Bunpro Beta [Updated Jan 23rd, 2022]

What is the Bunpro Beta

The Bunpro Beta is an opt-in beta open to all users where new features and updates will be released periodically, prior to full release. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Some features may have edge case bugs. If you encounter any, please report them here.
  • If you have suggestions for changes or improvements, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

How do I join?

In your user settings here: https://bunpro.jp/settings/account switch Opt In to “Yes”

Current Features [Available Jan 23rd, 2022]


Decks are a new way of grouping and displaying content on Bunpro. They can be grammar only, vocab only or a mix of the two.

An example of a mixed deck:

We have created one grammar deck for each JLPT level that follows the Bunpro order.

There is also currently an N5 Vocab deck that is ordered alphabetically. We plan to add N4 vocab to the platform over the next 1-2 weeks after which we will add a corresponding N4 Vocab deck.


Lastly, we have created a deck for each Path.
Other than Genki I, which currently has both mixed decks and grammar only decks, the paths are grammar only. As we add more vocab, we will be able to create complete mixed decks for other paths as well.

We have made your progress the source of truth across all decks. If you study a word anywhere on the platform, that progress is tracked across all decks it might show up in.

For example, if you complete the Bunpro N5 grammar path, the progress will be reflected in the Genki I deck meaning you won’t get requizzed on what you have already learned.

You can use the “Study New Batch [X]” button on any deck to quickly study the next X items from that deck. Which leads us to…

Vocab Reviews

It is now possible to SRS vocab on Bunpro (maybe we should rebrand as 文単プロ :stuck_out_tongue: ).

During quizzes, you will simply be asked to mark it unknown or known. Unknown can be triggered with the [1] key and Known with the [2] key. All other hotkeys also work ([Enter], [Backspace], & [F]). This is similar to the Anki style of reviewing.

Vocab reviews can be added, reset or removed from your queue just like for grammar reviews. This is accessible from any deck or from the vocab popout should you come across words in your ongoing study that you want to SRS.

For vocab reviews, we have hidden the English by default, giving you the opportunity to try to figure out what those words mean first, through reading. Naturally, you can just press ‘Show English’ if you want to skip this step and purely bulk memorize, but we would like to give you every opportunity to learn through Japanese, rather than English translations.

Released Features

  • Reading Practice
    • Notes:
      • Currently there are three (3) reading practice passages per lesson for N5. Each reading passage consists of a context and body and has an accompanying translation.
      • Each reading passage only uses grammar that is at or below the level of that lesson and tries as best as possible to keep the vocabulary at the level of the lesson.
      • Some passages have notes that point out nuances or go into greater detail about the grammar, the specific translation or the broader meaning.
      • You can find reading passages via the link in the Grammar dropdown.
    • Features:
      • Toggle vertical text - switches the Japanese to vertical right to left reading
      • Highlight grammar - separates and emphasizes the grammar from this lesson
      • Click on grammar popout - clicking on grammar shows a quick popout with more info and a link to the grammar point.
      • Where applicable reading passages have super text numbers that correspond to information in the notes section. Often these are notes on why it was translated the way it was, more info about the nuance or what we can assume based on the reading so far, or just general information that will help you better understand the passage.

  • Review Data on Grammar Points
    • Notes:
    • Features:
      • Review Start, Last Review, Next Review
      • Times Reviewed & Accuracy
      • Ghost count & Ghosts vanquished
  • Batch Grammar Update
    • Notes:
    • Features:
      • The search bar and selection options will become fixed and float, staying visible even when you scroll down when “Select Grammar” is selected.
      • You can:
        • Mark as Known (Instantly marked as burned. Effortless XP :P)
        • Add To Reviews (these go straight into the review queue)
        • Study Them - This will take you to the “Study” queue and load them in. This works for ones you have already studied however, you wont be quizzed on them and it won’t affect their streak or stats. This can be very useful for for comparing grammar side by side

As always, we appreciate any and all feedback and look forward to hearing what you think about these new beta features. Stay tuned for more beta features in the near future.

Happy studying!


Being able to highlight the grammar being used in each passage is stellar :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


These are some really great features. I opted in to try them out. So far it’s all working well, except for one super minor thing. When I switch the readings to vertical text it does change to vertical right to left reading, but the text as a whole is staying left aligned for me (which is not how it looks in the example picture).

Also, I’d love to see an option that would allow us to scale the font size up a bit, but that would be more convenience than necessity.


I’m getting a message that my BUNPRO SRS expired but when I go to TestFlight it says the build is removed.

Attempts to get it through links on community here only result in an error saying they need no more testers.


I’m excited about the Reading Practice. The whole +1 idea of only adding grammar that has already been studied is great.

My dream would include a listening comprehension version too. I imagine it would be tricky to make, but it would be amazing if there was a podcast or something where two native speakers had conversations but limited themselves to a certain lesson of grammar. Like when Noriko and Teppei talk to each other, but with graded levels.


