Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

A few have mentioned it before, including me, but a bulk select setting for the vocab decks would also be really helpful. To just select dozens at a time and mark to a certain srs level or just as mastered would be killer :sparkles:


As a non native english speaker, I often fail to notice the english conjugation on the hint when reviewing. I know the app was designed with english in mind, and my english is good enough to learn from wanikani and other apps, I just don’t have the instinctive recognition that comes with being a native.

I would greatly appreciate if there was an option so the hint (either the white or red one, i don’t know what you call them) was something like: “polite - past tense”.

I think that would be better than relying on the translation.

In the mean time guess I need to pause a second and think on my answers a little more.


I just mentioned this one to the Dev guys. I also agree that this should be a priority feature. Especially for those that want to switch to Bunpro from other vocab sources.


Yes, please! :raised_hands:


Oh wow, I had zero idea. Thanks for pointing this out! I just checked it out on a burner account, and it’s exactly what I’m after. Is this a relatively new feature, or was I just living under a rock?

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Both! Haha.

We’re working on making the features of our service easier to find and simpler to use.

Hope it’s what you were after!


I wonder if it could be possible for users to make their own grammar decks. I have some classical grammar books and couldnt possibly expect you guys to make your own. So I was wondering if it could be possible for users to make their own decks. Thx!


I can also see this working for making your own grammar deck of troubled grammar. Like personally, I bookmark grammar I know I’m having problems with. I could see putting them in their own deck and reset them to start from 0, but keeping them all in one place for easy progress checks


Hi! User-created Decks are something we have on our timeline for this year~ :sunglasses:


Could you please add おる the 尊敬語 of 居る?


I feel like the ‘Hide studied grammar’ button should also hide the studied lessons in the Grammar Points section of the website. It makes it easier to get to new content.


Hi Team!

Idea: Level-Ups or some Badges could give you a 1-day streak save.

That way, levels start to mean something and streaks don’t break just because you failed a single day. Losing a streak is so demotivating. In the moment, it feels like weeks of effort down the drain.
At the very least, the streak should break immediately. Right now, it sits at 43 for me, but it will reset as soon as I start reviewing. So the “winning” move is not to review. I’m going to hide my streak for now (thank you for offering that feature) as this is clearly just not for me in its current form.

Also: it would be nice if there was an option to set, when “next day” starts. E.g. “4 hours after midnight”. So far, I’ve been using the workaround of setting my timezone to something 4h in the past.

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You can manually adjust the streak number to fit however you wish the feature to function as, if you still prefer to use it in the future.


On decks, could there be a way to sort by known or mastery level?

例えば, Bunpro N5 deck has a few words on there that I haven’t studied, and I would like to look at them to see if I need to review them or if i can jut skip/set to master. but as of now there does not seem to be a “sort by studied” or “sort by mastery.”

This would also help in regards to textbook grammar changing into bunpro grammar lessons. Where you can take a look at what grammar points you missed while using the textbook, without slowly scrolling through grammar points.

This is admittedly much worse on vocab than it is on grammar.


I just discovered the decks in Beta. I’ve been studying Japanese for a few years now, and I know a fair bit of vocab. I am excited to see that there are many words in N5 that I don’t know yet, but there is no simple way to mark the words I know in the list. Now that I think about it, perhaps I could mark the items as “mastered” when I go through them in Lessons?



We have a big overhaul of Decks and a new Search feature that we’re planning to implement (hopefully early) this year. These would cover both of your suggestions! :sunglasses:


A graph like this but for vocab? :pleading_face:


Cram for vocab with the option to cram a specified percentage of certain retention rates :pleading_face:


When you do that, could you change “add to reviews” to “add to learn”?
So when you select those 100 words from n5 that you don’t know yet, it Doesn’t overwhelm your reviews.

Like I did. Oops.

Uh, would have to think about when to trigger the “learning quiz”
[after all 100? then you would have the same problem of all 100 at once. After the learn amount in the settings?
Then how do you order the learning que? If you add another Grammar is it first in last out? ]

Actually, that sounds like a pain. Just tell noobs not to add too many reviews. Much easier.


Nah what you’re suggesting is kind of an interesting idea…

Could be kind of like how on Spotify if you click Play on a playlist, but then queue things using the Queue Next feature – this offers a way to prioritize some songs, before falling back onto the playlist you originally picked.

In Bunpro this would be picking a base Deck, but then when you find items along the way, you can add them to your Learn Queue and they go to the top of your priority list :thinking: