Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

Because I am thinking that maybe at this step:

People are also wanting to test themselves on the reading of the target word – can I understand the sentence and read the kanji 丸?→ then decide Hard or Good.

They also might just want their current furigana settings to also affect this location.

But yeah, Reading + Fill-in-the-blank mode is super new, and this is the first time I’ve seen this requested. I don’t wanna break other people’s study system with a change like this, hence suggesting the optional hotkey (which is a non-breaking change).

If you or anyone else has more opinions on this, would love to hear them!


I agree with the optional hot key. I personally solve the question before and then read the full sentence. If they came on for every single kanji automatically, I might delude myself into thinking that I can read the kanji when In actuality I’m not able to.

At the very least if it were to be automatic, maybe it could be an optional setting that you can turn on and off.

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Perhaps I’m misunderstanding. My request was just for reading, not fill in the blank. Both could be interesting though.

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Ahhh you’re totally right! I was misunderstanding the mode :woozy_face:
If it’s Reading mode then the second step is kinda pointless!
I can’t think of any reason not to show the furigana after Show Answer-ing :thinking:

As for the hotkey, still think a site-wide Show All Furigana hotkey would be useful/desireable!
Will keep it in the back of my mind.


I love the Wanikani heatmap where I can see how many lessons I did on a certain day. It also reminds me to actually do lessons every day so I don’t lose my streak.


We already have graphs on our dashboard for how many reviews we have done every day. Would it be possible to add a graph for how many items we have learned every day too?


It’s currently available on your profile page under the Stats page


Now we just need to have it start on the current month. Currently it starts on the October I joined and I have to scroll through 3years of sporadic boxes to get to current data. Same for reviews. When I click the boxes it doesn’t tell me any more info or number of items, maybe my Internet is just slow today, but if it doesnt already do that it would be nice

On this note, I think it would be neat to have the option to toggle display this data on the dashboard. Seeing a heat map of added/reviews would be really helpful to determine if you need to slow down your pace or pick it up. (Yes forecast does help a lot here, but the heat map can tell you about past stats vs future)


You’re on mobile right? I checked it on IOS Safari and it doesn’t show anything when clicking on a box. On pc it displays the info when you hover over it.


Thought that also might be the case lmao yeah mobile web


Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you!


I’ve added this, and it’s now live.
Furigana will now always show for the answer when you “Show Answer” :v:

Will work on the show-all hotkey soon!


I would like that.

I have a ghost for お持ちいたしましょうか that I have from guessing
お待ちいたします。because I miss read (待つ and 持つ) since the answer didn’t have furigana I type お待ちいたしましょうか。 and got it wrong again.

Much more important to me is furigana is refreshed checked each card. Currently if the same word comes up the furigana is still there.

I’m in moblie app. (My computer has MS edge, I can’t install apps and forums work in edge but reviews don’t) looking foward to the next update!

I just tapped all the words to show furigana, 今日 was the first one on mulitple cards. Next sentence that had 今日 already had furigana before I tapped it.

Thanks, it’s perfect! Is there any chance this could be added to the mobile app as well?

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Hopefully these can be shared? And upvoted ? Would save repeated work and thus can be vetted.

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I would love to see that one!

Could there be a shared community based resources page? Or the ability to add sitewide (and app) your own references ?

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Hi don’t want to be a pain for this. But would it be possible to add this one to the options menu?

I highly prefer to hide furigana anywhere possible, and would like to keep it for my reviews the same as before this change if possible.

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Do you mean:
“It’s useless to review mastered items because you’ll practice them with immersion”
“mastered items should be reviewed every 6 months”

Stuff that I practice with immersion often doesn’t stick. I can read it fine but I can’t 思い出す pull it out of my brain.

An example would be:
“僕は「悪い人」になるって” my brain: “He bad guy becoming”

if I tried to remember the sentence later, I would remember wrong.
“He bad guy becoming” >今日 かれは悪い人なってきます.

Because pulling out grammar correctly is so hard for me, I find bunpro valuable.

The former. If you fail to see a word or grammar point in the span of a year,(which if you double each review time, after “master” would be 12 months) then it is probably a word that is not important to remember.
Like if you were to study English, would the words “Translucency” and “weekday” hold the same importance in terms of learning? Which one would be more important to know?

I made furigana show for the answer in Fill-in-the-blank-style question after submitting an answer.
Quickly realized this wasnt great so I’ve just deleted it :bowing_man: