Update! N1, A1, and A2 Vocab Sentences (Jan 12th, 2024)

Hi all!

Hope that the beginning of 2024 is treating you well! Today I would like to announce the release of a heck of a lot of new vocab example sentences!

:brain: N1, A1, A2 :brain:

As always, all words have 8 sentences, each with increasing difficulty and a focus on using the grammar from the level that they appear in.

N1 - 3000 words x 8 sentences = 24,000
A1 - 1000 words x 8 sentences = 8,000
A2 - 1000 words x 8 sentences = 8,000

Total added = 40,000 new sentences!

:question: A1 and A2 :question:

Now that we have added sentences for all the N-level words, we are moving onto the additional lists (A-lists). At the moment we have around 15 of these lists, so there will be lots more example sentences to come! Each additional list has 1000 words, and covers a very wide range of topics. All of these sentences have been written by native speakers with a focus on using the target word within a context that you would see it in real life.

Although not available as decks just yet, the additional lists will be getting their own decks in the not too distant future!

:tada: Celebration! :tada:

With this absolutely massive addition of sentences that we have been working on behind the scenes, we are proud to announce that (site wide) we have over 100,000 example sentences now! Although we are not stopping any time soon, this is a great little marker to have hit in the short time that we have been doing vocab. :partying_face:

:mag: Furigana Check :mag:

As adding furigana is the only automated step in the sentence creation process, please note that we will be checking all of these sentences over the next few weeks and fixing any mistakes that are in the furigana! Please have patience while we perform this quality assurance step. :bowing_man:

Thanks again for being a great community and always giving all of us on the team plenty of reasons to be passionate about the work that we do. We hope that this update gives you all boatloads of new interesting content to work on as the vocab feature continues to develop further!


Holy cannoli, that’s a lot!

And when you consider that we’re talking about a whole entire language here, it really puts things into perspective just how much work/effort it would take to make 8 sentences for every single possible vocab item. Good thing we’ve got usage statistics and JLPT levels to prioritize things! Whew! :weary: :sweat_drops:



Amazing work. I currently do not use the vocab resources here (mainly Anki) but maybe I should switch over too…


Join the revolution :wink:


Same. With each new vocab update and work they continue to put into it, it’s getting harder and harder to want to use Anki instead


I’m really excited to see where the vocab features lead. You guys are doing a great job so far


Music to my ears! God I can’t wait to see where you guys take things from here. You really are committed to making the best tool possible.


If only it were released.



That’s an incredible amount of work. I see y guys wanna keep us here forever, lol. Great job! :clap:


This is really great! :+1:

Before the A1 and A2 example sentences are made available in decks, I’d just like to suggest renaming them to something like X1 and X2 for “extra”.
Other letters/symbols are fine too, but really it’s to avoid confusion about A1 and A2 referring to CEFR levels of the vocabulary words inside the decks.


Thanks so much for all the quality work! Been loving Bunpro so far, excited to see more and more from you guys! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that was what I first thought of when I saw that, but then I was like, “no that can’t be right!”


Even though I’m still not quite finished with the N5 deck, more vocab is exciting!


Agree completely, I already noticed these “A” entries in the past when searching for certain words on bunpro and they always confused me a bit.

Not only do they look like CEFR entries, they also don’t seem to count in the usual backward order that is used for the other decks, so A1 is the lowest of A decks, right?

Unless there’s a deeper rationale for these A names, I would strongly suggest changing the naming convention. Maybe something containing “N0” so that people understand where those decks sits in the current progression.

Obviously the best solution is just to use 大字 kanji because they look baller: N0-壱, N0-弐, N0-参.


Yeap! I agree about the naming convention being confusing. I thought exactly the same when they were announced.

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I think that it would prudent to actually just make A1 - C2 decks at some point, but beyond that

This is something discussed in the community, but it should even more advanced to just miscellaneous.

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I’m impressed by the work you guys put into this. Well done!


I bought the lifetime membership only a little ago after already being very happy with the Bunpro team’s service. Thanks so much for adding in more N1 material, currently going through your N2 grammar so everything’s come in perfect timing!

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Is this only accessible via /decks ?


I’m just curious if there are plans for a 擬態語/擬音語 deck. This could be linked to images or videos to try to convey in the most suitable manner the nuance each word has, like I’ve been trying to do in the Shiritori topic, with the contribution of @TehFlashBang .



I second this. Most of the time I look for Japanese Onomatopoeias, I’ll find a website that will give maybe 20-30 examples, and then tell me to read manga to learn more.

For formal speech, Onomatopoeic words aren’t super important, but like 相槌、they really liven up casual conversation and make things fun. Having a deck dedicated to them so people can pick some up would be super cool to see.