Haruna's short story (reading and listening practice)

Hi Everyone! :grin: (Japanese version below)

Today I would like to introduce a new project that I will be working on going into the future. This is aimed a little bit more at intermediate and higher level learners, but hopefully it will be something that everyone can enjoy!

I am planning on doing a creative writing story in the form of a daily entry that I will include an audio recording with. This will be an ongoing story starring the main character ‘Akane’. In this world of Akane’s, there is no limit to what is possible, or what could potentially happen over the course of the story. Because of this, it will mean that I am able to use a lot of words and expressions that most readers may not get much exposure to.

I will also be continuing my regular diary, so please continue to read that here: Haruna's daily diary (reading practice)

As this story will be fictional, It will give me a lot more freedom with the writing, and hopefully will be something that will give learners ideas that they can incorporate into their own use of Japanese as well! A translation for each entry will be provided the day following each new part of Akane’s story, but it would also be great if users discussed some of the words or phrases between each other, as it will help me get a better understanding of English as well seeing how everyone would translate certain things that I write.

Feel free to ask questions at any time! I may not be able to answer all of them, but I will do my best to explain why I wrote certain things when anyone is having difficulty. I hope that I am able to continue writing an interesting story for you all, and that the listening and reading becomes an entertaining part of your daily practice! Today’s entry will be a little bit longer than most, but I will try keep each new post to about 1 minute of audio, or a little bit over from now on. So, without further waiting, here is the first chapter! (Below the translation :upside_down_face:)

みなさん、こんにちは :blush: :sparkles:

今日は、これから先に向けて 私が取り組もうとしている新しいプロジェクトを紹介します。これは、日本語学習者の中級者や上級者に より狙いを定めたものですが、日本語を学んでいる皆さんが楽しめるものになればいいな、と思っています! :warning: 投稿は、二日に一回のペースです。


また、いつもの日記も続けていくつもりなので、それは引き続き、こちらで読んでくれると嬉しいです。:Haruna's daily diary (reading practice)

この物語は架空なので、物語を書く際には より多くの自由があります。それが、学習者のみなさんにここで学んだことを吸収し、それを自身が使えるようになればいいな、と思っています。物語の翻訳は 次の日の新しい物語と共に出されますが、ユーザーの皆さんが 単語やフレーズについてお互いに話し合ったり翻訳をしたりしてくださると、私はそれで英語を勉強する事が出来ます。

いつでも質問をしてください!全てには答えられないかもしれませんが、極力、書いたことを説明したり、誰かが難しいと思っている事を説明したりするつもりです。みなさんのために面白い話を書き続ける事が出来て、そして それがみなさんの日々のリスニングやリーディグの学習の楽しみとなれれば、嬉しいです。今日はいつもより長いですが、これ以降は 一つの投稿つき一分の録音程度の長さを目指すつもりです。これ以上の前置きはやめて、さて、ここからが最初の章です!


26歳、同じ靴屋で働くこと四年、友達と呼べるのは 運が良ければ一年に一度会える高校の時のテニス部の友達のヒトミとエリだけ。今説明した女の子が、私、アカネだ。いつから私の日常生活は、革と段ボール箱の匂い、そしてあのいつもやって来る頑固な女性に対して明らかにハイキングで使ったであろうヒールの返品は受け付けられないと何度も何度も説明する店長のワタナベさんの疲れた声で構成されるようになったのだろう…。まあ、でも、そんな事はどうだっていい。だって、ほとんどの人がそういう平穏な日々を過ごしているでしょう?(あ!もう5時だ!やっと家に帰ってネットフリックスと下の階に住む新婚夫婦の壁越しに聞こえる叫び声を楽しむ時だ!)「ワタナベさん、また明日の8時に来ますね。今日もお疲れさまです!」そう私が言うと、ワタナベさんは私に低い唸り声で応えた。(わ、今日のワタナベさんはいつもより機嫌がいい。今日はラッキーな日に違いない!)私がその明らかに古い靴屋のドアを開くと、蝶番が音を立てた。が、しかし、それは道路を隔てて向かい側にある新しい加工工場の金属音に直ぐにかき消された。(最近この辺りの土地はどんどん開発会社に買われているわ。まあ、でもこの先の通りにあるような寝具倉庫のように明るい緑に塗らなかっただけ…ね。)そう考えた時、170センチの私の後ろでドアがピシャリと閉まり、それにより発生した突然の上向きの風が私の髪を90年代に流行ったトロール人形のようにした。(えーっと、やっぱり結局は今日はラッキーな日なんかじゃなかったかも。でも、アカネ、大丈夫。どうせ今夜はどこにも行かないみたいだし!)


