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On the app, when i try to learn new grammar and get to the review, nothing comes up. The screen looks like normal, but no sentence can be seen. Vocab seems to work, for some reason. I have tried several times over the past few days and it is consistently not working. No new grammar reviews are added either, so I’m kind of stuck.


I am also experiencing the exact same issue since the last update. I tried it from the app, I tried it from the website, I tried to brute force it by adding the grammar points directly to my reviews, but nothing has worked. I get to the quiz part of learning new grammar points, but my screen looks like this:


When I open the app (iOS) in the morning, it thinks I have done my lessons. I have not yet done them here.

I tried to refresh the app (pull from the top) and restart it, no luck. But if I access the web site, then the app updates and shows the correct 0/12.

Hey there! Thank you for the reply. I just checked and it does indeed work on the web version. I’ve admittedly never logged into the web version because I use Bunpro on the bus to work, hah. Good to know it’s being patched soon though, thank you! I was losing my mind.

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Hi there!
Welcome to the forum :wave::wave:

This should be fixed on both of your accounts now!
Happy studying and let me know if you notice anything else strange happening.

Thanks for the feedback! I can look into this for you.
Got two questions for you:

  1. Have you noticed this in particular recently?
  2. Does your laptop struggle on any other websites? Just curious.

Gonna be a hard one to troubleshoot but your answer to the first question will be huge!

Hey @veritas_nz ,

I can’t remember if I did or not, and even if I’m repeating myself here it’s still worth mentioning again, but thank you so much for fixing the vocabulary issue I was having before. Now I add words, even when I have multiple tabs open, and my review settings are being honored. Yay!

You’re the man!!

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Thank you!

  1. I’m not sure if it started 13 days ago specifically, but it very well might be, yes. I’ve been ignoring the issue for a week or a few, and only recently tried to check what’s up.
  2. No. In the other couple dozen tabs I have open, GPU goes to 0 once initial rendering is done. Only if e.g. youtube is actively playing a video is GPU constantly in use.

My humble suggestion is that something is triggering a re-paint of the page even with no changes or interaction, several times a second.
Here is a snapshot of Firefox profiler on the dashboard:

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Sorry to bug you, but any chance you could turn my vacation mode off again?

I’m getting RSI from keeping trying to turn it off - basically, after tapping on the slider, it shows the “loading” wheel for about 4/5 seconds, then that disappears and I’m sat there tapping on the page for goodness knows how long to prevent the screen from going to sleep, but however long I wait, vacation mode ultimately doesn’t seem to turn off, it still says, “Currently in vacation mode!”, and the slider is back in its original position after each time I eventually give up waiting and refresh the page.

Also: like others, I have had hardly any reviews since you turned vacation mode off for me last time. However, the number of reviews was steadily increasing again over time. I guess it’ll be back to next-to-no reviews again after vacation mode is turned off again this time though. I am wondering if all reviews are being queued for {interval until next review} + {time vacation mode is turned off}, instead of {interval until next review} + {time vacation mode is turned off} - {time already elapsed since last review while vacation mode was turned off}.

In other words, I am thinking that possibly all “Beginner 1” items are being queued for the next hour after vacation mode is turned off, all “Beginner 2” items are being queued for 4 hours after it is turned off, all “Beginner 3” for 8 hours after, etc. (or whatever the intervals are).

@veritas_nz, this continues to evolve, but not actually be fixed. Maybe. What is the threshold for " word studied previously in WaniKani"? I thought that it was Guru, but it is Burned? Again, I haven’t searched exhaustively, but I haven’t found a word that is Burned in WaniKani but not-Mastered in Bunpro.

I confirm I am in the same situation. When I open bunpro in Chrome based browsers [Windows], I get a bump in GPU usage up to 90%.



Hi there!
This was being caused by a bad performing 3rd party confetti library we recently installed.
It was calling window.requestAnimationFrame very often.

I’ve fixed this so you should notice much better performance.
Thanks for the reports, you’ve saved a lot of people a lot of battery!


Great, thank you for fixing it so quickly. GPU usage is back to 0 now.



Just wanted to say that this seems to have been completely solved.

お疲れ様でした。 :bowing_man:t2:


Wut? Is that intended? :sweat_smile:

Hi, I’m being told my subscription expired today despite the fact my payment should have auto renewed it.

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Uhhh it actually hasn’t been fixed! :sweat_smile:
An issue with our auth system that we still need to fix.

Happens when you don’t visit an old page (not Reviews/Dash/Learn etc.). in a while.

I’ve been away for a while since my subscription lapsed and I didn’t have enough funds to renew it for a while. I didn’t want to turn on vacation mode since I saw a lot of people were having issues with that. I did, however, check in to see how my reviews were stacking up. I saw 500+ before finally renewing my subscription. however, once the payment was processed my reviews suddenly changed to only 107. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy to have only had 100 reviews to get back into the swing of things, but I’m a little worried something strange has happened to my SRS timings again.

Any ideas on what might have caused this?

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Hey! I just took a look and it seems it was applied to your account on the 30th of last month so everything should be in order.

@drunkgome When a subscription lapses, we pause review progress so when you come back and resubscribe, your reviews are all adjusted forward to put your review queue back in the state it was when your subscription expired.


Very nice. Somehow I’ve never noticed that before. Definitely a nice feature. I was worried I’d spend the next couple of days slogging through all of them.