak have 10 ranks each, with each harder to get than the previous!

For example, here’s the new lofi hip hop Self-Study badge to review/study to as an example!

You unlock these by using the Self-Study function in Grammar Points

New Supporter Badge!

Finally, as a thank you to users who have gone out of their way to give feedback and make suggestions, we’re adding an exclusive badge for you: The Supporter Badge!

This is our way to express our thanks to everyone who has helped Bunpro to any capacity, like the awesome users who have provided 1 on 1 feedback. (You know who you are!)

Thank you so much!

So? What do you guys think? This was a huge update for me, and I hope you enjoy unlocking badges as much as I enjoyed designing them!

Like always, Bunpro wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys so thank you for being such an awesome and supportive community! I can’t wait to see what crazy badge ideas we come up with. :partying_face:

Now, get studying and get all the badges! See you on the next update!


I can think of a few off the top of my head who go above and beyond for new (and experienced) users to help out whenever they can, you guys are the true MVPs around here! Outside of our Bunpro overlords of course :cowboy_hat_face:


Love these new badges, the artwork looks great! :smiley: (The progression is so well done!) Makes me wanna start working on collecting more :slight_smile:


LOL! (spoiler)


Wow, the new shiny badges looks awesome! They even look like cards to collect!

Psst. There is a way to cheat and make any badge a favorite one that displays next to the avatar because there is no checking at the server side if I really own it. I hope you’ll fix it :heart:

Edit: could it be this update break something? I constantly get 500 Internal Server Error from Bunpro (from, my review progress doesn’t save and I see the same reviews again and again.


Thanks for pointing those out. I think it should be fixed now. With the addition of the badges, the code to check it had a bug.


Love to see the new badges guys!
It seems one of the xp badges is bugged. I have 46190 xp but it gave me the 70k one


Loving the new designs! Not gonna lie that they are making me want to go get them all.

Do have a question about the JLPT badges though: I see that they are all greyed out for me despite having finished off N5 and N4. Or are these badges only attained once you have cleared stage 12 for all items in the branch?


@Daru These are great! A personal / selfish question though… Up until yesterday I had a 550ish streak, which I just soul-crushingly lost, but my highest streak badge is 365. Any chance I could be granted the 500?


Probably a dumb question, but how do I select one to display? As of now I can’t click on any of the ones I have and I’m still seeing the old style one next to my avatar on my dashboard.


Hell yeah more badges :flushed:


Whoop whoop ^^ Love the look of these, they are absolutely amazing! (And damnit, I thought I would only have to make sure I didn’t miss a day for a year :stuck_out_tongue: )

But seriously, amazing design @Daru, they all look fantastic!


Nice work! I have a couple of questions.

It’s gonna be really frustrating for me having the race around Japan badge greyed out for evermore. I didn’t join in the first one because I didn’t really get it, so will you be offering that badge for joining in the one that is currently in progress? Pretty please?

How can I affix a badge to my profile? Mine still has the old design on it. I tried clicking on the new one but to no avail.


Iirc they said the races would rerun


The way I understood it is that the plan is to have these community events be cyclical, so it should return!

Edit : Ninja’d by @Sasugasm :stuck_out_tongue:


@mathijsdm @Sasugasm I must have missed that! Thanks!


i really like the new design and the revamped badges page, but this update made me decide to not bother with them at all because of how grindy they are. and regardless, i think it’s already impossible for me to get them all since i don’t have the 4y membership one (assuming that each new year old members will get a new badge).

like the 1k streak badge: to get it naturally you need to do only 1 lesson per day, and then 100 more days of reviews. and let’s be honest, after nearly 3 years, even if you started from scratch, you’ll learn way faster by reading native content instead of learning one grammar snippet per day.

i understand that the goal of badges is to push further the subscriptions, but with these new goals it feels a little forced, i think 1 year streak being last was perfect. but hey, maybe there are more users with less free time that prefer to take it slow and steady. in that case i’m the outlier so don’t mind me :slight_smile:


Wow, the new badges’ design is really beautiful! Congratulations @Daru for this huge work. Did you draw them yourself?
Edit: and I really love the flavor texts too.

@Xyllicate As for the 1k streak badge, you can still get it by doing more than 1 lesson per dayn since doing reviews counts for the streak. And maybe cramming, but I am unsure about this.


yes, but you have to do reviews/cram for 1000 days in a row, which seems a little excessive if your goal is to actually use the japanese you learned for something


This looks so cool. Kinda like achievements in nowadays videogames.
Also those Anime Refs are amazing.
I am fully convinced bunpro is the best japanese learning resource there is and you keep making it better. Lots of love to all of you for your hard work.