Wanikani furigana seems broken


I appreciate this may not be the intended place for this, but I’m only posting because after 17 days, Bunpro support doesn’t seem interesting in answering my feedback query.

Basically, I have WK linked to Bunpro via an API key (which seems to sync without problems), but when I set furigana display to “Wanikani”, it just shows furigana for everything, including words/kanji I already know from WK.

I had a roughly one-year hiatus from my studies and before I left it was working fine. It’s only after coming back I’ve noticed the problem. I created another API key in case this was the problem but it hasn’t helped. I also tried manually syncing with WK, to no avail.

If anyone who’s had a similar problem could advise I’d be very grateful, considering how useful the feature is.



When you say you took a year off from studies, do you mean from Bunpro, from WaniKani, or both? If you reset your progress at WK, that could explain it. I think you need to advance kanji to the Guru stage before Bunpro suppresses the furigana for it.

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Same issue here, and I never reset my progress. It kinda just stopped working a few weeks ago; I just turned furigana off for now since I didn’t find a fix.

It might totally be a user-side problem, in that case I’d also appreciate solutions^^

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Have you checked your API key is still valid and hasn’t changed?
If it is, you might need to contact privately with your key so they can take a look at it, without having to share your key publicly.

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Hey! Try turning off your Furigana settings completely, re-adding your default Version 2 Token, and setting it to Wanikani again.

Can you let me know if it worked?

I have the same problem. It might be linked to browser settings or storage. In a very old Firefox on a very old iPad it still works, but in an up-to-date destkop Firefox it doesn’t.

I tried turning it off, giving it a different API key, turning it back, didn’t work unfortunately.
But! Mobile seems to work, and I tested it on another PC which also doesn’t work… Aligns with what the previous user is saying, seems to be Windows’ fault.

Weird issue, thanks for the quick response^^

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That sounds like it has something to do with your browser! Try clearing everything on Bunpro on your browser (iirc, the hotkey for that on both Firefox/Chrome is Ctrl + Shift + R) and see if that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yep, tried, didn’t work. I don’t really have any other ideas.

Well, let me know if I should try out something else.

Thanks for your reply. Could you please clarify what you mean by “default Version 2 token”?

I tried your suggestion by disabling furigana altogether, then entering another token I know works (used by Satori Reader), changing the key back to the one I created for Bunpro and then switching furigana to “WaniKani” again. Sadly it didn’t work. Tried the process again with the other key and no joy.

I saw your other post and thought I’d try clearing the cache on my browser (ctrl+shift+del on Firefox, Linux), sadly that didn’t change either. I will try another browser on Windows and see if it’s any different (although it did work on this setup previously).

Thanks, that’s a good point, but in my case I didn’t reset my WK progress (don’t think I could start that journey all over again :stuck_out_tongue:).

I don’t know if any action was taken in the last hour, but furigana just started working properly again in my main browser. (Only appearing on hover) :+1:

And a few hours later, it doesn’t work any more…

I have similar issues, usually it works for a day or a couple, but then it shows ALL furigana. Then I have to delete local storage and close the browser, then open it again and click on a kanji for it to sometime work a few days again

I’ve also been having this problem. Has anyone found a solution yet? Even words like watashi have the furigana above them, I don’t get why this happened. And I tried all suggestions above but it didn’t work