How to use Bunpro

So this might seem like a silly question, but I started Bunpro three days ago, and so far, I feel like I haven’t managed to actually learn anything. I keep getting the reviews wrong, and then it shows me the correct answer, and I put it in and then forget it the next time I do reviews.

What is the recommended way to use Bunpro?

Also, is there any way to play audio from the review page? I find it weird that the Study page has audio for the example sentences, but not the Review page.


Hi and welcome, nice to have you here!

Did you read the self study articles or any textbooks before adding reviews to your list? If not I would strongly recommend doing that. I’m not going to pretend that I have never added a grammar point to my list without reading about it first, but the idea of the app is to back up any knowledge you already have, so you can produce it in real situations - the app itself doesn’t teach you, it tests what you already know.

So in summary,

  1. Find your grammar point and read until you know the theory behind it.
  2. Add the point to your list and do your reviews so you can produce correct answers.
  3. Go ahead and use what you have learned, whether that be in Japan, on an app like HelloTalk, or on this page where you can share your work with this community.

Let us know if there’s anything any of us can help with. As for me, I’m the one who knows a load of weird kanji that nobody else has to, or wants to know :joy:


Huwaw! I have been doing BunPro all wrong then! :sweat_smile: I mean, I went through the first Genki I chapters prior to BunPro so I was doing okay with the first few study lessons and reviews. Once I got to study lessons past what I know I always get stuff wrong. Hahaha :laughing: And this is despite spending a good deal of time in each study session: listening to each sentence repeteadly, pronouncing as I go along. No wonder I kept getting the reviews wrong.

Now I understand that I should go learn them by themselves first and then come back here once I have a good handle of it.

Thank you @matt_in_mito for clarifying this. I feel silly now but this makes a lot of sense. :sweat_smile:

Is there any way to place back items I have reviewed back to their original, unlearned state?

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Go to the grammar point’s page and hit “Reset Review”.


Thank you very much. I would need to do this on a couple of items.

I appreciate your response :smile: Thank you again!

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It’s nice that my little reply was so helpful to someone :joy:


Here is a similar topic that received some good answers earlier.

As @matt_in_mito said though, this platform was built to help you drill and retain learned grammar, not necessarily to teach it (which is why every grammar point lists external references). I feel that this is especially so early on, when you’re still building your foundation of the language― once you get to ~N3 and beyond though, most of the grammar is just especially useful vocab rather than “complicated” concepts, like how to conjugate words, or how to derive and understand the て-form of verbs, etc.


By the way, I went through and hit “Remove from reviews” for most of my grammar points, following the advice here, but they still show up on the Reviews page. Anyone know why?


Nope. Pop it here and someone will have a look at it.