Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

Ok. If I click a word to show furigana [when I check answers on reading cards] the word will have furigana revealed if I see it again in the same review session.

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Some kind of way to have notifications when a review is due would be nice

I am using Satori Reader and following their Nutshell Grammar series. Could there be a path from the grammar stuff on there?

After playing around with the different levels of hints, I’ve noticed its nicer have more detailed hints when first learning the cards, but on the more advanced cards it would be better to have less or even no hints. It would be cool if you could set the default hint level for each of the different progress categories. Eg For beginner cards you might pick show hint, For adept maybe you might want nuance translation, and maybe hide it entirely for expert etc.

I find sometimes I know the grammar they want by just seeing the hint, rather than actually working out what grammar will make the sentence make sense. Otherwise I’m loving bunpro ^^


Hey that’s a really cool idea! Adjusting default hint level per SRS level would be a neat feature. I would definitely get some good use out of it

Welcome to the community! :tada::tada::tada:

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Hi, I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but I’d really like to see the meaning of words in the pop up when I click on individual words like in this mockup:

I have difficulty parsing some of the grammar/sentences (especially in longer sentences) and having a feature like this would really help to narrow down my focus without having to activate the translated sentence hint. Yomichan also frequently highlights words wrongly sometimes, so a feature like this (in my eyes) would be really helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:



Not a priority at all, but something to perhaps consider further in the future (just writing now because I will totally forget otherwise!)

I would appreciate a feature to test you on “n” randomly chosen items you have supposedly mastered (you can choose “n”).
Then for each one you get wrong, you have the option of bringing the item down to your chosen SRS level (perhaps there could be a default, which the user can change).
I think I’m not alone in being skeptical of having mastered some things, e.g. some of the vocab “burnt” on Wanikani!


I wrote a detailed response to another user that brought this up in another thread.
You can check it out here.

TLDR; it’s like ~80% of the way there 8)


I too have seen a Vocab/Grammar and been like :thinking:
Only to check it on WK/Bunpro and be like :woozy_face:


Maybe all mastered items have and SRS of 2 years. (that’s my anki setting, default is 10 years, maybe)

interval review date
281 2020/4/16
365 2021/4/16
475 2022/8/4
617 2024/4/12
730 2026/4/12
730 2028/4/11

I don’t particularly like that idea, as if something is so rare you wouldn’t naturally encounter it in the span of 2 years, it probably isn’t worth memorizing. I’d say 1 year tops for reviews, but really 6 months is more than good enough to be a “master.”

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In the meantime, I recommend you to use a browser extension like yomichan o rikaichamp. You’ll use a lot in other websites too.


Thanks a lot for clarifying, much appreciated!

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Hey! Any thoughts on being able to show a “Note” that I’ve made for a grammar point on the screen after answering a review (rather than needing to click show info). I’d love to just have a quick blurb that helps me remember certain nuances (without needing to scan the grammar point or my textbook). With the way it is now I don’t remember which grammar points have notes, and I’m generally not clicking “Show Info” for every single review. Perhaps I’m just being lazy but it would be a bit more convenient when reviewing.


I actually found myself wanting a better way to view Notes in Reviews too…


Regarding vocabulary reviews, I think the way recognition-based reviews work could be improved. Currently you look at the sentence and have to guess the meaning of the highlighted character, and there is nothing in regards to reading. You can just tap on the word and it will give you the reading.

It would be much better if the reading of the word is hidden, but then revealed together with the translation after tapping on “show answer”. Users should be trying to memorize both. This should also be the default option for vocab reviews because the input-bases reviews have nothing in regards to kanji.

Additionally, it would be helpful if we could select multiple cards at a time from a vocab deck in order to mark them off as known. I’d like to go through the lists and check off anything I already know (and that’s a lot). The fastest way to do this currently is to “Learn” a set of 50 and mark them off one at a time and it takes a long time to do so. If you could get this implemented soon I would be very grateful.

Feature request:

Are you familiar with Kanji Grid? It’s an add-on for Anki that scans your deck and makes a grid of all the kanji you know and uses color to rank each character by how well you know it (based on your Anki rep data). You can also sort by categories like JLPT, school grade level, kanji kentei level, etc and you can toggle to view which kanji in each category you don’t know and it will give you basic stats like the percentage you have learned from each level and the total number of kanji that you know.

Now that Bunpro has vocab decks, it would be great if there was an option to see this kind of info as well. It’s VERY motivating (I obsessed over my Kanii Grid when I was a hard core Anki user).

I’m currently temporarily retiring Anki to experiment with using Bunpro for vocab. As someone who has used Anki for a long time I would personally find these features to be very helpful.


Idk I feel like if you have to tap on it then it is already hidden :upside_down_face: the only action making it not hidden is yours.

If someone’s doing reading reviews, usually they make a point of reading the sentence, vocab included. If I knew what the word meant but couldn’t read it/had to reveal it, I would mark that as a fail.
But I do agree that having it auto reveal when you flip would be useful to double check before you go on to the next

Also coming from Anki so I totally feel the need for multiple select vocab. I’ve suggested it before and it was passed off onto the Dev team not too long ago. Seems like they have plans for it

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The problem is currently if you tap the word to reveal the reading and then mark it as pass or fail, when it comes up again the reading is still revealed automatically.


That is true and definitely shouldn’t be that way. Having to retap a revealed word before moving on to rehide it can be really annoying. Maybe they can at least implement a reset for the furigana when you move onto the next question

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Exactly. Currently it requires for taps:

  1. Reveal reading
  2. Show answer
  3. Hide reading
  4. Pass/Fail question

If the reading was revealed along with the answer to the question, vocab reviews could be finishes in 2 taps.

  1. Reveal answer/reading
  2. Pass/Fail question
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