Have you done your BunPro Review today?

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30 day streak, I’m coming for you. Fell of Bunpro after trying it but have now grown to really enjoy it. My goal is to add three grammar points per week and finish N4 this year.


streak I got the 30 day badge :partying_face:


Well… :sweat:


I had a 310-ish streak until yesterday. Aaand I was really hoping to make it to one year:D So much for that.
I knew I was going to forget one day, maybe I should have set a reminder after all :joy:


I’m closing in on my 100 day streak. Gutted that I missed a day at Christmas and it reset.


Hey y’all, I’m back!

It’s summer time and I was getting bored with having no real hobbies, so I thought I’d pick up Bunpro again.

My ultimate goal is to complete JLPT N2 grammar points, and for this summer, I want to develop the habit of doing at least 5 minutes of Bunpro six times a week.
See my experiment in this post here: 5 Minutes, 6 Days


By the way, i found a fix for the total percentage showing “NaN%”:


to the topic: i’m level 60 on WK now and finished most of the lessons, now i have a lot more time for Bunpro again. It’s fun, basically “only” about 800 vocab items you need to learn!

(i’ve been thinking this a lot lately, that grammar, especially on Bunpro, is basically vocab, just sometimes a little more complex when it has multiple variants etc)

oh, just found this thread! so i think i’ll just bump down what comes to mind:

I started my reviews again 3 days back. I want to to 20 reviews a day now and reward myself afterwards with some sweets :3 let’s see if i can keep that up, today after doing reviews there are “only” 80 more left so the pile goes down little by little.
My current plan is to study through tobira and the bunpro grammar points of it along with the chapters. I am chapter 8 but stopped a while ago so i have a bit to review before fully studying it again.
I erased many grammar points from the book again to focus on getting the review pile down - if it gets to a doable amount then i want to add the grammar from chapter 1, 2, … graddually so that reviews won’t overwhelm me. I don’t know how long it will take with my 20 reviews a day but eventually i’ll get there.
Hope i don’t make a break again ^^’



8 is better than 6

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I had my first ‘John Travolta’ review moment today when it gave me a sentence with ‘it can be concluded that’. It was とみえる. Apparently I learned that this week. :man_shrugging:

I’m so glad I have a week off next week, I clearly need it. :laughing:

I’m grinding as if an avid SRS addict.

Initially my goal was to fill entire bar with 200 items per day(be it reviews or reviews+lessons), but yesterday I did just 199 and I’m definitely not going another month at this pace, nor starting N2 for a while.
Anyway, all items in n3 are opened, now the plan is to chill and aim for acceptable review summary %.


I lost my streak again due to server time, I had experienced it a couple of times, but well, I don’t care anymore.

I feel that my accuracy fell because of not enough stimulation. I wish BunPro will add more examples. The reviews that need to be done too little, unlike WK, which is storming me with 200+ reviews every day :sweat_smile:

I added my own example but cannot add sound, so it’s a bummer. Not starting N2 yet, waiting for my kanji and vocabulary to reach that level.


Constant dread.

Still plugging along! My goal is to not accidentally lose my streak during summer vacation without my usual work routine to keep me on track.


What is the grammar point in N3 you had the most problems with?

Maybe using the Cram feature could help give you extra practice on days when you don’t have many reviews?


The problem is there are several points which are described in similar fashion and asked in the same way. [emphasis] is either こそ or さえ.

Others used in such way that I wouldn’t guess it before reading correct answer even if I was shown grammar point 5 minutes beforehand.

~がたい is the main cause of pain in my bottom part here. It’s supposed to be hard/difficult. Yet it’s used in “Enduring the unendurable and suffering the insufferable, reach to the heavens!” or " I wouldn’t exchange anything in the world for what was said (to me)." You need to do some extreme jumps in interpretations to land from never/impossible to hard/difficult. (Or at least I’m baka enough to not see the connection immediately)

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That might actually help; thanks for the idea.
I’ll try that. I will add more reading to my daily routine as well to get more practice.


So, we need to start somewhere :smiley:
I started immersing myself but found out I suck at grammar … So this is the Pinnacle :smiley: Time to go back to the beginning, and using the built-in SRS to master the grammar points :smiley: I’m currently at Minna no Nihongo 2 lesson 35 (haven’t done a single lesson in like 6 months, because I was busy at work + immersion) but I’m going to slowly add them, hopefully daily, to avoid too many reviews :wink: