✨ Quality of Life Updates

:bunprogold: New Feature Roundup

We’ve released a few new features for ya’ll to check out!

:balance_scale: Review Queue Order menu

This is something that has been gaining a lot of steam lately among the forums, and we thought it was the right time to implement it. Starting today you now have the ability to sort your Review queue in a few different ways!

During your Reviews, all you’ll need to do is open the Quiz Settings (hit the cog wheel in the top left) and then head on over to the Queue Order section.

These settings are all disabled by default, and saving changes will result in an automatic page refresh. Your progress will be saved, don’t worry :wink:

Starting with ‘Sort by Review Category’, we’ve included 3 major types you can initially sort by. Regular, Ghost and Self Study. Simply drag each item in your preferred order, hit ‘Apply Changes’ and your Review order will magically transform.

It will exhaust each category before moving onto the next one.
For example, if you have Ghost set to come first, you will not see a Regular review until you’ve finished all your Ghosts in the current queue.


Moving onwards, our second filtering option would be the Session Review Limit.
Here, you can set an upper bound for the number of Reviews you can do in one sitting.


Finally, the heavily requested Sort by Progress! Whether you want to knock out the hard ones first, or ease into your review session by doing the lowest SRS items first, you now have the ability to do so! Simply check whichever box you prefer and you’ll be on your way.

Note that all 3 of these filtering systems can work together at the same time. Say for instance you have Ghosts before Regular reviews, Review Limit set to 10 items, and Descending set inside of Sort by Progress. The highest SRS Ghost items will appear first, then the lowest, and once all of those are exhausted then your second Category repeats the same process – all while keeping the Review count limited to 10.

We know everyone studies and learns in different ways, so we truly hope that this little change is something that can help make your review sessions more personal and also more enjoyable.

:page_with_curl: Reading Review-Type

For those of you who are frequent users of Cram, this new review type should be something you’re already familiar with! The feedback and love that the addition of the Reading Review Type received encouraged us to add the ‘Reading’ Review Type option to the main Review system.

This new type works by showing the user the full sentence (with answer included) and then having them self-grade themselves based upon whether or not they got it correct. This type will be quite effective for those who want as much immersion as possible, since by default it will only show you Japanese and no English. A user may find themselves being able to convert English into Japanese for their normal reviews but still have trouble with the same item in question when they are immersing in native content.

We hope that this new type can be of great aid to both the users that requested this and to anyone else that thinks this will be a good addition for their study toolbox :toolbox: :hammer_and_wrench:

🫣 Hide Streak

For those who dislike the Streak feature on Bunpro, it’s your time to rejoice! We’re happy to announce that we have added a small new setting that will completely zap away the Streak counter from your dashboard!

Under the General tab of your Settings at the very top you will find the option to turn your streak on or off.

Important note: Behind the scenes, the Streak will still work as normal in case you decide to turn it back on or off in the future.

Before / After

Showing your streak:

Hiding your streak:

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, happy studying!


Of course whenever these sorts of updates happen I never have anything in my review queue so I can’t test the new stuff out - perhaps the only time I ever wish I had more reviews 笑


These are definitely welcomed additions. Thanks so much!!


Never had any issues with the way things work currently but always happy with more choice so people can choose what works for them. Thanks!


I’ve been asking for “Reading Review-Type” during a whole year. I basically had to import all my cards to Anki because I just didn’t like typing. I’m very glad that it’s finally implemented so I think it’s time for going pro again


I’m very grateful for the the hide streak ability! Thanks!


Me too! The streak always stressed me out so much :sweat_smile:


Oh, that works great. Perfect for me, because I don’t like “thinking”. The limit on reviews is so useful for me… :+1:

Now, if I could get buttons for the types of review… :grinning:


Is there a way to update already added reviews as reading type? It seems like I’d have to change them all manually.


Wow the Bunpro team is really great! I mentioned hiding the streak and a couple others did too but it was such a strange thing I never thought it would be added.

If it isn’t too much would it be possible to hide the Days Studied too? :sweat_smile:, I don’t intend to stop studying with Bunpro until I’ve finished all the grammar so even the Days Studied acts as a ‘streak’ for me…


Welcome to the forums!

This feature is coming really soon~


Thanks for the updates!


Nice work!
Just to say I’d really appreciate a setting something like good-bad-good-bad (a review you’ve got right a lot before, followed by one you’re not so good at, followed by another one you’re good at, then one you’re not so good at, etc.)
Just because it can be dispiriting to get a whole string of ones you’ve got wrong a lot before, all in a row, during reviews, so good to mix the good and bad in equal measure :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting the Reading Review-Type since forever so super excited to have it. Thanks!

Can you make it on the reading review type, when you make it reveal it also shows the hints? Or maybe apply the hint settings in some way to give people the option? I think it would be helpful.

Also, would it be possible to make hotkeys customizable? Just a personal preference thing in that I already basically have muscle memory from other SRS apps. Mainly just swapping correct to [1] and incorrect to [2] and [space] for revealing.


Very useful changes!

A bit off-topic but are lower SRS entries generally considered easier? Because that’s absolutely not my experience, I go much faster through Seasoned+ material than I do with Beginner entries usually.

At any rate my reason for using SRS-based ordering and starting with the low SRS levels is not about difficulty, it’s so that if I don’t have the time to do a full review session I can at least tackle the items with low interval that will come back soon. If I delay a low SRS item by, say, 8 hours it increases the interval massively, but if it’s an item that has a 4 month SRS interval I can postpone it for a couple of days even if I’m busy and it doesn’t change much.


Ohohoho, now this is an update I’m excited for.

In all seriousness though, as somebody who has A LOT of reviews piled up, this update is really great lol. Finally I can sort through all my items I have no trouble with and clean up my reviews a bit, whilst now focusing more on the items I have trouble with. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about my Expert 2/3 items being forgotten because they were piled under so many reviews that I forget them naturally before I can relearn them lol


Hey, thanks for the update !

If I change the review order setting, will it have impact on the app too ? It seems that these settings are not available into the app yet.
A little bug I saw : on mobile I cannot change the sort by review category (the drag and drop does not work). It works fine on a computer.


Great Update as always, nothing I needed, but happy for those who waited for some of these. Personally I’d like the weekly average to return if possible.
It is more meaningful for me than the total items studied, which is something I’d gladly look up in the stats screen if I ever need that number.
As it is an indicator of how well the lessons stuck and if I should increase or decrease the workload.


A review that was set to Reading Review-Type game me a ghost in Manual Input. Is this intended behavior?


I’m really happy to see there’s an option to hide the streak now! Whenever I break it, I tend to get really bummed out and it takes me months to come back. I noticed that the setting to hide the streak isn’t available in the app yet, though, nor does changing it on desktop affect the app. Is there an estimate on when it will be available?