Great! I hope to listen and read along (in that order :laughing: ).
Just a couple of ideas to hopefully help with the project:

  • It would be really useful to have a clear way to separate your posts of the story and translations from any discussion about the story, to keep the story and translations in one flow - this is particularly when a listener/reader misses some days or is joining in mid-story and might find it difficult to orient themselves among the discussion. With that in mind, admins/staff, feel free to move this post to wherever is best.
  • I’ve been meaning to mention for a while that I think it would be great if you could have a “staff” badge or something like that on the forum (or even a blank badge), so that nobody is put off by level 8 (I genuinely didn’t realise you were a native speaker and were writing good Japanese model sentences/paragraphs at first :sweat_smile:)

Thanks, and looking forwards to following along and learning a lot of Japanese! :smiley:


わーーー!!とてもいいアイデアです!とても楽しみにしています :star_struck:

確かに日記よりちょっと難しいです。でもそれはいいところだと思います。私は頑張ります :muscle: :laughing: それに、毎日少しずつ読むとモチベーションが上がると思います。そして物語は面白そうです!
(それに、この物語のおかげでトロール人形のことを学びました :laughing:)

いつも私たちに頑張ってくれてありがとうございます。私にとってとても大切です。 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(私の日本語は多分まだ下手ですが、言いたいことが分かれば嬉しいです :bowing_woman:)


This is just wonderful. Your dairy entries has already done wonders for my reading and writing (I copy them down by hand everyday) so also having this to work through and enjoy is a blessing!





(回りくどい言い方に言うと Not quite sure if this works)



bunnyproさん、コメントありがとうございます!(素敵な名前ですね :laughing: )

そして、スタッフのバッジですが、まだ「正社員」ではないため「レベル8」のままですが、私も、将来的にバッジがつけばいいな〜と願っています :joy:



NayraDCさん、こっちも読んでくれてありがとうございます! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(実は私も、最近トロール人形の存在を知ったんです! :laughing: )

NayraDCさんみたいに私が書いたものを楽しんでくれる人がいる事が、とても嬉しいです :pleading_face: :blush:



Mooniecuckieさん、コメントありがとうございます!私の日記を読んでくれていることを、今初めて知りました。読んでくれて本当にありがとうございます!こちらの方も楽しんでくれたら嬉しいです :laughing: :gift_heart:

Delta386さん、コメントありがとうございます!日記も読んでくれているのですね、嬉しいです :blush: そして、優しいコメントまで、ありがとうございます。自分の負担になりすぎないよう、楽しみながら頑張ろうと思います :laughing: :sparkles:

EbonyMidgetさん、いつもコメントありがとうございます! :star_struck:

このエピソード、面白いです :rofl: 確かに、あの髪型をキープするなんて、それはほぼ接着剤ですよね… その光景、見てみたかったです :joy:


I really like this idea and it’ll help me get even more reading practice in alongside the diary! ありがとうございます!


SoreWaMaichiruさん、コメントありがとうございます!これからも楽しみにしていてください :blush: :sparkles:





26歳、同じ靴屋で働くこと四年、友達と呼べるのは 運が良ければ一年に一度会える高校の時のテニス部の友達のヒトミとエリだけ。

She is 26 years old, working at the same shoe store for four years, the only ones she can call friends are Hitomi and Eri from her high school tennis club, who with luck are able to be seen once a year.


