New Daily Goal System & Learn Queue

:bunprogold: Hey All!

It has been a little while since our last update. However, we have been super busy working behind the scenes on the new Daily Goal System that we teased here, a bit over a month ago.

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What is the Daily Goal System?

Daily Goal is our answer to the two questions many learners on Bunpro have: "How much should I be learning each day?" and "What should I learn next?"

The new Learn button will now let you build a queue, where you combine and study a set amount of items daily from any Deck(s).

Read on to see how you can make use of this new system!

Wait a minute, there are Decks on Bunpro?

For those unaware, we have had a long-running beta for Vocab and Decks inside of Bunpro. These are now fully released, and you can check them out here!

Decks is a new system that allows us to better organize and scale content on Bunpro. There is a Deck equivalent for all previous methods of study on Bunpro, and you’ll be able to find Textbook and JLPT Decks to replace the old Textbook system and/or the old targeted JLPT system.

In addition to just replacement Grammar Decks, we also added:

  • New Textbook Decks
  • Extra Content, Like Kansai Dialect Decks
  • Vocab Decks
  • Mixed Learning Decks

Use the new Decks home page to quickly browse Grammar, Vocab, and Textbook Decks, or search for a specific Deck and choose whatever Decks you like!

Some more Deck-tails:

An additional change to Decks is that now, each Deck groups its content within units. If you set the Deck sorting order to ‘Default’ you will see the following:

Each unit is collapsible, and made up of the content related to that unit. For textbook-based Decks, you will see them broken down into their relevant chapters.

:warning: Note: Textbook based decks are currently undergoing an overhaul to check for accuracy and completeness. Not all have migrated to the new unit based system yet.

Learn Button & Learn Queue

In the past, the Learn button on your dashboard and ‘Learn’ link in the navbar acted differently depending on whether you were using a textbook, studying Decks or using the default Bunpro path.

Furthermore it was impossible to easily mix and match a variety of Decks and study a little from each, each day.

Now the Learn button and navbar link will always do one thing and one thing only: get the next relevant material from your Learn Queue.

Daily Goal System

The new Daily Goal system represents the number of new items you aim to learn from each specific Deck, each day.

You can add any number of Decks to your Learn Queue, order them however you like and also set a daily goal number and individual batch size per Deck.

For example, you can set up your Daily Goal to study 10 items of Genki II Vocab a day, together with 3 Grammar Points each day. It will look like this:

Then, when you click on the Learn button or navbar link, Bunpro will calculate which Deck is next and get the relevant content based on your settings.

It goes top-down from your first until your last Deck inside of your Queue. Each time you press the Learn button anywhere on Bunpro, you’ll start a new session from your next Deck.

If you are feeling up for learning more on any given day, clicking the Learn button will let you start an Extra Study session.

This will have you choose a Deck that you want to learn more content from, and go past your goal for that day. We won’t ever prevent you from learning as much as you want, but we do encourage you to take steps to avoid burnout!

Setting Your Daily Goal

Use the three dot menu to the right of any deck in the dropdown to open the settings for that Deck.


Inside the Deck settings, you have the option to set your Daily Goal and Batch Size along with other Deck based settings.


How to Add & Manage Decks

Just use the ‘Learn Queue Settings’ button at the bottom of your Learn Button…


…and you’ll be able to reorder, delete or add new Decks from there!

Extra Features

  • No Daily Goal (setting your Daily Goal to zero)

    • We also built in a system where you can add a Deck but set the Daily Goal to zero. This Deck will still show up in your Learn Queue but will be skipped as part of the Daily Goal System.
    • This is particularly useful for users who want to add a Deck that they don’t regularly study from, but still want it close on hand.
  • Progress & Deck Setting Access

    • Your progress and settings for each Deck in your queue are now accessible behind the three dot ellipse menu inside of the Learn dropdown.
  • Reminders

    • When going into Extra Study, we provide a gentle reminder if you have reviews due or if you’ve unstudied Decks. Ultimately you’ll always have control over what you study, but this is a way for us to help you have a more effective Bunpro experience.

  • Confetti

    • When completing your Daily Goal or removing a completed Deck from your Learn Queue you will get a little explosion of theme-relevant confetti. :tada:
    • This one is really cool so we don’t want to spoil it. Post below a picture of how it looks if you’ve found it!

Usually for a large update like this, we would put it into Beta before it goes live, but due to technical constraints surrounding completely switching to Decks, a Beta wasn’t possible.

We know large updates to core features like this can sometimes be scary, but all of the above implementations were taken directly from feedback collected from both new and experienced Bunpro users.

We are running a script behind-the-scenes to automatically add the relevant Deck(s) to your learn queue based off of what you were studying before the change to make for a smooth transition. If there’s any hiccups with this, please reach out!

