[Updated] Major Update - Grammar Page Changes

On some of the grammar points the audio for the example sentences don’t play. I checked in both firefox and chrome. This message is in the console:

This message was for this grammar point

I have looked at some of the other ones and I found similar errors in other points like these


Me too. And also I’d like the kana back, when pressing “f” and when checking mistakes afterwards. I have lot’s of stuff first studied more than two years ago that still falls to level 0, so I appreciate the help of kana that let’s me easily get the how it is pronounced.
And as others here. I liked the old pop up free way better. I am using a computer and the “old” way was better for me and my use of the keyboard.


the layout is nice but there are a few points (not sure which ones were mentioned):

  1. When I check the example sentences in the grammar points, furigana is on while my settings are set to be off. I have turned this off to force me to try to read the kanji; when furigana is turned on, I automatically end up reading it.
  2. In my last review, when I wanted to review a grammar point for one sentence, there was no pop-up or expansion. Nothing happened.
  3. I think others mentioned but the pop-up is covering up the example sentence during review (when we try to see the details of the grammar point). I would also like to see the sentence while reviewing the grammar.

When checking the example sentences in a grammar point: I normally have the English hidden but sometimes I have to check it because I do not know the vocab. After this I cannot hide the English sentence only. It hides everything, including the Japanese.


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The show grammar point info is back to the way it was. We really appreciate the honest feedback about changes you don’t like.


The “Show Grammar Info” button is unresponsive for me. All the other buttons work and pressing F shows the grammar point but actually clicking the button does nothing, doesn’t matter if the info is being displayed or not. No error prints to the console. I’m using Firefox.


This looks good but it looks like all the resources that I have marked as ‘read’ have been reset.

Also it would be nice to be able to open ‘related grammar’ items by using the middle click to open them in a new tab.


I did bump the zoom by 25% to make it a bit more readable, 125-150% seemed ok for me.


I noticed that if I bookmark a grammar point it seems to bookmark the whole set that I’m learning instead of the individual one I want. (example: I have new lesson groups set to 3 so all 3 items get bookmarked even though I only wanted item #2 bookmarked. If this is intentional, I do not like it). Sorry if I missed this already being mentioned.


Looks like I missed most of the pigpile, but because I’m a self-important narcissist, my two cents:

  • Audio Player - I agree with this:

The functionality for using the audio features is there, but the ease-of-use is not. I’m still not quite sure how to use the play button at the top effectively for more than the first sentence in the list. If you want to hear the second sentence, you have to go play it in it’s own box, and now it’s ‘loaded’ in the top play button area, too? That seems weird, and the top area is the only place to toggle slow/normal speed, so I found I was jumping up and down the page a lot.

  • Code/Feature Freeze

Just like any company would be taking a huge risk to change their shopping pages mere days away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days and the holiday season, Bunpro should likely call some code-freeze/change-freeze/feature-freeze periods before the actual JLPT dates. Especially since preparing for and arranging content by the JLPT is kind of this site’s bread-and-butter. At the companies for whom I’ve worked - and I’ve worked for a few biggies - you don’t mess with the script right before showtime. While I’m not taking the JLPT this year, I can understand the wide-eyed panic from those who are; imagine your textbook just suddenly changing layout a few weeks before a big exam?


The accuracy values aren’t just 0 or 100 anymore, but this still doesn’t seem quite right :laughing:


Please change it back XD.


Im having trouble running Yomichan on the site now, and for some reason I cant select classic styling.


I’ve always had issues using Yomichan on the site, but I’ve found that when it isn’t working all I need to do is refresh the page and it works again.


There could be an option on how the example sentences are displayed, I prefer when the sentence occupied the whole width of the screen, I don’t find the two separate boxes convenient :confused:


One another player-related thing: it would be great if these blue Play buttons in the “Examples” section becomes a Pause button while an audio plays. When the player is off the screen, there is no proper feedback after clicking Play.
Edit: I noticed that a blue border around a sentence is used as a feedback. Ok, then I’m fine with it.