The girl I just described is me, Akane.


Since when has my daily life become composed of the smell of leather and cardboard boxes, and the tired voice of the store manager Watanabe, who explains over and over to that stubborn woman who always comes that we can’t accept a return of the heels obviously used for hiking?


Well, whatever, I don’t care about such things.


I mean, most people have such tranquil days, right? (Oh! It’s already 5! Finally it’s time to return home to enjoy Netflix, and the shouts I can hear through the floor from the newly wed couple who lives below me!)


When I said to Watanabe, “Watanabe, I’ll come again tomorrow at 8. Thanks for your hard work today!” he responded to me with a low growl. (Wow, Watanabe’s mood today is better than usual. There’s no mistaking it: today is my lucky day!)


When I opened the door of the clearly old shoe store, the hinge made a sound.


But, that sound was soon drowned out by the metal noise of the new manufacturing factory across the street. (Recently, the land around here has been steadily getting bought up by a development company. Well, at least they didn’t paint it bright green like the bedding warehouse up the street… right?)


When I was thinking about that, the door behind my 170cm self shut with a bang, and the sudden upward wind that created made my hair into something like those troll dolls that were popular in the 90’s. (Ehhh, as I thought, today turned out to be not so lucky after all. But it’s ok. It doesn’t seem like I’m going anywhere tonight anyway!)


Slysoftさん、こんにちは!コメントと翻訳、ありがとうございます :blush: :sparkles:
翻訳、とても物語に忠実だと思います!! :astonished: :sparkles:
普通の日記とは違い、このような架空の話は私も英語で読むのにとても苦労します。 :sweat:


This new project is making me pumped up to catch up with the daily dairy side-by-side. I still have hundreds to keep up with in the diary, but I don’t mind taking it slow since I’m still a beginner.

I’ve thought the same for a while too! At the moment, the daily dairy and this short stories project are the only learner’s reading resource that I follow, and I felt so lucky that it has an audio recording alongside. I find it very useful to hear the pitch accent and the pauses taken when reading long sentences.

@Haru さん, now I’m really happy to see you have the staff badge, finally! Congratulations, and thank you again for being a wonderful addition to Bunpro!


The staff badge was well deserved! There’s still a part of me that misses the little lvl 8 bubble though lmao

Congrats Haruna!

Click for yesterday's translation (昨日の翻訳)

26 years old, working at the same shoe shop for the last 4 years, no friends apart from her high school tennis club teammates, Hitomi and Eri, who she tends to only see once a year if she is lucky. That girl I just described is me, Akane. When did my daily life start to consist of nothing but the smell of leather, cardboard packaging, and the tired voice of my manager Mr. Watanabe telling the same stubborn old ladies again and again that we cannot accept refunds for heels that were obviously used for hiking. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter, most people live a pretty uneventful life, right? AH! 5 o’clock! Finally time to go home and enjoy the company of Netflix and the muffled shouting of the newlyweds living in the apartment below me. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at 8 Mr. Watanabe! Thank you for your hard work today!’. A grunt came from his general direction. Wow, he’s in a better mood than usual! It must be my lucky day! As the door to this obviously old shoe shop swung open, the squeaking of the hinges was quickly drowned out by the clanging of metal across the road at the new fabrication plant. ‘There are more and more plots of land being bought up by development companies in this area recently. At least they didn’t paint this one bright green like that bedding warehouse down the street’, I thought to myself as the door slammed behind my 5’6" frame, creating a sudden updraft that blew my hair straight forward over the top of my head, creating a look that would remind you of one of those Troll toys from the 90’s. 'Well, maybe it’s not my lucky day after all. ‘Don’t worry Akane, it’s not like we were going out tonight anyway!’.



