What are your thoughts on the current state of the Dashboard?

Open question. Please don’t feel obliged to reply! That said, we really appreciate your feedback and it helps us out a lot.

  • What do you think a Dashboard’s main goal should be?
  • Is Bunpro’s Dashboard meeting that goal for you?
  • What does the Dashboard get right?
  • Where could the Dashboard improve?

Looking forward to your answers! Thanks everyone!


So without looking, here’s what I remember/like about the things i use the dashboard for:

  • how many reviews have I done today so far (for when I’m limiting myself to a certain number a day)

  • how many more reviews have I got coming up today (for knowing when I’ve done enough again)

  • how many items have I got in the lowest bracket (for managing new lessons)

  • how far through a particular level I am

  • any new system messages for me

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The main thing I want from the dashboard is for the review forecast to be more like Wanikani in that:

  • Reviews should pop based on the hour instead of half hours. Bunpro is the only SRS software I know that does it by half hour so as I do multiple SRS and the others don’t always take a half hour to do, I often just have to sit twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Bunpro ones to pop at the half hour mark. The dashboard is also divided into hours instead of half hours so it doesn’t convey when reviews will actually pop which makes things more frustrating.

  • The review count being shown as cumulative. Instead of having the bar represent the number of reviews that will pop, it should show how many will be available total at what time with maybe a little (+#) on top of the graph to show how much it’s increasing.


Could you make my Last Session percentage read 100% for once? :wink:


One of the main things I’d change from the dashboard is adding % to the Lessons bars. Currently doing it with a TamperMonkey script:

As for the other question, It gets the job done. Ideally I’d like a bit of stats on there that displayed more than my last session accuracy and streaks without having to go to the stats page. I use this information to see if I should add more lessons to the SRS or not. I don’t solely rely on the SRS levels displayed on the dashboard.


For my own personal needs, the current dashboard is more than sufficient; it already provides more information than I need, but at the same time, I’m not the kind of person to pay much attention to my own numbers. When it comes to activities like exercise or studying, my focus primarily goes toward dragging myself through the activity itself, completely indifferent to my own data readouts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Since I take a pretty minimalist approach to self-stats, the only thing I really need to see is how many SRS Stage 0-2 items I have, how many ghosts I have, and how many reviews are ready to be done at a time, since this has a direct effect on how I pace myself in using the app.

I recently mentioned this in another thread, but something to draw the users’ attention to the Cram feature periodically (I’m thinking long intervals, as in, months apart at a time) that can be seen from the dashboard might be nice. IMO there’d be real benefit to giving oneself a “finals” test occasionally on all the stuff one has learned up to a point, and this is the kind of thing that Cram is perfect for.

I think this is also related to my information-minimalist approach though; to compensate for not caring about tracking stats, I tend to want to make active evaluations on-the-spot, and then look for anything that might need remediation during said evaluation.


I think it’s perfect.
And I realize sometimes you don’t know you want something until you get it, but I don’t think that’s the case
I like it

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For me, the dashboard is nearly everything I need. Some quality of life improvements would be:

  • Review activity toggle (vocab, grammar, all).
    A toggle rather than showing concurrent on the table using different lines, as vocab points would dwarf grammar points and flatten that data on the graph.

  • Quick access to deck cards
    Maximum 1 or 2 visible, showing the same summary cards as seen on the decks page. Can be configured with a new “show on dashboard” option in deck options.

  • Click throughs on SRS levels to see items
    In particular, access to a quick list of ghost items.

  • SRS level toggle (vocab, grammar, all)
    Default to show all, but ability to glance at vocab or grammar figures individually.


To add to this, in wanikani your reviews are actually pushed back 1 hour (If the SRS stage would be 24 hours, instead it is 23 hours) which lets you sort of game or reset the review timings. For example, in wanikani I try to line up all of my reviews to pop at 8pm so that I can do them all in one go and be done. In bunpro, if I miss my reviews by some amount of time they slowly drift and desync.


What do you think a Dashboard’s main goal should be?

  1. offer shortcuts top the most important functions
  2. short summary of relevant info
  3. keep me motivated

Is Bunpro’s Dashboard meeting that goal for you? What does the Dashboard get right?

