Feedback - Suggested Improvements/Feature Request

I have am having an issue with the completion of the last batch of N1 grammar rules, the keystone to my arch of learning. The lesson is perpetually loading. Advice?

Sorry if this has already been suggested (such a long thread!), but I’d love it if bunpro could be smarter about why I failed a grammar question and adjust my reviews accordingly. For example, many times I’ll get the actual grammar point correct only to mess up on conjugating the verb. In those cases, it would be great if bunpro would notice this and schedule some verb conjugation review

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I’d like to make a request that やはり・やっぱり be added. It’s such a common albeit slightly difficult to grasp word. I went ahead and made a thread on this about a certain point in particular that has to do with this word: やはり・やっぱり - A translation pet peeve


I feel like there should be a hint here.

ばかりに uses the past form of the verb :wink:

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You can make suggestions for new grammar here:

I’m actually really shocked none of us have mentioned that one yet xD It’s everywhere, haha.

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Yeah. Or even just a differently colored m&m indicator thingy for each item on /grammar_points, or for when selecting what to cram on /cram, or something. Just to make it easy to figure out which ones go together, or not… is what I think.

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Don’t know if there’s any way of doing this, but I can’t ever remember it ever being suggested before.
I was just looking at my medals, badges, achievements, streak etc. and realised that I’m actually the only one that can see them. Being the attention-seeking showoff that I am, I thought it would be nice to be able to attach a badge of your choice to your forum posts (like next to my name it says ‘regular’, which is a bit boring) it would be cool if I could attach my 365 day streak badge or level 80 badge instead.
This would also get the community talking about various achievements and give everyone something to aim towards.
What you you think? Honestly?

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Hahaha I wasn’t expecting you to do this. Thank you very much :joy:


Please excuse if this has been asked before…

A feature update I’d like would be for the quizzes around verb conjugations.

Right now, for example -nai, or -ta, both only quiz for Taberu, which is a simple Ichidan verb.
I think it would be great if it would quiz on the various more complicated Godan suffixes as well.

So -nai would quiz on Taberu (ichidan) like it does now, but then also quiz on the Godan u-tsu-ru-nu-bu-mu-su and irregular etc.


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This video should be added to the 〜した〜 grammar point:

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First review for あっての. What’s up with あなた and 君 being used back-to-back?? :face_with_monocle:

私 also strikes me as an unusual pronoun choice for someone using 君, unless we’re looking at song lyrics here. Is it not? (Then we’ve also got です here…)

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It would be great if there was a ‘bunny mode’ that skipped to the next sentence only after the audio of the sentence that you just got correct is finished.


Gonna bump this up again, it’s both useful and motivating (could be like a ghostbuster badge sign or something that pops up).


But we really don’t have any data that tracks ghosts at all, either for individual items or total. I’d like to use ghost reviews # to dictate how many lessons I can add, sort of like an apprentice count ceiling (not a leech count)…except I don’t know what it is, just a feeling of failing a lot recently. The reviews number is quite deceiving without this. I’ve been slow to add lessons lately so would like to manage this a bit better in parallel with other studies.


Not sure if it has been suggested before, but I think it would be nice to be able to turn off the orange colored hints that highlights parts of the sentence, in the settings. Sometimes I can tell immediately without reading the entire sentence which grammar point is being quizzed, just from seeing the highlighted part. Just thought about how those kind of highlights certainly would NOT appear on jlpt exam, haha.


You can hide them with the “review english” setting

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I meant the orange that can be found in the Japanese sentences like this:


Not sure if this has been mentioned before:

It would be nice to have a custom “known kanji” function like SatoriReader has: something like a text field in the settings that you can paste a list of kanji into, and then that will be used to hide furigana on all words that only consist of those Kanji.
(That way, you could easily copy paste your known Kanji over from Anki or something).
I know the WaniKani setting is a thing, but I think it’d be nice to have an alternative for people who don’t use WaniKani (I cant be the only one here who doesn’t, right…?).


This may have been mentioned elsewhere (I tried searching but didn’t find it).

I’m on a mac and normally “alt+click” will open up a new link in a new tab. But this doesn’t work with links on bunpro. It would be nice if it did.

Right-click and select “open in new window” does however work.

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I would really like it if grammar points which are commonly expressed in kanji can be displayed in kanji after the correct answer has been entered.

And also when revealing the grammar point being tested (refer to screenshot).

After using BP for awhile, I realized I am unable to recognize some of the grammar points in the wild when they are expressed in kanji; because I have been so used to seeing it purely in hiragana.