I didn’t read the posts from this thread so my concerns might’ve been already addressed

With all due respect, I feel like the new update overcomplicates things and a result looks too busy. My eyes naturally glide past important bits of information, when it should be focused on the structure and meaning of a word.

I think it the layout under the “Meaning” tab is too busy and has too much useless information on display. I personally don’t use the notes feature so having it be the same size as the information and structure boxes causes me to think they are not as important.

The “Examples” tab I use a lot when learning through a new grammar point, and I always wanted a feature where you can hide the English. But I wish there was a toggle option at the top of the original page to hide the english/japanese and if that’s activated, there would be a button on the example sentence itself to show which language you toggled. The new features on the website has it but I feel like it’s not implemented very well. I thought the original design of showing one sentence displayed across the length of the screen was simpler but much better.

Also the arrow buttons between the “Meaning Examples Resources” tabs are just confusing. It would be better if the arrows were moved a bit higher to the grammar point is as it’s more intuitive for me that pressing an arrow will change the grammar point.

I personally appreciated the focus on simplicity on the original design, and I think it should be the core focus on the design ethos on almost any website. I’m not a fan of the design, but it’s in the right direction. Some minor tweaks can make this an improvement, but right now it’s not very great.

EDIT I toggled the hide English selection under my account and it definitely flows better and is more in-tune what I originally wanted when studying grammar!


Thanks for pointing the progress box issues out. I have updated it to address the oddities you mentioned.

@Scytaerie The furigana should display properly now where it is properly formatted. It looks like there is some incorrect formatting within the data on the grammar point itself. We will check all of the information sections and see if there are others and get them fixed as well.

@EnragedGrind A way to see all of the grammar in a specific SRS is in the works. :smiley:

@durtle9831 @mathijsdm Seems it was a formatting issue with the data on the example sentences for the grammar point. I have fixed them and it seems to have resolved the problem with the page. I believe that might have caused the weirdly blue quiz popup text and footer as well.

The nuance being hidden was not intended and has been fixed as well.

@gyroninja I added more padding to the related grammar tiles. I am not able to reproduce the weird stacking. Could you help me reproduce it please? Also all of the related grammar seems to be okay. I see でしょう on だろう and と on って

@HotAirGun We will make some adjustments to listening mode based on the feedback you guys have given.

@Cawotte The formatting itself didn’t change from the way it was (besides being left aligned now instead of centered). 他にも is probably the worst culprit of all the grammar for having always had a terrible structure. It is on our list of grammar to break apart and rework as it still gives a lot of users trouble.

@kahara Thanks for the feedback. @Daru is planning on taking a look at some adjustments for the page and the arrows are one of them. The kanji readings are working like before, hover or click (on mobile)

@kush Those are grammar without audio. The play button being white meaning it isn’t available (blue meaning it is) isn’t really very intuitive. We will either remove it or grey it out/disable it.

@alyr_arkhon Furigana is working I believe. Do you have any ideas on a what might be a good way to cycle through the process of hiding and showing both the Japanese and English?

@Ambo100 They weren’t reset, just need to be converted over to the new data set which is still running. If you see any that you think are missing them, please PM me and I will take a look. @HotAirGun is also and “advanced mouse wheel user”. We will take a look at adding more mouse wheel friendly stuff, especially as we plan on improving and adding to the existing hotkey bindings.

@chantellis That was an unintended visual bug and has been fixed.

@monkeytunes Thank you for the feedback. A feature freeze period is a great idea and something we will look to implement.

@Oshiri425 We will take a look at that. I tend to agree that full width sentences (especially for more advanced grammar that has much longer sentences) would be better. It should be easy to add that customization in.

@HotAirGun Good idea on the pause button. Our future plans at this juncture are to sticky the play bar to the top of the screen when scrolling down which I think might solve some of the existing issues.


LOVE listening mode!!


I was using an outdated version of Firefox Mobile. Updating the browser fixed it.

It looks like it was fixed in between the time I reported the bug and you checked it out.


Thank you for the reply. The hover was not working for me earlier (I even recorded an example) but it does appear to be working now after logging out and restarting my browser.