  • generally yes. There’s neither too little nor too much info on the dashboard. So it’s not overwhelming but also not uselessly minimalistic.

Where could the Dashboard improve?

  1. Similar to the separate review buttons, I would appreciate separate lesson buttons for my current vocab and grammar decks. I also use search fairly often, so that might be nice to have. I might use cram more if there was a direct shortcut.
  2. I would also like a percentage for the jltp progress. There’s some info I don’t really need, like the reviews I’ve done per day or most of the srs stages (except 0-2 and ghosts, which I use to pace myself). My biggest request would be working on the upcoming review schedule. I pretty much second everything that’s been said like cumulative numbers (numbers in general and not only on hover), cleaning up with the half hour timing, and the wk -1 hour interval for the srs stages 1 day+ (though the last two points are not just dashboard topics). On top of that, I would like to be able to “zoom in” to e.g. just half a day, then be able to scroll horizontally and see what’s coming up I the next 48 hours.
  3. I might be the only one feeling this way, but the accuracy percentage actually demotivates me, even though I’m usually above 90. I wish I could turn it off or replace it with some other info. Strangely enough, I don’t have a problem with seeing my number of ghosts.

For reference: I’m on mobile 99% of the time.


I should be able to click on these buttons and see a list of which grammar points are in each section.

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 11.38.02

It would be nice if it also told us what our total review count will be at that time (current remaining count + whatever will be added at that time)

  • I would like to be able to view how many NEW grammar points I have studied today, and how many total reviews I have done today.

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 11.40.08

This should be a button, and clicking it should either open a modal or take us to a new page where we can see what we got right and what we got wrong.


I want to:

  1. know how many reviews I’ve done today
  2. be able to click SRS levels to see what’s in it
  3. see some sort of warning if I’m about to lose my streak
  4. see separate stats for vocab vs grammar (SRS levels, reviews done)
  5. see deck progress

:100: this:


The big thing for me as far as the dashboard is concerned is some feature like this:

Where the SRS level of grammar points is reflected in the progress bar. That way there is a a clear progress marker for even N5. There is a big difference between having added every point to your reviews, and having actually mastered every point.


I’d like to second this.

And this.

Honestly, I do like the dashboard! These would just be little QoL bonuses for me. I’ll go away and have a think about whether there’s anything else I can come up with, but I’m very easily satisfied and satisfied I am.


What do you think a Dashboard’s main goal should be? + Is Bunpro’s Dashboard meeting that goal for you?

The dashboard should give an overview of progress and upcoming reviews, and should have links to lessons/reviews. It should have some info but not be too cluttered (for example, I prefer most stats to go on the stats page so the dashboard isn’t cluttered). imo yes, it’s meeting all of these goals

What does the Dashboard get right?

  • All of the information is relevant and useful
  • I like the square layout, everything fits together so nicely

Where could the Dashboard improve?

  • SRS level being shown in some way in the JLPT progress bar, like what Sidgr said:
  • Right now all the SRS levels are divided into sections (0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12). Obviously making a seperate container for each SRS level would take up too much space (I’m assuming that’s why you’ve grouped them), but it might be nice to have it broken up further so I can see, for example, how many grammar points I have at SRS 11. It could be displayed in a small font at the bottom of each container, or maybe show up on hover??
  • I constantly forget what the timings are for different SRS levels on Bunpro. It would be nice to have a link in the corner of the SRS level section that says something like “SRS Timings” or one of those (?) kinds of help buttons that links directly to a page that has the SRS timings.

Yep, I always thought this should be a thing. :ok_hand:


I’ll also wholeheartedly second this. I had forgotten because I got used to it, but the fact that you can’t do this was one of the first things that really confused me about the Dash UI when I first signed up.


I realise this isn’t necessarily the dashboard, but a search button on the top ribbon (or even better yet, a dedicated keyboard shortcut!) would be great.


Thank you everyone for your comments!! These help immensely.

I can see why these are useful/no-brainers for QoL changes. I’ve taken notes of everything said so far, but please keep going!


I really want the feature you show in this image as well. That would be really nice.

The other thing I have to say is: I do vocabulary on a different page already, so this single red box here is just kinda annoying. Would be nice if that could be hidden if you don’t actually have any vocab coming up, it really doesn’t fit into the visual design imo.