Wanikani furigana seems broken


I appreciate this may not be the intended place for this, but I’m only posting because after 17 days, Bunpro support doesn’t seem interesting in answering my feedback query.

Basically, I have WK linked to Bunpro via an API key (which seems to sync without problems), but when I set furigana display to “Wanikani”, it just shows furigana for everything, including words/kanji I already know from WK.

I had a roughly one-year hiatus from my studies and before I left it was working fine. It’s only after coming back I’ve noticed the problem. I created another API key in case this was the problem but it hasn’t helped. I also tried manually syncing with WK, to no avail.

If anyone who’s had a similar problem could advise I’d be very grateful, considering how useful the feature is.



When you say you took a year off from studies, do you mean from Bunpro, from WaniKani, or both? If you reset your progress at WK, that could explain it. I think you need to advance kanji to the Guru stage before Bunpro suppresses the furigana for it.

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Same issue here, and I never reset my progress. It kinda just stopped working a few weeks ago; I just turned furigana off for now since I didn’t find a fix.

It might totally be a user-side problem, in that case I’d also appreciate solutions^^

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Have you checked your API key is still valid and hasn’t changed?
If it is, you might need to contact privately with your key so they can take a look at it, without having to share your key publicly.

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Hey! Try turning off your Furigana settings completely, re-adding your default Version 2 Token, and setting it to Wanikani again.

Can you let me know if it worked?

I have the same problem. It might be linked to browser settings or storage. In a very old Firefox on a very old iPad it still works, but in an up-to-date destkop Firefox it doesn’t.

I tried turning it off, giving it a different API key, turning it back, didn’t work unfortunately.
But! Mobile seems to work, and I tested it on another PC which also doesn’t work… Aligns with what the previous user is saying, seems to be Windows’ fault.

Weird issue, thanks for the quick response^^

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That sounds like it has something to do with your browser! Try clearing everything on Bunpro on your browser (iirc, the hotkey for that on both Firefox/Chrome is Ctrl + Shift + R) and see if that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yep, tried, didn’t work. I don’t really have any other ideas.

Well, let me know if I should try out something else.

Thanks for your reply. Could you please clarify what you mean by “default Version 2 token”?

I tried your suggestion by disabling furigana altogether, then entering another token I know works (used by Satori Reader), changing the key back to the one I created for Bunpro and then switching furigana to “WaniKani” again. Sadly it didn’t work. Tried the process again with the other key and no joy.

I saw your other post and thought I’d try clearing the cache on my browser (ctrl+shift+del on Firefox, Linux), sadly that didn’t change either. I will try another browser on Windows and see if it’s any different (although it did work on this setup previously).

Thanks, that’s a good point, but in my case I didn’t reset my WK progress (don’t think I could start that journey all over again :stuck_out_tongue:).

I don’t know if any action was taken in the last hour, but furigana just started working properly again in my main browser. (Only appearing on hover) :+1:

And a few hours later, it doesn’t work any more…

I have similar issues, usually it works for a day or a couple, but then it shows ALL furigana. Then I have to delete local storage and close the browser, then open it again and click on a kanji for it to sometime work a few days again

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I’ve also been having this problem. Has anyone found a solution yet? Even words like watashi have the furigana above them, I don’t get why this happened. And I tried all suggestions above but it didn’t work

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Did you try the local storage thing too? Most surefire method:

  1. Press CTRL+ SHIFT + I (in chrome browser)
  2. navigate to “Application” in the sidepanel that opens up
  3. Select the “bunpro” entry under “local storage”:
  4. Delete the key(s) you find there (for example “vocab”)
  5. While the sidepanel is still open, CTRL + SHIFT + R for hard reload (clears cache)
  6. Close the browser window entirely and open bunpro again
  7. Go to bunpro settings and doublecheck you have the correct wanikani API token
  8. Set furigana to “off”, then set it to “wanikani” again
  9. Open a grammar point (not a review) of N5 category (something where you would expect a kanji that you dont want furigana for)
  10. Click on one of the kanji that shows furigana even though it should not (this is crucial because it forces bunpro to actually update your local storage with a new entry again)
  11. It should now work again “for a while at least” (but dont expect updates on your wanikani progress to make it there, you will just get it to work as a “snapshot” of your WK progress at the time of executing these steps, you will probably need to do this again anyways once furigana show up for everything again which for me happens after a while without doing anything)

I had to disabled them since they were appearing furigana for every word.

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This is incredible, it worked. Thank you SO much!!!
I still can’t believe what’s been going on with the furigana feature lately. Hopefully this lasts a long time for me. I really appreciate you writing out the detailed steps for me :smiley:


I use Firefox, is there this workaround for it too?

Just checked, the dev console in firefox uses the same hotkeys (ctrl+shift+I), youll want to look under “Web Memory” (or something similar) and there “local storage”. The rest of the guide should be the same :slight_smile:


it worked, thanks! Also just did 4 reviews and only one vocab I didnt know appear furigana.


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