As always, we welcome any and all questions, comments and/or suggestions. We are always striving to make Bunpro as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, and we hope this is just another step towards reaching that goal.

Thank you!

:bunprogold: The Bunpro Team


Awesome work dev team! Can’t wait to line up a few decks a knock out my goals 1 by 1.

Vocab out of beta is :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Great job with the update guys!

I like the new features. That said (I know. I’m going straight to it, lol), while the new Deck page looks nice, and it seems well organized, it does add more clicking than before. I guess technically you could say that scrolling down/up got replaced with clicking, so let’s say that’s practically the same (though I’d argue that that equal footing gets lost once you get to the Textbook tab, where you still need to scroll). However, the most egregious aspect of this is the added loading times for each tab (most notable are the Vocab, Grammar and Textbooks tabs, which take considerably longer than the rest). That’s a step backwards, IMO.

My suggestion would be to get rid of the “Bookmark” tab, and replace it with an “All” tab that gives us back the previous look WITH the bookmarked decks on top (just like before). Also, the “All” tabs should be the first tab, so that is readily available when clicking the Decks link. Personally I don’t see the need for a “Bookmark” tab, nor the “Learning” tab. The bookmarked decks are what you’re learning anyway.

Maybe there’s another solution, but that would be suggestion on first look. BTW, thanks for making the Deck’s thumbnails smaller. That’s much better!


Perfect! This makes a lot easier for me to change the amount of grammars and vocab for me to learn! Thanks!


These new daily goals are great, thank you for that.

However I have quite preferred the previous structure of textbooks with horizontal ordering of grammar inside textbooks. And I also miss having “my textbook” be quickly accessible from the header. My way of using Bunpro might be different from others, as I use a textbook first and foremost and then supplement and review that grammar point on Bunpro, so having a quick access to textbooks and being able to select the exact grammar point I want was great for me.


This looks like a great implementation of an excellent feature. Thank you guys for always pushing new value into this!

Something I just thought of with the vocab; it would be really cool if you could indicate what has been mastered through Bunpro and what has been mastered through WaniKani sync (and I guess “both” would also be a use case).


Super cool update! Thanks y’all!


Yay! Decks are out of beta!



Question/feature suggestion: Is there a way to add items ahead of the deck order, create a custom daily queue from manually selected items?

Right now I could add those items manually to the reviews, and it works well enough for me, but it’s not quite the same.


@Jose7822 the current implementation is a stopgap until we can figure out a fast server load, right now everything moved to be decks-based. There will be a bigger update for Decks in the near future with better browsing and functionality!

@Lampa You can still do that if you just open the Deck equivalent to your Textbook, but I also see why it’s an annoying sidestep rather than an upgrade for your use case. Would you mind letting me pick your brain over DM about this?

@happyhelix You can do something similar by using the WaniKani “Master Content” and “Extra Practice” your General Settings. Master Content will mark it as mastered in Bunpro so you can keep your studies of those vocabs only in WaniKani and allow Bunpro to just supplement that. Extra Practice does basically the same, but rather than Mastering it starts the content at Seasoned 1/SRS 4 so you can, well, practice extra.

@bokudake Right now best you can do is to use the Deck Settings to change the Deck Ordering. You can Order it by Bunpro Order, Alphabetical, or Frequency.

I understand this isn’t ideal nor what you’re asking for, but what I can tell you is that user-made/custom decks are in the pipeline. We don’t have a specific date for it, but know that it’s coming. When that’s ready, you’ll be able to create a custom deck, and then add it to your Queue. Stay tuned!


Hmm this is similar to a feature I abuse greatly on jpdb. You can click on a new vocab options and select “Add to the front of the queue”, then it appears before any other vocab when you are learning new ones. I’ve wanted to do this a few times on Bunpro before.


No problem, DM away!

I’m going through Genki II 3rd Edition, which is not updated to the new layout yet. The layout is really just a nitpick from my side, I’m sure I will get used to it eventually! I don’t spend that much time browsing decks/textbooks anyway.


That update seems to have created a new bug. After finishing the last review I now always have one review left accordings to the review box on top. When I click it I immediately get the “all reviews done” message.

Reloading the page manually fixes the count, I then get the “0 reviews” as it should be.

Browser is the latest Vivaldi on Linux.


That sounds good!

Yeah, the loading times being faster would be a much welcomed improvement. Thanks for your reply!


Is there still a way to select reviews for a selected deck only? Like i just want to go through N4 Vocab reviews?


Is the feature to review by deck removed?
Is it possible to add it again? I like it that way.


I love the confetti! :two_hearts:



I experience exactly the same bug, in my case with an Edge browser.


Yeap, I get the same here (iOS Safari browser).