Click for today's translation (今日の翻訳)

As I started the walk home from work that I have come to be able to just about do with my eyes closed, something slightly out of the ordinary caught my attention. Now, when I say ‘slightly out of the ordinary’, for this quiet town that might as well be the end of the world. Nothing really ever changes here… Well, save for which new factory is going to attempt to actually turn a profit here. Hint, they all close eventually! There just isn’t enough people around on either the customer side, or for new workers to supply the workforce. I guess everybody wants to move to one of the big cities to make their mark these days. I don’t think I could ever live in Tokyo, the crowded trains just make my skin crawl… Now, where was I? Ah, that’s right! Before I knew it, my feet had faithfully carried me all the way to the end of the street while I was busy contemplating things that quite possibly don’t matter at all. That’s when I saw her. An old lady sitting on what appeared to be a tree stump about 50 meters ahead of me. Dressed in what can only be described as a cardigan sewn together with the dexterity of an excitable schoolboy, brown chinos, black boots that looked incredibly uncomfortable, and a purple bow tie. To top it all off, her hair was dyed yellow enough to make a canary blush. From where I was standing, she seemed to be staring at the overhead powerlines without the slightest indication that she was aware of the world around her.

(From today, I will upload the translation at the same time in a hidden box, so that people that want to check their interpretation straight away can)


distantflowerさん、コメントありがとうございます :blush: :sparkles: 日記の方も読んでくれているのですね、嬉しいです!そして、バッジのこと、ありがとうございます!私も遂にこのバッジをつける事ができて、嬉しいです :laughing:

Delta386さん、ありがとうございます!レベル8とこのスタッフのバッジでは、差が大きすぎますよね :joy: でも、このバッジをつける事ができて嬉しいです :laughing:







When I started walking home along the route that I could already walk with my eyes closed, I noticed a strange thing.


This “strange thing” is, for this quiet town, something which seems like the end of the world.


I mean, in this town, nothing strange ever happens…


Well, apart from some new factory actually trying to raise a profit, right?


Hint: no matter what factory, eventually it will close!


Here, on the customer side, and the side of new workers to supply the workforce, there aren’t enough people.


Perhaps, recently, everyone is probably thinking “I want to move to the big city” right?


I will never live in somewhere like Tokyo, I mean, the trains are packed like sardines, and just thinking about it makes me nauseous.


Anyway, I wonder how far I’ve walked? Ah, that’s right! While thinking about things not worth worrying about, without knowing where I was going, my feet carried me to the edge of the road with their own free will.


It was at that time that I saw her.


About 50 meters ahead, sitting on what looked like a tree stump was an old woman.


A cardigan that looked like it was sewn together by a young boy who couldn’t contain his excitement, boots that looked very uncomfortable to wear, and a purple bow tie…


In addition, hair dyed a color yellow that would even cause a canary to be ashamed.


From where I was standing, it seemed like she was staring at the power lines above her head, without caring even a little about the world around her.




Slysoftさん、コメントと、そして翻訳をありがとうございます! :blush: :sparkles:





Click for today's translation (今日の翻訳)

After readjusting my gaze, it seemed as though the woman was not merely oblivious to the world around her, but had consciously determined somewhere inside of her that there was not particularly anything worth looking at. ‘Well, I can’t really blame her’, I thought to myself as she continued to stare at the rays of light being intercepted by the powerlines. After reminding myself that it is rude to stare, I recommenced my walk home, doing the best I could to not be caught in the act of stealing one more glance in my peripheral vision as I passed her. I had only managed to walk another 10 meters or so when I suddenly heard her firm but somehow gentle voice from where she was still sitting. ‘I guess it’s about that time… Oshyaa… My back.’ Being unable to contain my urge to take one last look at possibly the only out of the ordinary thing I’ll see all month, I turned in the woman’s direction. 'Eh! She must be at least 6 and a half feet!. This is what I basically screamed in my head while trying to repress the same evident surprise from showing on my face.