Reading passages is going to be SO useful holy smokes. Obviously limited in scope now but I’m sure someone qualified is going to apply for the content position and help add a ton of more content for each lesson. Excited to see the different types of passages that get added (casual vs. super casual vs. formal, etc.) Would be cool if passages followed the N5/4/etc. collection of words to help expand reading comprehension with tougher words.

All of the changes are great QoL ones! I guess for the readings specifically I would float the idea of a toggle furigana switch to those that want it, a section on the grammar popout for custom user notes (if possible?) and potentially even an option to switch the color scheme for when grammar is highlighted? I wouldn’t mind white text for vocab and then highlighted grammar just changing the color to either yellow or blue like it’s done currently in reviews. At the moment the greyed words when highlighted is just a little jarring.

Exciting times!


Thanks for these new interesting features that add values to this site. The reading material will be very useful when there is more content. Great idea!

In the grammar selection options I can’t see a box to select JLPT N1 grammar points (not that I am worried now due to my current level :laughing:).


Interesting! That was actually closer to what we wanted to implement initially so the Japanese and English weren’t so far apart. What browser are you using? For the font size scaling, there is a setting you can change for that but it applies it to the whole site which might not be ideal. We can look into something for the reading sections alone to scale up.

@OzmaJapan Working on getting it sorted. The current build is expired and we are working on publishing a new one shortly.

@rwmleach Thanks for the suggestion! We plan to at least add audio to the reading passages in the future, but a podcast or other listening focused content staying to a certain level is an interesting idea.

@EdBunpro They currently follow vocab from each JLPT level, so N5 tries to use as much vocab as possible (tough with only three passages per level and limited grammar) we will be coming back and adding more reading passages once we have three for each of the other lessons in other JLPT level and that will hopefully let us hit 90% of the vocab I think.

Thanks for the suggestions! A furigana toggle was something I noticed as well. I will play around with the color scheme.

@MZa Good catch on not having N1 in the dropdown filter. I will get that added


Yeah I figured that was probably the case but I never really thought about the vocab level used in the sentences for grammar points and if they were solely N5/4/3, etc. Either way this is all still great, exactly what the website needed!

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Hello!! I appreciate all the new features, the reading section is fantastic, just what I needed!

I found a translation mistake in Lesson 1, the first exercise. There is a sentence that goes as これは山田先生の本ですか, but the translation is missing the question structure. I’ll update if a find other mistakes.

I also think I caught some small visualization bugs, in Lesson 1, third exercise:


As you can see, the number and the text are overlapping. And I think the (1) should be rotated, shouldn’t be? I also note that in Lesson 2, first exercise, and the parenthesis are missing:


Same in Lesson 7, the first exercise, plus (1) is missing from the text (I suspect all the numbers are shifted)

Note: I use Google Chrome v 91.0.4472.77


Oh, I also have a suggestion that came to my mind while reading. Maybe a text box could be implemented so we can type our own translations? So then we can compare them with the translations provided. I’m using Notepad now, not a big problem, but maybe it’s handy.


That picture was from Firefox 89.0.2. I hadn’t thought about browser differences, so I tried it in Chrome 91.0.4472.114 too, and it moves to the right in Chrome. Personally, I prefer if it moves to the right, but I don’t think it’s a big deal either way.


The reading practice feature is fantastic!

hope that it’s not much work for you to add more over time as I can see me getting through them quickly.


not sure if this is the correct place for new feature requests. When I add a new grammar point to review, I often want to go practise it straight away to make it stick. I have to go to cram, then find the grammar point I was just looking at, then remember I had to select to cram and then find it again.

Would be amazing to have a Cram now feature on grammar points.

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Would it be possible for the Reading Practice main page to have the corresponding grammar points it introduces? Maybe as a hover-over (or search bar?) or something, but it might be helpful for people looking to hone in on some specific points and who would have no idea which grammar point lines up with with lesson.

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The second reading in the second lesson has a translation error:

The hotel is the Ritz Carlton.

You forgot to mention the Hilton :slight_smile:


I noticed that too! Also the preceding lesson (2-1) has this and here mixed up

This is my room, here’s my bed

Should be the other way round, no? Here is my room, this is my bed.

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but really enjoying the reading practise!

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Lesson 5 reading 1 has a formatting error in the English section where a few parts are on the wrong lines and got highlighted incorrectly.


We will be adding them to the rest of the JLPT levels and then coming back and doing more for each lesson :+1:

I can look into the cram now feature on grammar points. It will expose you to a majority of the sentences which might have an impact on your review session making it a matter of remembering what you already saw.

@EdBunpro That is a good suggestion. I am not sure how to implement that but the search option isn’t a bad idea!

@killhour @jrmr50 @ccookf Thanks for pointing those out. I will get them fixed.